Strange Bond Between A Retiree & A Young Female – Part 1

It all happened accidentally. But now, it is a never-ending relationship.

I am retired from a long and enjoyable government service. Seventy years old. Having a very successful family life with grown-up children. The house is occupied only by me and my wife. The youngest is a daughter, married and living in the same premises but in a different house. Elders are living elsewhere.

This story is split into three parts. It is about a strange relationship developed with a young professional female. The relationship underwent many difficult and painful periods. But now settled down to a true love combined with occasional sex sessions.

The start:

I am not a social media user, but I occasionally open my chat boxes. About seven years ago, I found a message from a young girl. She was asking to find out some information about exams in order to enter into IAS. She might have sent this message checking my profile on social media platforms.

She might have realised that I have contacts and knowledge to provide her with the necessary information. As a senior academic, I could not disregard this request. It might be a life-changing step for this young girl. I did not have any other intentions.

But as a male, I am vulnerable, especially when a female is asking for help. I replied with the required details. Realising my capabilities in many respects, she continued her contact with me. She asked for guidance whenever she could not find them anywhere else or from anybody else she had contact with.

She was a young professional with a bachelor’s degree from a recognised university. She was married and attached to a government agency. She seemed energetic and keen on higher studies.

Realising her potential to be successful in her professional career, I was happy to provide guidance. I came to know she likes to associate with me because of the support I can provide. She did not forget to appreciate my support time-to-time sending me things like birthday wishes, memorabilia etc.

Professor turned into an indispensable figure. Gradually, the two of us developed a friendship to share personal life and professional matters. This was always been so far an online relationship. Her home town was about 150 km from my residence.

With time passing, this became a relationship both of us could not easily forget. The text messages occurred daily. I found her keen to communicate with me. She treated me as a senior who could guide her in her personal life, professional endeavours, and family affairs.

Sometimes, she also used to get advice from me on her financial matters and investment opportunities. So, I became indispensable to her growing personal and professional life.

Indecent proposal:

Noticing her interest in me, I stepped into a different path. I thought, why not develop a relationship that fills my loneliness? I gradually tried to convince her to inappropriate talks and messages. In my first such message, she was shocked.

She never expected a person like me would try to convince her of an inappropriate relationship. She was happily married and had a good family life. Realising my mistake, I was disappointed. Her reaction was to disconnect from me, un-friended on all social media platforms and block my telephone number.

That’s not the end. After several months, she realised that she had overreacted to me. Losing me might have created a large vacuum in her life that nobody else could fill. I received a message again from her just saying, “Hi.” Within seconds, I reacted.

She might still be seeking my guidance so that she might have forgiven me. This conversation went on for a few years. As a responsible senior, I refrained from doing any inappropriate things that hurt her. However, I found out now she was becoming fairly flexible.

We started chatting on a regular basis. We both knew that she was married and I was married too, so we had limits. But sometimes, we cannot control our feelings. Occasionally, our conversations went off the limits.

We discussed our family affairs, our sex life, and personal matters that we do not discuss with a third party. Knowingly or unknowingly, we both entered into a different connection. That provided this young professional not only required guidance.

We both started enjoying regular chats. Sometimes involved inappropriate things but was pleasurable for both to talk about.


Time went on very past. Now, almost five years passed since her very first massage to me. During those five years, we finally ended up in a situation where we could not live without each other. Our relationship went through happy times and sad times, as we were emotionally attached.

She got upset if she missed me for a few hours without messages. By the way, our relationship was limited to online conversations. But as time passed, we both wanted something more than online conversations. Desperate to have a physical meeting, the only option was to have some video confrontation.

I devised a method that we can have online video sessions. We both found times we were alone in our residences. That means her husband was on day duty. My wife was gone to spend some nights with her parents. We had mobile stands that could be used to focus the camera on our private parts.

While chatting both gradually removed clothes and then underwear. And started masturbating, making it visible to the other. One session usually went on for about ten minutes. We achieved immense pleasure through this fun activity. This was a very new adventure for both of us.

It filled the gap that had been created that we were not able to meet physically. This video fun went on for several months. Having got bored with video fun, both agreed to meet for a fun session. It was not easy to organise a night out with one another.

Therefore, strategically planned an alternative. Planning itself took several months as we could not allow anything to go wrong. Finally, the date was set, and the place was confirmed.

