Unexpected sex on a Rainy Day – Part 1

Hi guys. My name is Shuhaib. I am 23 years old, and this is my first story on Indian Sex Stories. Your feedback is appreciated. Please mail me at . I know English, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil and Hindi. Feel free to get in touch.


Shuhaib (me): 23 years old. Working in the mechanical industry and has a good 6 inches cock. Broad shoulders, 5 feet 5 height. Brown-coloured skin and a ripped athletic body from playing years of cricket.

Akshitha: 22 years old. Working in a regional telephone office. She has a B cup, 32 size boobs, 30 waist and 34 hips. She has a fair, milky white body, which she inherited from her beautiful mother.

Kamala aunty: Akshitha’s mother

Aisha: my mother

The story is set in the 1990s when there was no television and landline in many of the households. One of the main sources of information was through the radio.

Let’s begin the story.

Once, I was travelling to Chennai to meet a client. While the journey started from Hyderabad, there was no trace of rain. Hours passed by, and after nearly 8 hours of travel, the train reached Bangalore. Three hours before reaching Bangalore, the rain started pouring down.

I reached Bangalore railway station. After entering the railway station, the train stopped for 30 minutes. Then, an announcement came from the speakers.

“Bangalore is flooded due to rains, and there is water over the railway tracks. Therefore, the train will not be moving and is halting at the railway station.”

Everyone on the train started to panic without knowing what to do. But there were lodges near the railway station, so I thought everything would be fine. I kept my bag over my head to stop my hair from getting wet.

I went near a lodge and asked the receptionist if there was any room available, and he said there was none. Then I went to nearby 3 or 4 lodges, but due to ill luck, I couldn’t find rooms. There were 1000s of stranded passengers, and only some got the room.

I was shivering from cold due to wetness. I started to think about what to do, and then it flashed to me. One of my mother’s closest friends, Kamala aunty, lives in KR Puram. I went to a nearby landline store, and luckily, there was still a connection despite the rain.

I called my mother and told her about the situation, and she gave me the address of Kamala Aunty’s home. I took an auto and started my ride. My shirt was completely drenched, and my pants were completely soaked. I was shivering. It took around 1 and a half hours to reach the place as the roads were flooded.

The driver stopped the auto and pointed out a road which was shown in the address. I needed to walk as the auto wouldn’t go any further.

I got out of the rickshaw and moved to the shelter provided by a small coffee shop. I asked the owner of the shop the address, which my mom had told me. I looked into the lane. There was no one around. All the houses had their doors and windows firmly shut. People were sensible, and they were staying indoors.

I saw the address and started walking around. I searched for the name ‘Vigraha Nilaya’ and started walking. Finally, I found the house. The house was on the second floor of the building. I found the staircase to my left. Climbed the stairs and reached the upstairs portion.

I knocked on the wooden door. There was no answer, and I knocked harder and longer. The door didn’t open, but a small window to the right of the door opened.

“Who is it?” a female voice inquired.

“Is Kamala aunty there?” I enquired

“No. She is not here. Who wants her?” she asked.

As the rain was pouring down heavily, I couldn’t hear what she said properly. All that could be heard was, “Who are you?” The trees were dancing due to heavy winds. There were lightning strikes every other minute.

Shuhaib (me): My name is Shuhaib. I am Aisha Aunty’s son from Hyderabad. My mother gave me the address to this place.

I yelled this as loudly as I could. Due to the winds, I thought she couldn’t hear my voice. The small window door closed, and the main door opened. I could see inside of the house. The house was well-lit by candles as there was no power due to rain.

Akshitha: I am Akshitha. Kamala Aunty’s daughter. Please come in.

I had heard from my mother that Kamala Aunty’s daughter was a beautiful lady. She had a good educational background. But I didn’t think in my wildest dreams that she could be this beautiful.

She had worn a red kameez and had bangles on both of her hands. She was wearing a red bindi on her forehead that matched her fair skin and the red kameez.

Seeing my totally drenched condition, she went inside and returned with a fresh towel and an ironed lungi. I opened my bag. Took out my small toilette kit and also a T-shirt.

Akshitha: Dry yourself before you catch a cold.

She said with a smile on her face. She gestured for me to follow her. One of the doors in the next large room had a door that opened to the attached bathroom with a toilet. The bathroom had another door that probably opened to the bedroom.

I went into the bathroom and changed. There was a small mirror in the bathroom. My face was looking like a person who was going to die from exhaustion. I came out of the bathroom and rubbed my feet on the doormat.

She had a cup of hot filtered coffee ready, and I really loved drinking that coffee. I needed it!

Akshitha: My mother has gone to Salem to visit my aunt, who’s in hospital.

