Young guys love neighborhood aunty

Hi everyone, I am Sonia from Mumbai. I am a 46-year-old married woman and an ardent reader of stories on this site. I live with my husband, college-going daughter, and teenage son. I have a decent married life.

Many of my readers asked me to share my experience with them, and here I am to share my experience with you all. Being in my mid-40s, I was at the peak of my sexuality. Just like any other mature woman, I was active in bed.

To talk about myself, I have a figure of 34-32-36. I look like any typical neighborhood aunty. But I have nice body features which make me a bit attractive even at this age. I am a broad-minded lady and allow freedom to my kids too.

My daughter is 21 years old and is in college. My son is 17 and is in school. My daughter shares all her secrets with me, including any guy she likes. My husband is 6 years older than me and has recently been inactive in bed.

Recently, Our neighborhood flat was occupied by 3 bachelors, mostly in their late 20s must be 27 or more. They used to work in some or the other companies. As neighbors, we often used to greet each other and soon, we started gelling up together.

We often played cards together and had tea and dinner together. Soon I realized my daughter liked one of the guys named Tarun. I was fine with it and never took it seriously. I never stopped my kids from spending time with them.

My husband never minded me and my kids spending time with them. I had started liking spending time with those guys. Though they would address me as aunty, I was like a friend to them.

Out of those three guys, one guy was Kashif. He was a Muslim guy with a nice physique and was quite friendly with me. He would often come to my flat and hang out with me. I won’t deny he was quite a flirt.

He would even flirt with an older woman like me, and I, too, enjoyed his attention. I did not realize this, but I had started chatting with him on WhatsApp. Our chats had gone beyond normal.

I started sharing my personal life with him. So one day, my son and my husband were out of town, and my daughter was at our neighbor’s house. I went to see if she was there. I saw that no one was home except Kashif.

Later he told me that she and Tarun had gone to a movie. I was sitting in Kashif’s room, and that’s when he started flirting with me. I won’t deny that I was turned on by his flirting.

He started touching my thighs.  He was trying to get cozy with me. He soon started taking advantage and holding me tightly, and just then, I whispered.

Me – Kashif, I should leave.

Kashif – What happened, aunty?

Me – Nothing.

Kashif – Don’t you like me, aunty?

Me – I do, but this would be wrong. I am 20 years older than you.

Kashif – So what? I like mature aunties like you.

Me – Hmmm…

Kashif – Let me take care of you.

He came close to me and kissed me on the lips. I was getting aroused, and my body was getting tight. I was not resisting him. He took off my suit and threw it on the floor.

I was wearing a 34 DD bra. He started kissing me all over my navel and pressing my boobs over my bra.  I was moaning in pleasure. I also removed his shirt and boxer. His underwear had a big tent. I pulled his underwear down.

Oh my god, his cock was 8 inches long and thick. I was excited to touch his cock.  He pulled me by my hair and pushed my head down on his cock. I was sucking his cock, and he was moaning now.

“Oh, aunty, your mouth, I have wanted it for long.” I was sucking his cock, and he didn’t cum for long. I kept sucking his cock for a couple of minutes before he blew his load in my mouth. I ran to the washroom to spit it.

When I came out, he hugged me again and started to kiss me again. We were cuddling again. He removed my bra and grabbed my boobs. He was playing with my boobs, pressing them hard.

Sucking my nipples and biting them, too, was making me aroused.  I was moaning with pleasure, and he kept playing with my boobs. I was wet down. He soon removed my pajama, pulled my panty, and threw it on the floor.

I was gasping for breath. He laid me on the bed, started licking my pussy, and kept licking for atleast 10 minutes.  Oh, gosh, he had a fantasy about licking married pussy. I was holding a bedsheet tightly.

I had not been licked so properly for years now. I had lifted my heavy ass many times and had to cum in his face.  Then I asked him to penetrate my pussy. He started rubbing his cock on my pussy.

I guided his cock inside after he put a condom on his cock. I locked my legs around his butt, and he was pumping my pussy with his hard cock. I had not had such satisfying sex for some time now. I loved every inch of his cock inside me.

He moaned, “Oh, aunty, what a pussy you have!” I loved a hot young guy rubbing his body against mine.  Soon I got myself in the doggy style, which is my favorite.

This time he was fucking me by pulling my hair. He was rough at times as he kept slapping my ass which I liked a bit. He had excellent stamina. He was happy because I was not cribbing like young girls.

I cum while in the doggy position, but he kept on going. Soon I got on top of him in cowgirl and started riding his cock. I loved the way he was enjoying it. I like it when my partner enjoys it more than me.

He took me in his arms and started fucking me in the standing cowgirl position. That’s my favorite, and I loved holding to his strong arms. His cock was about to explode. After almost 20 minutes of intercourse, his load blasted. When he took out his cock I could see a load of cum inside the condom.

We then cleaned ourselves and kept cuddling each other. I was more than happy being sexually involved with him. I wore my clothes. He thanked me for fulfilling his wish to make out with an older woman.

We now make out often and have kept our relationship a secret. We are fuck buddies and help each other release our sexual tensions. If you want to know more, mail me at . You can even read how I /couple/44yo-milf-hooks-up-with-a-bouncer-at-club/”>hooked up with a bouncer at a club.