Sex With Cousin While She Drives The Car – Part 4

Hey everyone, I am Diganth, 25 years old from Bangalore. Please read the previous part for more details about me and for continuity.

This is a continuation of my previous part, so readers who missed my previous story please read it. Let’s start the story now.

Then I asked my cousin Usha to sit in front of me on my lap as the road was straight. Usha resisted a bit, but after a few seconds, she came and sat on my lap. My dick was placed between her naked thighs and was touching. My monster was getting erect and harder.

Usha sensed my dick getting harder and erect and said –

Usha: Should we have one more round of sex in the car? And tell me that you are not again parking the car in some bushy area.

I said: No darling, I am not parking the car but will have sex while driving itself.

Usha said: It’s risky but ok compared to parking in a bushy area.

My cousin was quick enough. She lifted her pussy and positioned herself in a cowgirl position. I adjusted my penis in a direction of her pussy. Usha slowly placed her pussy on my dick. Usha was moaning, “Ouch haaha ufff..” and only my half dick was inside her pussy. Usha then leaned toward me with her eyes closed.

So, without wasting a bit, I pulled her completely down. Now my entire dick was inside her pussy. As I pulled her down, Usha moaned, “Ha ha ha uhh oh ha ha ha.” As my entire dick was inside my cousin sister’s pussy, she waited for a few minutes and began moving her pussy at a slow pace. After a few minutes, I asked her to increase the pace.

Since the roads were empty and straight, it wasn’t difficult for me to drive the car while having sex with my cousin. While she was riding my cock, I slowed down the car. As it was only 230 meters left to the destination location, the gate of the resort was visible from far. While she was riding my dick, I began mauling her boobs harder. I held both her boobs and began sucking them like a baby alternatively.

Usha had held my head and was bouncing into and fro motion. After a few minutes of vigorously riding of her pussy, I said that I was about to cum.

Then I asked Usha: Can I flood my cum once again in your pussy?

Usha thought for a second and said: Ok baby, as you have already cummed and I am in safe days. So, no problem.

To make her moan louder, I held her right nipple in between my teeth and bit them hard. Usha moaned, “Ouch ha ha ha ahha ha ha uff hah Digi..” and I finally flooded my cum inside her pussy. All my hot cum was filled inside her pussy and we both were happy.

We then took all our clothes back from the seat. I helped her wear her orange maxi pantie and her blue hoodies back. Then I pulled out her black denim-torn shorts to her knees and asked Usha not to pull them up. I was wearing all my dresses back, but Usha asked me to gift my underwear to her. So, I said –

Me: Baby, I have gifted my monster to you itself and if you want this, then ok keep it.

Again I started driving the car slowly toward the resort. And with my left hand, I began rubbing her pussy over her orange maxi panties. The liquid was dripping all over her orange maxi panties. When we reached the gate, I pulled her black denim torn shorts zipped and buckled her buttons back.

Then I collected the keys and gave her the keys as she needed to use the restroom. I carried both our mobiles, luggage, and a few eateries to the room. My cousin had locked the room door from inside, so I had to wait outside for a few minutes. It was cold outside, so I began browsing on her phone.

While browsing on her phone, I came to know she had saved my number as “boyfriend”. And while going through her chats, I saw she had texted more about me to all her friends. I somewhat liked it.

Then Usha called my name from inside while I was waiting.

I said: Yes.

Usha quickly pulled me inside and locked the door. She had only worn blue hoodies because both her orange maxi panties and black denim torn shorts were completely soaked wet. I quickly pulled her toward me and removed her hoodies.

My cousin was again completely naked and I asked if should we have one more round of sex. Usha said she was tired and hungry. And I said –

Me: Then let’s eat something.

We began one more round of sex. But Usha resisted and said she reimagined the forest area situation and was scared. To calm her down, I pulled her toward me and hugged her in my arms. I planted a kiss on her cheeks and placed all the eateries beside us. Usha was still thinking deeply. So, to divert the topic, I appreciated her driving skills.

Usha said: Baby, there are a lot of eateries inside the bag. Can you bring them?

I agreed and asked for her password for the bag lock. She whispered, “It’s your car number” and I quickly unlocked the bag. Then I took all the eateries outside from her bag and went toward her.

Usha asked me to wait as I was entering the bed. She asked me to choose and bring a pair of clothes to wear. I just picked dark pink lace panties and went towards her. Then I placed all the eateries between us and asked about the sexual experiences she enjoyed with me.

