Sex With College Classmate Jahnavi – Part 2

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This is a continuation of my previous part. So readers who missed my previous story, please read it. Let’s start the story now.

After completing the study, I and Jahnavi roamed around the campus for a few hours. While roaming, our hands were touching each other. Both of us didn’t mind it and then we left the college on my bike. While riding the bike, I applied more speed. Due to this, my classmate girl hugged me. As she hugged me, her boobs were crushing on my back.

It was a new sensation for me as we both hadn’t done it before. Then I dropped her back home and left for my house. The whole evening, we talked more than we used to discuss random stuff.

The next morning, I was waiting for my opportunity to touch her naked skin. But that day, Jahnavi was wearing cream color churidar and pants. I was cursing my mind for the dress that she had worn. No naked skin was visible.

I tried a few times to pull her churidar up, but everything was in vain. Then I threw my pen on her desk next to her. She took the pen from her desk and turned backhanded my pen to me and smiled. While she smiled, I glanced at her.

There was a tiny gap revealing her naked side waist. I planned for a few minutes to seduce her. After completion of my Internals, I pulled their bench a bit back and waited for a minute.

With some boldness, I placed both my hands on the side waist. She immediately sensed it and removed my hands. So I took back my hands and waited for a few minutes, and placed them back on her waist. Again, she removed them. But again, I placed them on her side waist and began moving up and down. To my luck, the invigilator was approaching us, so she couldn’t turn back or remove them. Instead, she covered it with churidar wale.

I was lucky the invigilator didn’t see this. Then we both handed the internal papers to the invigilator and went outside.

After the exam, there was an announcement regarding the Annual college fest and a few project seminars, etc. For the group project, she had given my name as a partner.

As all the announcements were over, all the final year students were asked to come back to the seminar hall after lunch. Jahnavi was waiting for me to come near her so she could screw me. I sensed it and never went near her until coming back to the seminar hall.

As I was escaping from her, I was late. I had only two places to sit. One at the front desk or the reserve desk, at last. She had kept it next to her and I didn’t have any chance. So I went and sat next to her at last.

Jahnavi: Why are you escaping from me, Diganth?

Me: No, I didn’t, I was a little busy.

Jahnavi: Hmmm nice, I was expecting the same answer. Why did you do that? And I knew that you would say I am protecting you my BFM.

Me: Sure, Yes, I was. But sorry I felt like touching your naked skin more. So…

Jahnavi immediately got up from her seat to change her seating as the presentation had begun there was no place for her to sit. But still, Jahnavi was searching for a seat. Then she found one and was about to move. But I held her pants and pulled them, making her forcibly sit beside me.

The seating was adjacent to the dark window glasses and the room was dark air conditioners were turned on, as they had begun to show presentation slides.

Following the presentation slides, there was a discussion regarding the in charge of the annual fest. The people sitting in front turned back towards us and asked us to keep quiet. Jahnavi was slightly embarrassed and angry and was almost in tears.

I immediately apologized to her, but she didn’t accept my apology. So I held her hands tightly and began to plead with her. Later, Jahnavi with a smile accepted my apology. I was a bit relieved, but still, I didn’t leave her hands. As her pants were slightly down, Jahnavi sensed it and asked me to leave her hands as she needed to pull them.

Then I said: It’s ok, it’s only me and you on this desk.

And then I slid my left hand across her waist and held them tightly. Her naked skin was slightly revealed.

After a few minutes, Jahnavi slid her right hand across me and pulled me towards her, and smiled at me. We both were sitting so close to each other that there wasn’t any tiny gap left so air could pass.

I started rubbing my hands on her waist and followed that I pressed both her boobs over her churidar. She left a soft moan “ah” and began to speak in a low voice.

Jahnavi: Diganth naughty, idiot, we will get caught!

Me: Don’t worry Jahn, I’ll manage. Please cooperate.

Jahnavi: I know you will manage, but it’s new and what more could I cooperate with? This itself is more. What else should I do more than this?

Me: Could I pull your churidar slightly up and put my hands under your pants?

Jahnavi: No way Diganth, you are making us get caught.

Me: Jahn, you relax, I will handle it, don’t worry. Now, slightly get up a bit and loosen your churidar.

Jahnavi got up a bit as she was sitting on churidar edges to let them free. I then loosened and pulled her back part of churidar completely up. And she held the front part of the churidar tightly in her hands. I slid my left hand on her naked back and began feeling her naked skin. Her naked skin touching sensation was hot.

Jahnavi: Just slide your hands on me and feel it, but don’t pull churidar up. We could get caught.

Me: Ok Jahn, as you say. I’ll just slide my hands and feel them and put her back part of churidar down.

Then I began feeling her back soft skin and slid to the front parts of her body. I slid my hand on her navel and moved towards her boobs. As I moved my left hand towards her boob, her bra acted as a crash barrier, not allowing to feel her boobs. Jahnavi with a naughty smile, held her bra up giving access to my left hand.

Then I moved my left hand to her right boob and squeezed them. Jahnavi controlled her moan and gave me an angry look and said –

Jahnavi: I asked only to feel them not to squeeze.

So, I replied, even though I did the same, “I was curious.”

Then I felt them more and moved towards her left nipple and began encircling them alternatively. It was getting difficult for Jahnavi not to moan and her breath was increasing. So, I stopped and removed my hands from her body. Jahnavi looked at me and asked, “Why did you remove your hand?”

I said: I don’t want to risk your privacy here.

The seminar hall lights were turned on as they were beginning to choose different students for different roles for the college fest.

Jahnavi: You saved me and I have had a crush on you for a long time, Diganth.

Diganth: Thank you Jahn for giving me this opportunity. I enjoyed this moment a lot and looking forward to more opportunities like this. I love you.

Jahnavi: I love you too, Diganth. And there are already many rumors about us and we made them true.

Me: No, we haven’t made them all true. But I would make them true.

Jahnavi was blushing and laughing and asked: What’re the craziest rumors you have heard about us?

Me: You say first.

Jahnavi: No, you start.

Then I accidentally raised my hands and the Principal said he was about to call my name. We both were frightened, but he said I would lead this year’s College Fest. Jahnavi was happy to hear the Principal’s words and she congratulated me. And everyone began to wish me. I was delighted but was a little anxious about how to handle it.

After a few minutes, everyone departed from the seminar hall. Then I held Jahnavi’s hand and rushed out of the room.

Then I said: You are my lucky charm.

Jahnavi: Haha, relax, don’t worry Diganth. I’ll be with you. And now, let’s prepare for tomorrow’s internal come. And also you need to say about the craziest rumors about us.

Me: I know you will be with me. The craziest rumor is we both always have sex in the seminar hall before previous Internal exams or final exams. And what about you?

Jahnavi laughed out loud and said: We never have sex in the seminar hall. And the Craziest rumor is..

The story is to be continued.

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