Sensual Experience With A Dusky Girl I Met In Flight – Pt 4

Well, guys, I hope you have enjoyed the slow ride so far. Years ago, I had landed on a blog with only one person (I think), was managing the stories all by himself. Not a single story was drab. It only incited more and more interest in the reader. I do not say I want to match that, but sex in general, like wine and good food, is something that results best when enjoyed with time and patience.

A few may still complain regarding the pace of the story. Fine, I have too, been a bit upset when in the second paragraph itself the writers have ended up ramming their dicks in multiple holes leaving nothing for imagination. Bores. Why are you writing then? You had no kissing? You had no build-up? You did not even have a conversation before you began making out?

A writer is one who paints pictures with words, and I do not attempt much different. Recall your sex experiences? Yes, there have always been a few quickies in our lives at some stages but what about the times when we all have planned and explored and achieved unprecedented pleasure? Different times, different achievements.

We exited a lift on an empty floor which had dirtiness all around. Dirt, dust, left behind construction debris and whatnot. Sex, ultimate sex was on our minds, yes, but there was so much more that we had expressed — without speaking much — that we wanted to do.

“Hey babes, why is there so much of dirt around? I am sure you and your roommate would not be liking this,” I asked.

“Not our fault and not our botheration,” said Mansi as she began unlocking her house. It had two newly installed gates and locks. “Our landlord was the first to buy a house in this building and the first to set up his home. Then all his effort went in the drain when he was summoned to his company in Egypt, and he took his entire clan along with him,” she went on.

“First, they used to land up here every now and then. But now no one comes. We are left with WhatsApp messages and online transactions,” she said as we moved in, opened our shoes and locked the world behind us.

She was still bending over to take off her shoe. It had got somehow stuck in her foot. With her left hand on the wall supporting her twisted body. I went to her from behind, quickly ran my fingers on her back. I took my palms right up to her breasts and gave them a small little squeeze.

“Oh no you hungry, desperate man!” she screamed taking herself out of my grabs. “Wait up, let me take a breath?”

I smiled. Her breasts that had looked perky and not too big had fitted in my palms nicely. My intention was to let her know that I had felt her nipples too (assuming they were still hard from my warm breath on her neck earlier). But honestly, I felt nothing. Nada.

Fuck those padded bras. Who the fuck even invented them and why?

She asked me to settle down in their massive hall. It had a tiny sofa, a big TV, a few bean bags lying here and there. Overall, the proof of two girls sharing the flat — it was bloody clean and well-kept.

I wished I had these girls as my roommates. Not those retards who live in smoke, filth, and smell of alcohol and unwashed clothes.

She came back into the hall again, wearing her same blacktop but very short shorts. Her freshly shaved legs gleaned in the fading daylight, well supported by indirect yellow lights from nearby lamps.

“What makes you so interested in armpits?” she asked. We settled with another round of coffee which she had made. She had prepared coffee to take care of a mild headache — afternoon flights and the smell of smoke do leave such effects.

“I don’t know,” I replied, “Years ago in an auto-rickshaw I had seen an elderly girl, all sweaty. Coming straight into the ride back home after her games period. Her shirt was loose, and she began adjusting her hair. I was taken aback by the smell that had suddenly hit me. I leaned on to see her glistening armpits between the gap of her arm and sleeve. She was completely wet from inside. Since then I have had a thing for armpit, and only recently, I realized I have a serious thing for them.”

“You’d be surprised. Once I was in an event interacting with a model who was in a sleeveless dress. And all I did was to stare at her armpits,” I went on. “I was a bit shocked when she came to me, said hi and left with a peculiar smile. It had left me wondering what it meant? I am sure she’d have taken me as an armpit lover. God, I’d have given everything back then to have a closer look even if it was for a minute. But I never got to meet her again,” I added.

“And what made you mad about my armpits?” she asked while sipping her coffee.

“I don’t know! See, it has to be an overall package, which you have got there,” I said signaling at her boobs with my eyes. I got the hint that the girl wanted some ego-satisfaction, some words in praise of her beauty. That she was desperate for some pleasure was evident when she invited me to her home right after the flight. But she wanted some hearing too was a bit new to me. That we were having a nice buildup was enough for me to keep going on talking.

“Look, the arms have to be in shape. Not thin, not fat. Not very dark, not very light too. The color of the hair must appear clearly, the shade of the armpit. Importantly, its overall shape when the arm is stretched out well — no part of the skin dangling loose — is when it becomes a great armpit.”

“Aaha, nice, what else?” she winked while asking.

“The girl has to smell good, inviting. If she’s all sweaty and smelling like a pig, I would not go near. A girl has to smell nice, of course, the pussies have their own smell. Then the hair, they have to fall short on the shoulders. But not come in the way of the armpits. Some girls, they go out wearing sleeveless dresses and part their hair in two directions covering both their armpits and shoulders. What’s the point, madam? That is so unfair!”

