Middle class couple’s sex life

Hello readers. This is my first story, so please share our honest feedback. I am Sunil Chawan, in my mid-40s, married with 2 kids. I look like any ordinary middle-class man, average height. Not too fat but not fit by any standards.

My wife was from our village, and she had rustic features. Post-pregnancy, she had become plump but had meat on all the right parts. Her bra size was 32C, and she had nice round buttocks. They were very soft and supple (I loved squeezing them).

I have a very happy life. A caring wife, cute and innocent kids and a steady job. However, it was also a fact that it had become very monotonous. We, as a family, had a very standard routine. Woke up before the kids, and my wife would prepare a meal for everyone.

My responsibility was to wake my kids, dress them, and drop them at school. Like every other middle-class family, my wife used to fill tiffins for us. Once we left, she did home chores.

We live in Mumbai, a very expensive city. Hence despite a steady job, all we could afford was a very small one-bedroom flat. There was no separate drawing room. You could say our kitchen comprised our dining room as well. My wife was a trained tailor, so she used to do some odd tailoring jobs during the day.

Our life was very simple and very predictable. Even our sex life with such a small space and kids around all the time had dried. Ours was an arranged marriage. I was a very active partner in our relationship. She was very shy at first, but later as I persisted, she used to satisfy me.

I used to make her try different positions, used toys at times, and also convinced her to role-play. We had an exciting sex life, but it was short-lived. She got pregnant, and we had our 1st child.

Later, we just had listless sex with less frequency. Soon after 1st we even had 2nd child. This was almost the end of our physical life as a couple. She got too busy with kids and home chores. So every time I requested her, her standard reply was, ‘Thak gayi hoon, aaj nahi.’ (I am tired, not today.)

I was sexually starved. So one Sunday, I decided to convince her and planned to have an exciting night with her.

Me: Let us do it tonight.

My wife: I work around the house all day. I am really tired. Please understand

Me: Today is Sunday. I will help you with your house chores so you won’t get tired. Just make sure you put the kids to bed on time.

So that evening, everything happened as planned. I helped her with chores. I was very excited and couldn’t control myself. When she cleaned vessels, I was getting horny looking at her like that.

She was wearing a saree, and its pallu was tightly tied to her waist. She wore a white blouse. It had become semi-transparent due to her sweat. Her hair was tied in a messy bun. Her locks kept falling onto her face, and she used her bangles-clad wrist to put them back in place.

I moved slowly towards her. I reached very close and sniffed near her neck, taking in the intoxicating aroma of her sweat mixed with her deo and her musk. It made me lose control, and I grabbed one of her buttocks and squeezed it hard.

O, so soft was her butt. It felt as if I am kneading dough. She jumped with me in this act.

My wife: What are you doing? Let me finish this. Gudiya is also in the room. So have some decency.

Me: Darling, how can I control myself when you look so delicious?

My wife: UFF, get off me. Let me clean the vessels

I didn’t heed her request. On the contrary, I moved even closer to her. I was aroused, and my dick was also erect. Now, I reached so close to her that my erect wood was in between her butt crack over her saree and petticoat. I started rubbing her butt crack slowly and tried to take it deeper.

My wife: (letting out a soft moan) Ummm, stop it. Kids may see us.

Me: If they do, they will know how much their father loves their mother.

Saying this, I kept my palm on her sweaty, exposed waist and pinched her a bit. Both of us were getting in the mood. Suddenly,

Gudiya: (coming out of the bedroom) Papa, what is the answer to this question?

Listening to our daughter, the vessel my wife was holding slipped out of her hand. She gave me a push with her buttocks itself, which hurt in the wrong place. I also got startled and let go of my wife and attended to my daughter.

The rest of the day went similarly, like a game of ‘hide and seek.’ Every time I got close to my wife, one of my kids would disturb us. Finally, the night came, kids were finally asleep.

We have only one bed. As a norm, both kids sleep between my wife and me. I try to draw the attention of my wife by whispering.

Me: Psst, listen…

My wife: What? Let me sleep.

Me: We had a deal. I will not give up till I ravish you.

My wife: Why do you have to talk dirty?

Me: Dirty is the mood. Additionally, I am telling my wife, not a neighbor, that you are reacting like this.

Saying this, I slowly slid off the bed from my side and crawled toward my wife’s side. Staying on the floor, I start lifting my wife’s petticoat to her knees. She tries to stop me. In response, I grab her calves with my palm and squeeze them hard.

This hurts her, and as a reaction, she tries to kick me off of her. But in the process, she lands up, exposing her thighs. I immediately make the most of this situation, like a cheetah pouncing on his prey. I pounce on her thighs, digging my teeth into them. Aah, such a soft mass it was!

My wife: Aah, please be gentle.

Me: I will bite off your soft thighs today.

My wife: Just become an animal now.

I ignored her remarks and continued biting, licking and kissing her thighs. Meanwhile, my left hand had reached her belly and was mauling her near her navel. Then I guided my right hand under her petticoat till her buttocks and firmly kneaded them one at a time.

My wife: Aha, slowly and gently, I am your wife, not some piece of meat.

Me: I know, but I have got this opportunity after so long. I will make the most of it.

My wife: Hmmm, just do not leave any marks.

Me: Do not worry, sweetheart. You will also enjoy the animal in me.

As soon as I requested her, she grabbed my hair and pulled me towards her panty. I could now smell her womanhood. This act of hers excited me more. Now I guide my left hand slowly to her boobs and grab her left bosom over her bra and blouse.

Me: Your boobs are so soft, I feel like devouring them.

My wife: Go ahead, my love. They are all yours to devour.

Listening to this, I was sure she had also started to enjoy now.

My wife: Are you going to sniff there all night or taste my pussy too? Please, lick my pussy and gulp down my juices.

Within a split second of listening to her say all that, I got wild and ripped her panty forcefully. I started licking her juices wildly, just like a starving kid may lick on ice cream. With me licking the sensitive parts and nudging on the clitoris, she got super excited and started moaning.

She started shivering, grabbed my head, and pushed me deeper into her glory hole. Suddenly she lost control and gave out a loud moan. She subconsciously jerked her legs, which resulted in her accidentally dropping the bottle of water lying near the bed.

CLANG! The bottle fell with a loud noise, and both our kids woke up with a start due to all this chaos.

As soon as they were up, the younger one started crying. So my wife just kicked me off of her and went to calm the kids. I fell on my back on the ground. It hurt. Not the fall from the bed but the fact that I was about to get a wild night of sex to falling on the cold floor.

I got irritated with my wife and kids and, pouting, went to my side of the bed. I covered myself with a blanket, waiting for my kids to go back to sleep.

To be continued.

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