On that particular date, she informed the office that she had to take leave to attend a family affair. She informed her husband and parents that she had to go to another city to attend a training program. I had not much difficulty. I convinced my wife I had to go out with friends for a meeting for a whole day.

The place we selected was a coastal town halfway through my residence and her residence. For me, it was about an hour’s drive on a highway. For her, it was about a one-hour bus ride. On that day, she left home in the morning. I did the same. We met in a quiet place in the selected city.

We are both wearing masks, pretending to be avoiding any contact with Covid-19 infections. Actually, it was to cover our faces, not to be recognised by another party. She got into my car. Then, we faced a major issue. We did not want to go to a hotel or to a place where people were hanging around.

So, we were driving, looking for a place to have fun. After a few kilometres, we found a place beside the road where a small space of car parking was available. We parked the car, and both got into the back seat. This had been the most interesting time of our whole affair.

It was a strange but rare opportunity for both of us. For her, she found her new lover and mentor sitting next to her. For me, I found a young professional girl whom I love sitting next to me.

Within no time we hold on to each other. Kissed the lips that ended up in French kissing, that’s massaging tongue-to-tongue and licking tongue. I put one of my hands under her bra and touched her nipple. It gave both of us immense pleasure. There was no opportunity to lick her nipples as it was out of reach.

We cuddled for about one hour in the car. We could not do anything more than that, given the environment we had and the limited space we had inside the car. Finally, we decided that we had achieved what we were looking for. It also laid the foundation to organise more secret meetings in time to come.

After about another two weeks of online conversations, we decided to have a second secret meeting. I engaged in an online search for a better place to meet and have some more fun. Finally found an isolated beach surrounded by trees and bushes in the same coastal city.

I wanted to make this a more fun activity. I bought good quality whisky and snacks for us to enjoy. On the set date, we met in the morning in the same way as in the first meeting. Drove to the spot we had chosen. Parked the car and took the belongings then climbed down to the beach.

We found several other couples. Some may be similar couples like us having fun limited to kissing. Some couples were doing sea-bathing.

Although we had the opportunity to go to a hotel, my girl seriously did not want to. She said if we go to a hotel and have fun involving intercourse, that might make us addicted to it without control. I supported that idea. There was a likelihood of leaking this affair to our families. That becomes a disaster.

We found a quiet place not visible from the beach. Sat down and started sipping whisky with the bites we got. I was careful not to drink too much since I had to drive back. In the meantime, we also started kissing each other. By noon, we were both drunk and out of control.

However, we could not do anything more than kiss and hold on to each other. Around 2.00 pm, we left and started travelling back. My girl wanted to spend more time in my car. She decided to travel with me in the car on the highway towards my city. She planned to take a bus to return to her city.

Since this type of meeting was a rare opportunity, we did not care about our limits. We were out of control. While driving, she put her hand on my pant and opened the buttons to take my cock out. Now she was giving handjob to me. I tried to prevent that, but she was out of control.

I decided to let her do whatever she wanted and drove with extra care on the highway. We ended up driving and exited from the highway. She said she wanted to suck my cock. Without having a proper place to do that, we face a dilemma whether to go ahead or not.

Luckily, I found a space to park the car to let her suck my cock. She did not take much time to put my cock in her mouth. She started giving me a nice and gentle suck. I kept quite enjoying her suck. Kept rubbing her hair, which was the only thing I could do to please her.

The suck went on for about 15 minutes, and both enjoyed it very much. She earlier indicated that she did not like to eat cum as it might give her a bad taste. So, at the time of cum, I took the cock out from her mouth and let the cum spread elsewhere.

This was a nice and wonderful pleasure time that we both engaged in. She thanked me for the opportunity. I gave her a good kiss to thank her. The day ended like that, and we returned to our houses before sunset.

The following day, I asked her whether there were any issues with parents or husband. She said everything was normal. I was very happy to hear that.

We both now realised that our relationship had gone far than we expected. But we wanted to enjoy more than our causal relationship. We never wanted to engage in sexual encounters. But now we had unexpectedly entered into that situation.

Having successful several meetings, we wanted more than just kissing, hugging and sucking.

Let me write the next encounter as Part 2. Part 2 would be more exciting as it involves a lot of new sexual adventures. I am happy to receive your comments.

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