Sex At my Aunts place Abroad – Part 3

Hello guys, this is Rajesh, a 27 years bisexual guy from Hyderabad living in Melbourne. Please read the previous parts to know what happened.

After my aunt got to know that me and my sister fucked, it was all going normal because she couldn’t talk about it with anyone. After a couple of days, she started talking to me normally.

On a Monday morning, three of us (me, my aunt, and my sister) had breakfast together, and my aunt left for work. As I had a day off, I stayed home. So did my sister, and she came to my room and sat next to me on my bed.

Me: Hey, what brings you here?

Sister: My Mom is out at work. Don’t worry about it.

Me: I’m still nervous, though, after what happened last time.

Sister: Come on, it happened for a good reason.

Me: Hmm, what’s that?

Sister: Come here.

She pushed me onto the bed and started kissing me. I, too, responded quickly to her kiss.

Me: Wait, are you sure your Mom’s out at work?

I heard someone open the main door and some footsteps outside.

Sister: Yeah, she’s not home. She’s at work.

We again started kissing, and my hand was rubbing her boobs. The footsteps became closer, and we moved apart. Within a few seconds, my aunt opened the door and came inside.

Aunt: Hey guys. I thought you’d be at work, Sara. (My sister)

Sister: Ah, Mom, my supervisor asked me to take the day off as it is not busy at work.

Aunt: Oh, OK, I’m going to make some snacks. Do you both want some?

I and my sister said, “Yeah, sure.”

Me: Wow, your Mom looks sexy in that dress.

Sister: Yeah, I know. I think about fucking her sometimes, from the time I saw you both making out.

Me: What?

Sister: Yeah, you fucked her, right? And you fucked me too, Daddy, you forgot that?

Me: yeah, but that’s not a good idea, sister

Sister: Yeah, I even watched her fucking my dad.

Me: Really?

Sister: Yeah, she really knows how to make a man cum.

Me: Are you serious? This is going weird.

Sister: My Mom is a slut. She really loves cocks. Especially yours, from the day you fucked her, she’s completely different. I think you should fuck her now.

Me: What?

Sister: Yeah, I want you to fuck her, and I’ll make a video of it so I can masturbate to it later.

Me: What? Why? How’s that going to help you?

Sister: That turns me on. Don’t you want to turn me on? You want to please me, don’t you?

Me: Yeah.

Sister: So, please, my Mom. Fuck her in front of me, fuck us both.

Me: How can I even convince her? What are the chances of it happening?

Sister: Come on, she’s a slut, she loves your cock. You got a 100% chance. I know even you want to do it. Let’s go fuck her.

Me: OK, I think I can do this.

Sister: That’s good, Daddy. I know I can count on you. Are you ready, Daddy? Now, go to her room and make it happen. I’ll be out and tape it when you guys start the action.

I went into my aunt’s room, and my sister was outside.

Me: Hey, aunty.

Aunt: Yes, Raj?

Me: Can we talk for a bit?

Aunt: Of course, Raj, come in. Sit here next to me. (we sat on the bed). So, what’s the problem, Raj?

Me: Hmm, this is a little embarrassing that Sara caught us the other day. I, too, wanted to talk to you. I’m sorry for that.

Aunt: Oh, don’t worry. That’s OK.

Me: What is OK? Are we having fun, or has Sara caught us?

Aunt: Actually, both

Me: I don’t know. I feel so much pressure now. The next day, you caught me and Sara having fun.

Aunt: Raj, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. We all are adults. My body has some needs and feelings, and so do yours and Sara’s. There’s a lot more in life apart from that. So, forget it and carry on with life.

Me: That’s true, but sex is a big part of it. You know, at this age

Aunt: I’m sure it is. You are very good at it. I can say this confidently from what I’ve experienced with you and what you gave to Sara. After that incident, she’s very happy.

Me: But what if I want it again? What if I want to fuck again? I’m thinking of going to a brothel.