Usha replied: Awesome! And I would love to have more in the future.

I said: I would also love to have sex.

And I requested: Darling, can we have another round of sex, please?

Usha teasingly said: Absolutely.

And she stopped her words.

Then she said: I need to eat first, as I am hungry.

While eating the snacks, I asked Usha: What are your sexual fantasies? Do you have any boyfriends or have you had sex with them or anyone?

The Usha replied I was her crush and she had no boyfriend. But one of her senior friends twice had squeezed her ass and boobs during a college fest party. She was also requested to have sex with them, but she declined them. She avoided them and said she was in a relationship with me. Then she said –

Usha: I only had sex with you and have many fantasies, but I won’t reveal it.

Then she asked me the same questions and asked me to reveal their names.

So I replied: I had sex with many of the past. And I can’t remember them when you are with me. Because I love you and your body and would like to have more sex with you.

My cousin began blushing and said, “Thank you, baby.” She also said that her senior friend’s sister was forcing her to date her brother once.

I said: Don’t worry baby, when we go back home, let’s deal with the issues together. And now, let’s enjoy.

Then I pleaded with her: Can we have another round of sex?

Usha didn’t reply but was blushing. Then I took it as a green signal and quickly removed my dress and threw them aside.

Usha naughtily said: I didn’t say yes. Why did you become naked?!

I pulled her toward me and began french kissing her lips. Usha also responded with a french kiss then it turned into deep tongue sucking and saliva exchanging for a few minutes. Usha gave a love bite on my neck region and I gave a love bite on her cleavage region.

Then I slid my body down and began mauling, pinching, and squeezing her boobs alternatively. Usha was moaning loudly, “Ouchhh ha ahah ahah ha Baby..”

I ripped both her boobs to such an extent that milk should come out from her nipples. Usha had her nails dug around my entire back. Then I again lip-locked her lips for a few seconds and switched to her navel. I squeezed her navel and pinched it a few times before licking her navel vigorously.

Usha’s moans were making me go harder and wild enough that I hadn’t fucked anyone like her. I held her hips and continued licking her navel with my tongue. And with my right hand and two fingers, I started fingering her pussy as fast as possible.

Then I entered another finger into my cousin’s pussy. She held her legs tightly and said that she had another orgasm. Then I left her for a few minutes to relax and then again, I lip-locked her lips with mine. Usha broke the lip-lock and asked me to deepthroat my dick inside her mouth. I hesitated a bit, but she requested me again. So, I agreed and asked her to widen her mouth.

When she widened her mouth, I pushed my dick completely deep inside my cousin’s mouth. Usha tapped my thighs and asked me to continue. So, I held her head and began mouth-fucking my dick completely.

After a few minutes, she asked me to take it out as it was suffocating and losing her breath. Usha’s beautiful face was filled with sweat, so I wiped her face. And I kissed her eyes and cheeks alternatively.

Then I asked: Should I enter my monster into your nest?

Usha replied: Sure, darling.

I kissed and bit both her thighs and licked her knees and ankles for a few minutes. Then I rubbed my dick on her pussy lips and slowly, I pushed my dick completely inside her pussy. Usha moaned again.

Then I began thrusting my cousin sister’s pussy as fast and as hard as possible. After a few minutes, I switched her into a doggy position as I wanted to enter her asshole. I informed Usha that I will fuck her asshole. Usha agreed but asked me to gentle. Then I split my saliva on her asshole and rubbed my dick on it for few times. I slowly pushed my dick inside her asshole and waited for a few seconds. Usha moaned, Ouch darling.. It hurts more.. Please remove it”, she pleaded.

But I asked her: Darling, please bear this pain somehow for a few minutes.

Usha with a lot of pain agreed.

Then I started ramming my cousin’s tight asshole slowly for a few seconds. I increased the pace of ramming her asshole as I was about to cum. I told Usha that I would cum inside her asshole and fill my cum inside her asshole.

I spanked her ass cheeks a few times. Usha moaned, “Hh ah aha ahah..” while I spanked her ass cheeks.

As it was late already and we were tired, we both quickly cleaned each other within a few minutes. Usha was completely exhausted, so she asked me to help her wear my t-shirt and her dark pink lace panties. And she made me wear her blue hoodies.

We both hugged each other and slept together.


The story is to be continued.

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