Me: Whether you like it or not, you are struck with me in this storm.

I said jokingly to lighten the mood with a smile. I saw her saddened face when she mentioned her aunt.

Akshitha: Ok Shuhaib. I will prepare you dinner. You go and sit on the sofa. In 10 minutes, dinner will be ready.

I went to the sofa and sat there. This house is small, but it has ample space. There’s a landline and radio.

After 10 minutes, dinner was served. The food was delicious. It was rice and sambar. Akshitha and I spoke about our respective jobs and hobbies throughout dinner. After dinner, Akshitha told me to sleep on the sofa, which could be folded backwards. I slept in there, and I immediately dosed off as I was tired.

The next morning, I woke up to a delicious smell. How could I not recognise it? It was the smell of upma, my favourite cuisine. I started walking towards the kitchen.

Akshitha was standing with her back turned towards me. She was wearing an olive green kameez today. If I had to say, that lovely ass was 34 size. Yesterday, due to my tiredness, I didn’t have sexual thoughts towards her, but today I had my morning wood.

Me: Good morning, Akshitha. (with a sleepy tone)

Akshitha was startled and turned back.

Akshitha: Good morning, Shuhaib. How was your sleep?

Me: I had a good sleep. (with a cheerful voice)

Akshitha: (smiling) I know you were snoring the whole night. Now go and freshen up. Then I will serve you breakfast.

I embarrassingly walked towards the bathroom and finished up with my morning routine. When I returned, morning breakfast was served on the hall table. We both sat and continued to talk about what was best in our cities.

While she spoke, I could see how beautiful her pink lips and smile were. The olive green enhanced her beauty. In this dress, her cleavage can be seen. There was a pause in the conversation.

I thought she caught me staring at her cleavage, but then she continued to talk again. The main thing about her cleavage was that there was a mole on her right breast. I am weirdly attracted to moles over the cleavage.

After we finished breakfast, I tried the radio. The power supply was off. Akshitha brought a small battery-operated transistor radio and gave it to me.

“You can get the local stations and weather updates on this,” she went back to clean up.

I heard the local news bulletin, and it was depressing news. The storm was lashing the coast, and all forms of transportation had come to a halt.  Akshitha joined me in the room. Sat on the chair opposite mine and listened to the news with rapt attention.

When the bulletin concluded, I switched off. She had a worried look on her face. Even though I didn’t show my feelings, I was worried too.

Akshita: I am worried, Shuhaib. They say it is going to cross close to us and do a lot of damage. I hope we are safe here.

Me: I think I should forget about going to my client meeting. I only hope that they all will be safe.

Akshita: You can’t think of going anywhere now. Forget about going to that meeting.

I heard a loud sound from the outside. I opened the window and saw a huge tree had fallen on the road. Akshitha was struck with fear, and me too. We didn’t know what was going to happen.

We shut the window and bolted it. It was just past three, but the light outside dimmed considerably. The house turned dark, and Akshitha lit a candle.

“Do we have enough candles and matches?” I asked her.

So we went and checked. There were about ten candles and two matchboxes in stock. We picked them up and placed them on the top shelf of the open rack there, dry. Safe and accessible place.

Me: We must use them carefully and not waste any.

We both then sat on the sofa. Now, Akshitha was sitting very close to me. I could hear her breathing. Her breast was going up and down in a motion.

Akshitha: Shuhaib, I am afraid. (with tears dropping from her eyes)

I wiped her tears from her face and put my hand around her shoulders. Now, her face was sleeping on my chest. Her chest had a natural rhythm to it, going up and down. Her breathing voice was like a music symphony.

Shuhaib: You are beautiful, Akshitha.

I am amazed that these words passed my mouth.

Akshitha: Thank you, Shuhaib.

I got bold, and my hand started its journey down. Now, I rested my hand over her waist. She didn’t object nor remove my hand. I started to rub my hand over her waist and got adventurous. With my other hand, I held her face and raised and looked into her beautiful blue eyes.

She also looked deep into my eyes. She was searching for something in my eyes, and then immediately, thunder and lightning shook. Within a fraction of a second, my lips were over her pink lips. Devouring it, I pushed my tongue into her mouth.

Our tounges danced in each other’s mouths, and my hand was tracing up inside her salwar. I removed my lips from her, and while looking into her eyes, I signalled her to raise her hands. She raised, and within a go, her green kameez was off her body.

Now I could see the beautiful breasts. My animalistic instinct took over. I grabbed her bra and tore it in one pull. Her fair boobs spilt out with nipples poking like an eraser.

Akshitha was shocked and dumbfounded by what I had done. She was in pain due to the pulling. She squealed, and there were red marks all over the backside and shoulders from where I had pulled the bra.