“And of course, most importantly, shapely breasts with the small areola. It should not be too wide,” I said. “Those wide ones turn me off generally,” was my last sentence with the final sip of coffee that had gone cold and bitter.

‘What do you imagine in me?” she asked sensing I was bored talking and was ready to get on with some action. I did not care to answer her question. My member had begun rising when I had laid my hands on her boobs. Now I was eager to let it out and breathe free.

“I need to take off my jeans, this is way too fucking tight,” I said while getting up, unbuckling my jeans and taking it off in a flash.

“Come here once?” she asked seeing me all tight in my undies. I went ahead and stood in front of her. Anticipating that I’d finally get a wet tongue and mouth wrapped around it.

She pulled me closer to her face. Keeping her hands on my waist and smelled my dick deep above the underwear. I kept my hands like a pro porn star ready to ram his dick deep into the mouth of the girl and gag her. But I knew I was big enough to satisfy a woman. But not that big too to make her remember every near and dear one.

She was done sniffing, she got up, asked me to remain in the same position. A few seconds later she came from behind and wrapped my eyes with a cloth in a flash. Feeling her movement I could sense that she was back in her earlier position on the bean bag.

She felt my dick and the balls to her content over the undies. She was breathing warm. I was getting breathless. What if she takes me in her mouth and I shoot up my load immediately? Well, it had been far too long being on the edge. I was not to be blamed for falling quickly.

She downed my undie with her first two fingers. Wherever and whenever her hands touched me I could only sense the warmth of her hands. Long pointed fingers with dark maroon nail polish, fluffy palms and just enough length of her hands were observed by me earlier. I was only picturing the scene with my eyes wrapped as she made her next move.

My tip was oozing with liquid, which was a turn-on for her. She wasted no time in tasting it. No, no mouth was wrapped along on my dick, she had her tongue licking me from the bottom to the top of my dick’s head. She cleaned me up entirely with whatever I had initially let out. Like a pro, she had not used her hands in the entire process.

Cleaning me up with initial load took her about a few minutes. The room, the evening, the city we were in, the setting sun, the world, all had come to a standstill for us. She was breathing heavily. She kissed my dick all over after cleaning up. And once again took only her tongue to clean my head.

I was being driven mad. Why can’t she take it in completely and release me fully? Why is she teasing me?

She got up, giggled, and returned the favor with warm heavy breath on my neck with a slightly long wet kiss. She wrapped her hands around my neck. She was not too tall, not too short. Just a few inches smaller than me. I smelt her deodorant and her scent once again.

The smell of the deodorant was now mixed firmly with her sweet smell of sweat and her own smell. I asked her to allow me to sniff her again.

She pulled me in some direction, my eyes were still wrapped up. I followed her holding her hands. She moved me closer and took my hands up with hers which ended up on a wall. Yes, she was leaning against a wall with her hands up and free for me to explore.

I followed her hands from the top till her shoulders. From the sideways of my first two fingers of my both hands. I took them into her wet, moist, smelly and very little stubbly armpits. I slowly laid my fingers on them.

I rubbed them slowly and softly. Then felt her small hair growth by pressing my fingers into her pits. She was breathing heavily, so was I. The whole atmosphere was just far too intense.

I knew I needed to make a mark here. Kissing and leaving wet marks on necks were done, I had to be innovative. I took my face into her’s, she anticipated a kiss moving slightly forward. I turned sideways, took them to her left ear partly clouded with her hair.

I blew air from my mouth to clear the way and took my tongue out a bit to kiss her wet on her ear. She gasped. I pressed my chest against her breasts. The thick padded bra was still not letting me have a full feel. But I was not going to attack her boobs right away.

I had made up my mind to play long and slow, but intensely too. I left her ear and took out my tongue further to rub it all over her left cheek. She had very smooth skin, with some little not-to-be-removed small hairs in front of her ear.

I made it completely wet. I took some time doing that. I left my act, took myself back close to her ear, and said, “I want more of you. I want everything.”

She was panting. A bead of sweat ran down her face, another from the side of her neck. She was hot. A thought flashed in my mind to put my hands in her shorts just to see how wet she was. But no. She left me craving, and so should I.

I took my hands to remove the cloth from my eyes. Turned out it was the same stole used during our first sexual act. She blushed, I smiled. She had realized by now she was going to have an unforgettable sex experience coming up. For me, I had already got the trailer.

And just at that moment, the lights went out. It turned dark. We stood still, yet gathering our breaths and thoughts to realize that there had been a power-cut. A thought came into my mind to kiss her. But I waited.

She took my hands and began guiding me somewhere. You know your house even in darkness. A stranger does not. He needs to be led. She was leading me somewhere. I followed.

Hope you liked the fourth part of the story. I have tried to stick to all important details, and I think I should be able to wrap this up soon. Till then, wait up, enjoy life and what it offers. Be responsible towards the world and also a bit towards me. Please do let me know how you liked the story at .