Sex At my Aunts place Abroad – Part 1

Hello guys, this is Rajesh, a 27 years bisexual guy from Hyderabad living in Melbourne. After living abroad for a couple of years now, I started missing living with my family. When I talked about it with my family back home, they suggested living with my aunt, who is also in Melbourne.

But I have got used to the privacy and freedom of living in a shared accommodation. I said I’ll think about it. After a week, I got a call from my aunt. She asked me to come and live at her place as they, too, have a spare bedroom. I agreed to it and finally moved to their place.

By the second week, I already got the feeling of losing my freedom and privacy. But I adjusted, as I have a separate bedroom with an attached toilet. On a fine Friday, I took sick leave from work and stayed home. When I stayed alone, I used to bring someone to my room and have fun.

I decided to pleasure myself. So, I took off all the clothes on my body and jumped into bed, scrolling through the internet for some porn. Finally, selected one video and played it, and I was completely lost in it.

My aunt was walking outside my room and heard some moaning sounds. I usually lock my door from the inside. She slightly opened the door and was shocked, looking at me naked and stroking my dick.

Aunt: What the fuck are you doing, Raj? Is this why you stayed in sharing all these years? You want me to tell this to your uncle and your parents?

Me: Sorry, aunty, I forgot to lock my door. You should have at least knocked on the door.

Aunt: What do you mean by knock on the door? This is my house. I was coming here to put your blankets for laundry. OK, I understand you are an adult. You have feelings, especially at this age. But now I want you to put your clothes on. I want to clean this room. WTF! Is that coconut oil on the sheets?

Me: Oh no, I just got it in to massage my hair.

Aunt: Looks like you are massaging something else.

Me: Sorry, aunty, you relax. I will clean this room.

Aunt: What, relax? How can you even clean it? It has too many stains on it.

She put oil on me and said, “Now you relax, go and clean yourself. Do you like to put oil on it? Now I put oil on your body. Go ahead and continue what you were doing. You know what? I don’t get enough time to keep the house clean. My body gets the pleasure very rarely. Maybe I should get a little. You here are jerking off to porn with coconut oil.

Me: OK, what does that mean? What are you trying to say? I don’t get it.

Aunt: When you sit here and pleasure yourself. Why don’t I get some pleasure?

Me: What?

Aunt: Why don’t you get that cock hard again (she puts some more oil on my dick), and you are going to pleasure me. (while saying this, she starts to undress herself.)

Me: What? No, no, no.

Aunt: Yes, yes, yes. (she straight away jumped on me and took my cock in her hand, and started rubbing it) You are going to give me what I want. You are going to give me what I fucking need. I am taking care of you every day. Now it’s time you take care of my needs. Don’t you think I deserve it?

Me: I don’t know. I can’t do this with my aunt. You are really scaring me.

Aunt: Yeah, you look really scared with your hard cock between my boobs.

Me: Oh, yeah.

Aunt: I know you are enjoying it. Now listen, If you are to make fucking mess, at least make it worth it for me to clean it.

Me: OK

Aunt: Now, will you please stop acting as if you are a virgin and hold my boobs with your hands and fuck your cock between them.

Me: OK (I placed my hands on her boobs and fucked them) OMG!

Aunt: Yeah, I know.

Me: What?

Aunt: It feels good, right?

Me: Yeah

Aunt: OK, good. So, you are getting ready for my pussy, and you are going to fuck me. You are going to make me cum, and you are going to make me feel better about cleaning up your fucking messy bed. Now squeeze my boobs tight.

Me: OK, I’ll do whatever you want.

Aunt: OMG, you don’t even know how to fuck my boobs? Have you ever been with a woman, or you jerk off to porn? Have you got your dick sucked before?

Saying this, she took my cock into her mouth. After looking at my reaction, she said, “I guess you didn’t get sucked before.” She sucked my cock well and also took my balls into her mouth. She asked me to keep quiet while she was cleaning my dick. “You like it when I lick your balls clean?

Me: Yeah, aunty, that feels good.

I just laid back and let her do the work and enjoyed the action.

Aunt: You know what? I think that I should teach you a lesson. I think that you should know what it’s like to clean something.

Me: OK (she moved back and took off her pants and inners), what are you doing?

Aunt: I think you should clean my pussy and ass.

Me: What?

Aunt: I think that you should clean my pussy and my asshole.

Me: Oh no, I’ve never done anything like that before.

Aunt: Guess what? You never cleaned your room, either. So, now you’ll learn to clean from my pussy and ass hole. Get over here and lick my pussy and ass hole. NOW

Me: OK. (she got into doggy, and I went behind her and started to lick her ass hole) Like that? Am I doing it correctly?

Aunt: Yeah. See, it’s not that hard to clean. It’s a good start, push your tongue deep in my ass and clean it properly.

I just followed her orders. When I tried to lick her pussy, she ordered me to lick her ass hole clean first. So I can learn how it feels to clean something really dirty. I again just followed her words. She spread her ass cheeks wide so I can lick it deep.

She held my neck and pressed my face deep into her ass. After a while, she stopped me and turned onto her back.

Aunt: I want to see if you are doing a good job or not. So, let me watch you.

She pulled my hair and took my mouth onto her pussy. I switched between her ass and pussy and licked both the holes. While licking, I played with her nipples. I can see in her eyes that she liked it.

Aunt: now I need that cock inside me. I need you to fuck me. Get up here and fuck me.

I got up and rubbed my cock on her pussy. I also rammed my cock hard on her pussy. She let a loud moan and pushed my dick into her pussy. Soon I got inside her pussy. I started with medium strokes, to which my bed started making noise. My aunt was moaning, “Yeah, fuck it, go deep.”

After listening to that, I increased my speed, and her moans, too, became louder. While fucking deep in her pussy I bent forward and gave a kiss on her lips. Now, I held both her legs on one side and continued fucking her pussy for another 2 minutes.

She ordered me to lick her pussy again. I licked her pussy and made it wet with my saliva. Now she goes on top of me and rides my dick for a while. I then put her into the doggy position. While I was fucking her in the doggy, the dominant in me was coming out slowly.

I held her hair tight and pressed her face into the pillow. I fucked deep in her pussy. I pulled her head towards me with one hand, and with the other, I squeezed her boobs hard and spanked her ass. By the sounds she was making, I guessed that she was completely into it and enjoyed it fully.

After we fucked for about 20 to 30 minutes, I said I’m going to cum. She asked me to release all of it on her boobs. She licked and swallowed the last lucky drop of my cum, and also she took the cum from her boobs and took it into her mouth.

Aunt: You know what? This is the only kind of mess I like. Now you need to clean my ass hole again. Stick your tongue deep in there.

I again followed her order and licked her ass and pussy, and she cum in my mouth.

Now, here comes the real surprise. When we were almost finished, my cousin sister (aunt’s daughter) was at the door watching us. What happened next will be in part 2

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