Aunt: OMG, you don’t want to do that. You don’t know what will happen after that. (like STD)

Me: So, with whom can I do it? Can we make it a routine? Can I fuck you when I feel like fucking?

Aunt: What? You are not serious, are you? Maybe I’m happy to do that.

Me: I’m dead serious.

I placed my hand on her neck, pulled her close, and kissed her. But she pushed me back.

Aunt: Looks like you are serious about it.

Me: Yeah.

I again started kissing her. This time, even she responded to it. While we were kissing madly, I held her neck, kissed her neck and licked her ears. Her hand was running on my dick.

Me: Do you like that aunty?

Aunt: OMG, I love it.

Now she took the lead and placed my hands on her boobs. I squeezed them softly and put my hands in per skirt.

Me: OMG, aunty, you are already wet.

Aunt: Yes, Raj, I’ve been waiting for it to happen again from the time you fucked me last.

Me: Oh, do you?

I took off her shirt and bra and made her boobs free. I again licked her neck and ears.

“Do you like it, aunty?”

Aunt: Yes, Raj. But I think we should not be doing this. Sara is home.

I didn’t listen to her and continued licking her neck. Playing with her boobs and kissing and sucking her boobs.

“Oh, my goodness.”

Me: It feels good, aunty.

Aunt: Yeah. But I just…

I continued playing with her nipples and rubbed my hand on her pussy.

Me: Just what? You like it, don’t you? You want it to happen every day, am I right?

Aunt: Yeah, but what if Sara caught us again?

Me: You don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of it. Now come here.

I stood at the corner of the bed, and she came to me crawling. She took off my belt and my pants. My dick was hot like a rod, ready for her to taste. She gave a sweet kiss on my dick and took it completely in her mouth. She sucked my dick like a lollipop and also sucked my balls.

I fucked her mouth. I stood at the same place, and my aunt turned her ass towards my dick, and I entered her warm pussy. While I was fucking her pussy, my sister slowly opened the door and started recording us on her phone. I fucked my aunt’s pussy deep in doggy style.

I saw my sister was recording us and rubbing her pussy. After we fucked for about 5 minutes, my sister entered the room.

Sister: You are so hot, Mom.

Soon, my aunt heard Sara’s voice. She moved aside and covered herself with the blanket

Aunt: it’s not what it looks like.

My sister came to the bed.

Sister: I know what it is. I know what you are doing. It is exactly what it looks like. (Sara held her Mom’s hair.) Come over here, suck his dick. Come on. (Sara pushed her Mom’s mouth onto my dick, and she made her Mom suck my dick). You look so hot with his dick in your mouth, Mom.

Even my sister wanted to suck my dick. So she pushed her and took my dick in her mouth.

Sara: Your pussy tastes so good on his cock. (Mother and daughter sucked my dick by taking turns. While one is sucking my dick, the other is licking my balls). I planned this whole thing. (Mother and daughter kissed each other, and I was rubbing their ass)

Sara: Now it’s my turn to ride on this dick.

She came on top of me and rode me in reverse cowgirl. Sara’s Mom was rubbing Sara’s pussy and licking her boobs. I took Sara’s phone and recorded three of us fucking. I took my dick out and made them suck it again.

Me: Aunty, you want to get your pussy licked by your daughter?

Aunt: Oh, my goodness. I’d love it.

I made Sara doggy and entered her pussy from the back side. Aunt placed her pussy in Sara’s mouth. Fucking and licking went on for another 5 minutes. Now my aunty wants my dick, so even she became doggy.

Sara was in doggy style on top of her Mom. It’s like a double doggy. I fucked mother and daughter’s holes by taking turns. I asked Sara if she wanted to get her pussy licked by her Mom. She said, “Yes.”

I made them into 69, and they licked each other’s holes. I entered my aunts’ hole from behind and fucked her for another 2 minutes. I released my juices in her pussy, and made Sara lick her pussy clean. Then Sara kissed her Mom and shared my juice with her Mom.

We all slept naked on the same bed till morning.

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