Sex With An ISS Reader In Hyderabad – Part 1

Hello Friends. This is Rakesh from Hyderbad back with another erotic story. I am going to narrate a recent incident which happened with an ISS reader. For privacy, I’m not mentioning her name. However, for this story let’s call her Deepti. She was 26 and working in an MNC in Hitech city.

Her stats were good. 34-32-34. She is average looking and dusty skin. I got a message from Deepti saying she liked my story. She didn’t open up at the start. After a few days finally, she felt a bit free in talking to me. I came to know that she recently broke up with her boyfriend. He was cheating on her so she broke up.

Days passed with a normal conversation like that and one night she messaged me.

Deepti: Can we meet tomorrow, please?
Me: Sure. But why suddenly. Sny issues?
Deepti: No. just a casual meet. Will meet in some mall, watch and movie and have dinner.

It was Sunday the next day. So we both had work off and decided to meet. She said that she will book the movie tickets. I told her we will meet.
Me: So what you will be wearing tomorrow?
Deepti: Does that really matter?

Me: Nothing like that. Our first meeting, right? Just asked.
Deepti: Ok. what you want me to wear?
Me: Sleeveless top and skirt.
Deepti: Oh, what a naughty fellow you are. Ok. As you wish.

Me: Okay. Message me the time and will meet tomorrow.
After sometime Deepti messaged
Deepti: I have booked tickets for the second show. Will meet at 7:30 at Central mall.
Me: Ok. I am excited to meet you.

It was Sunday evening and I reached the mall at 7. I called her up and she said she’s stuck in traffic as it was raining. I was waiting and finally, at 7:50, she reached the mall. Boy, you have to see that. There comes a dusky beauty in a white sleeveless top and matching leggings.

Since it was raining she was a bit wet on top. I could see her top sticking on the skin. I could see her bra through that and it was white color. They were Orange sized ones and was making me hard. We shook hands and since the movie is starting at 8 we rushed inside the theater.

She had booked the corner seats for the movie and we got seated there. The movie started. She whispered in my ears
Deepti: Sorry for not wearing a skirt. I couldn’t find it.
Me: That is fine. you look too hot in this and your wet top is making me crazy.

Deepti: You naughty. So what do you want to do?
Me: You just watch the movie and relax. You are gonna enjoy this. I saw your bra color. And those oranges are hanging tight in there.

Deepti: (Feeling shy) Hey don’t talk like that. I’m feeling shy. I am feeling cold since I got wet in the rain.
Me: Don’t worry. I will make you hot.
Deepti: How?

Me: Can I touch your underarms?
Deepti looked at both her sides and told: Yes, you can.

There was no one sitting on the left side of us. Deepti was sitting on the right side of me. I slowly took my left hand and touched her left hand. Then moved my hand to her underarms. It was hot and neatly shaved. I circled there for some time and she was feeling relaxed now.

The movie continued and I continued exploring this girl. After playing with her underarms I touched her left breast through bra. I slowly started to pinch those and she was now feeling horny. She was enjoying the movie as well as my touch.

Since there was no one who is seeing I took my right hand and slid it in her back and unhooked her bra.
Deepti: Your touch is making me horny Rakesh. Press it harder.
Me: Naughty girl. Those nipples are already hard. Give me a kiss now.

Deepti: Hey if someone sees?
Me: It’s dark na, and no one on both sides of us. Give for a second and leave.
Deepti: Ok.

She came near to kiss and I tasted those rosy lips. She had baby lips applied, so that made it more fun while kissing. We broke the kiss as we do not want anyone to see what we were doing. The first half of the movie was over now. She told she will go to the washroom and come.

She wore a coat over her top and went. I went to pee and came back with some popcorn and Pepsi. She came back after 10 minutes and the second half of the movie started.

Deepti: You know what I have done in the washroom?
Me: No. Didn’t you go to pee?
Deepti: Yes. And removed my underwear and came.
Me: Oh. Why so?

Deepti: As if you don’t know. I know what you want to finger me. Do it now
Me: But you should give me a kiss before that.
Deepti: Oh god. Okay, will give.

She again came near me and I planted a kiss on her lips. This time more vigorously pressing her breasts in one hand. She was loving this and left a moan as we broke the kiss. Then I slowly put my hand inside her leggings and reached the treasure area. It was neatly shaved and soft.

I was slowly pinching her pussy lips and she was unable to control the pleasure. It was wet after 5 minutes.
Me: You already got wet?
Deepti: Previously itself I got wet. I went to the washroom and washed. Now you again made me wet. Put your finger inside.

I started to insert 1 finger and after some time 2 fingers. She was really enjoying this as she was continuously leaving silent moans. Next 20 minutes I was taking in and out my fingers from her pussy. It was dripping wet.

Deepti: Rakesh, stop now. I can’t control anymore. If someone sees it wont be good.
Me: Okay. As you say.

Finally, the movie ended and we had dinner. She was telling
Deepti: Rakesh, I really enjoyed your touch. You almost made me squirt. I will repay you next time we meet. Don’t worry
Me: Haha. yes, you have to repay me very soon.

Saying this we went back to our homes. Our sex chats continued almost every 2 days and days were going like this. I will write the second part of this story soon. It is when she came to my home when no one was there. That will be a steamy session and everyone will love it.

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