I made her sleep on the sofa. I grabbed the boobs and started sucking each one by one. She screamed, “Ah.” Due to my sucking and biting the boobs all over, the fair white boobs now turned into red

“Take me slowly, please! Do not rush. There is no hurry,” the way she said, she was literally pleading. I didn’t know anything about her sex life. Nor did we discuss it.

I saw two shawls, one of the shawls lying over the table and one over the door and signalled Akshitha to get up. I took the two shawls and walked towards her naked upper body.

Akshitha: What are the shawls for?

There was a loud sound in the room. No, that sound was not from thunder. It was the sound of a slap that resonated the room. Akshitha’s blank and couldn’t recover for seconds.

Akshitha: Why did you slap me, you monster?

Her voice contained various emotions. This was not the man she met. This is a monster.

Me: Akshitha, from now on, you will speak only when spoken to. From this moment on, you are just a fucktoy. A filthy fucking whore.

In a calm voice, I told her. My voice has authority and command to it, and it would invoke the inner submissive of a girl. She went blank after hearing these words. I moved towards her. With one shawl, I blindfolded her, and with another one, I tied her hands in the backside. I was good with my handiwork.

Now, there she was, looking like a goddess with a blindfold. Tears roll down the blindfold hand was tied in the back with red boobs due to biting and sucking. Ah, the sight to witness. I would give anything in the world to witness this again.

I made her sleep on the sofa again, kissed her neck, and bit it, leaving a mark. Akshitha started to scream while I bit her. She was squirming under me, but what could she do other than that? Her hands were tied, and screaming was the only option that was left to her.

I started going down and kissed and licked her navel. Now Akshitha was getting excited in pleasure. The only words that left her mouth was “Aah.” I put my fingers inside her pant waist and removed her pants and blue panties in one go.

Akshitha helped me by raising her waist. There was it. The secret treasure. The pink pussy that was dripping nectar from inside. Her wetness had drenched till her thigh. I collected it with my finger and tasted it. It had a taste of saltiness and a deep lingering smell.

I collected some of it again with my finger

Me: Open your mouth, Akshitha. (I commanded)

Akshitha: Why?

Another ferocious slap passed her face.

Me: What did I tell you, Akshitha? Do not speak a word. Open your mouth, you filthy pig! (I growled at her.)

She opened her mouth, and I let my finger drenched in her cum inside her mouth. She started sucking my finger and pushed it even inside. She started to choke. Her saliva was coming outside her mouth. Her tears rolled out uncontrollably due to choking her kajal had come out.

Her face has black fluid due to kajal. Her face was a mess. But it was my mess. I smiled, looking at her helpless body. While choking her, I got an idea by seeing the candles and the table in the hall. This was one devilish idea. She would be shedding more tears now.

Me: Akshitha, now get up from the sofa.

She got up from the sofa. Tears still rolling down

I removed the shawl that I had tied to her hands and made her sit above the dining table. The table was clean. I shook the table to see if it was strong enough. Yes, the table was strong as it was made of wood

I left Akshitha there and went into Akshitha’s bedroom. There, I found another 4 shawls. I bought it for the hall. In the hall, Akshitha was lying helplessly, but she didn’t make any sound. The slaps had taught her the lesson.

Me: “Akshitha. Spread your hands and legs.

She complied immediately. I tied her hands and legs with the 4 shawls and tied them to the 4 legs of the table. Now, she was in the spread eagle position with a blindfold. This beauty doesn’t know what I have planned for her and her beauty. I was sure of one thing. She would scream a lot.

After tying her. I came near her cunt. I smelled her pussy. That fragrance made me mad with lust. I was like a flesh-devouring animal. I started to lick her pussy. I inserted my tongue and tasted the pussy. I licked ferociously.

Akshitha arched her back and cried with pleasure. I bit her pussy and pulled it with my teeth. Her labia and clit popped out. I spanked her pussy roughly. For each spank, Akshitha arched her pussy with pleasure and cried loudly.

With a tenth slap on her pussy she cum all over my mouth, pantingly.

“Ahh!” She cried

Akshitha was panting and searching for air. Her breathing stopped at one point, and she gushed out due to pleasure from cumming.

Akshitha: I haven’t cum so much in life! (She cried with pleasure)

Me: The game has only begun, baby girl.

I smiled. This time, I didn’t slap her while she spoke as she had earned it with a hard cumming on my face. My face smelled like her pussy.

Akshitha: I am up for anything. Punish me. Give me everything you have. I am up for everything.

She blurted out. I was amazed. Thrilled, and once again, my animalistic behaviour took up on me

Me: Akshitha! Remember, you asked for it.

I screamed at her.