Strange Bond Between A Retiree & A Young Female – Part 3

In Parts 1 & 2, I presented my story about an unwarranted relationship with a young professional female. I developed the true happenings. How I met her at the beginning, and how the relationship unfolded. Then, it became much more exciting sexual encounters.

I am retired from a long and enjoyable government service. Seventy years old. Having a very successful family life with grown-up children. The house is occupied only by me and my wife. The youngest is a daughter, married and living in the same premises but in a different house. Elders are living elsewhere.

I continue to Part 3 to unfold more interesting true events. By now, we have done our casual sex. In this part, I will present how we went beyond casual sex to experimental sex.

My girl is a young professional in her thirties attached to a government agency. Married but attracted to me. She considers me as her true lover mentor. Somebody whom she can trust and associate for a friendship. We organized a few night-outs together and had fun.

Experimental sex:

Having a few night-outs, we discussed that we need to engage in sex acts which couples normally don’t perform. We read articles and watched XXX videos to explore new techniques. Although we can perform all of those techniques, our choices were several limited sex acts for our experiments.

Following sections will unfold what we did to enjoy beyond just sucking, intercourse, and usual sex. One night is not adequate.

My girl convinced her office that she had to stay at home on study leave to prepare for an exam. She also managed to inform her parents and her husband that she had to stay in a hostel undergoing training. It will last more than one day.

I selected a good hotel and booked for two nights. The reason for deciding to stay more than one night was to have a fully relaxed time together. In particular, my girl showed her interest in staying in one place as long as possible. She wanted to spend her time for a few days with the person she loved and admired.

The first experiment:

On the planned date, we met in the morning and drove to the hotel with our stuff. We were wearing masks to pretend to be avoiding any contact with Covid-19 or other infections. The true reason was to disguise ourselves from other people.

We checked into the hotel with a lot of expectations of another fantastic stay together. The time was about 10.00 am. We had a shower and ordered lunch from room service. We sat on the couch and started drinking some whisky. We also cuddled, kissed each other, and gradually removed all clothes.

Now, we both are fully naked. While drinking, she put her hand on my cock and started giving me a handjob. That was not her favourite, so she started sucking, which was her favourite. She was now much more experienced and clearly knew what and how I liked her sucking. By now, we both needed more sex.

As I found out from my readings, I told her we were going to experiment with something we never did before. I planned to introduce her to G-spot. It is a small female organ. Many couples even had no idea what it was. It is a pea-sized organ a few centimetres up inside the pussy.

G-spot is an ultra-sensitive point. Some people report that the stimulation of the G-spot causes them either to ejaculate or to produce much more lubrication than usual. Others say that it offers a more intense orgasm or makes it possible to orgasm from vaginal penetration. People’s responses to G-spot stimulation vary.

In order to get into the new fun, I first started making love with her. I let her lay down on the bed and tightly held onto her. I kissed her cheeks and neck and licked her nipples. This went on for a while. Then I started licking her clit. By now, I realized her whole pussy was wet.

I did rub her clit with one of my fingers. She showed she was having a high level of sexy feelings. I noticed it from her moans. Slowly, I inserted my middle finger into her pussy. It slid easily because the whole passage was a juicy hole. I was trying to figure out where the G-spot was as I read from my research.

I located a hard sponge-like something on the upper side of her pussy passage. It was about one and a half to two inches from pussy opening. This was a novel discovery, as we usually do not play with it. I touched and massaged gently. I took a little bit of time to rub it. This made her quietly enjoy.

From my readings, I discovered the next spot, called A-spot, which is located deep inside the pussy. But the A-spot is not easily reachable as the finger is not long enough to touch it. At the time of cum, we move the cock 100% faster, so our dick hammers the end of pussy. It means we hammer the A-spot.

This might be the reason for females to shout with unbearable satisfaction at the time of a male’s cum. I played with my girl’s G-spot for about 10 minutes. By this time, my girl was near her cum, although I was not. I asked her, “Are you close to cum?”

She said, “Yes.” I did let her cum, giving more pressure on her G-spot. Finally, I felt that she was making a sound louder, indicating she cum. It was a new experiment and a novel experience for both of us. After our play with G-spot, I wanted to insert my cock and do intercourse.

This might touch both her G-spot and A-spot. When I did intercourse, I felt that my cock touched the deep end of her pussy passage. Also felt my cock touched some point which might be her A-spot. I played intercourse for about 10 minutes and came close to cum.

I said to her I was close to cum. She kept a pillow under her hip and kept the legs wide open in order to support me to send the cock deep inside. I was in superb status to enjoy my sexual feelings. I increased the speed of movement of my cock forward and backwards.

It was now almost cum, and I increased the speed to about 100% faster. I did cum, and that was the end of our first experiment. This was first-class, superb fun for both of us.

At the end of that, we both decided to have lunch ordered from room service. After having lunch, we quietly lay down on the bed for about 3 to 4 hours.

Experiments continued:

We got up in the evening and had a shower to get refreshed. We were thinking what’s next move. The next act would be another really interesting scenario. For a long time, we were planning to add sex toys to our fun. So far, we have done everything except fun involving sex toys.

I had a gadget which I bought when I was travelling overseas. This is called ‘dildo.’ That is an object shaped like an erect dick. It is used for sexual stimulation. I had it for some time but never used it. My dildo is about 7 inches long, slightly bigger than a dick. It is red with white stripes.

We discussed using this in our experimental sex sessions. Therefore, it was in our bag. We also had enough cream. We also had a strap-on harness. That’s to fix the dildo to our body. Once it was fixed to the body, it looked like we had a big extra dick.

We can fix it for anybody. I think lesbians heavily use that gadget to have fun with partners where they can do anal intercourse.

Now time had come to play with our dildo. We got it from the bag. Kept it on the bedside table. I removed my girl’s dress and she helped me to remove my dress. Now, we both were naked. We laid down on the bed and made love for a while. Kissed, licked her nipples.

Then I licked her clit while she was rubbing my cock. After a while, we were fully stimulated to go to the next step, that’s to use the dildo. She laid down on the bed, spreading her legs. I applied some gel to both her pussy opening and the dildo. Then I slowly rubbed her pussy with dildo.

She said, “That gives me a great feeling. Thank you, my darling.” I rubbed her clit with a dildo which gave her extra stimulation. Then slowly entered it into her pussy. She said, “Slowly, slowly,” as the dildo is larger than the normal size of a dick. But I found she liked it.

Playing with a big dick is a rare opportunity for a female. So far, she had been fucked with either dick of her husband or my dick. These are average-sized. Only about five to six inches in length. But our dildo was 7 inches long. My girl was saying whether using bigger sized dick would make her pussy hole large.

She was concerned that her husband might feel it had become suddenly larger. I said pussy will not become larger because of the occasional use of a large dick. Because pussy gets adjusted to the size of the dick, and it comes back to its usual size after intercourse.

She said she could feel the dildo nicely touch her G-spot because it was bigger than an average-sized dick. I sent the dildo slowly, deep inside, and moved it forward and backwards. She was screaming with extreme happiness. This act went on for a while. She indicated that she was close to cum.

I did speed up the movement but not to give pain. I removed the dildo and jumped on her, and inserted my cock. She said my cock was very stiff. I moved cock forward and backwards and as deep as possible. At last, we both cum at very much the same time. This was a real fun we never experienced before.

The time now was about 7.00 pm. We had a light dinner and slept. She usually likes to sleep naked with me. So, we slept holding hands to each other’s body. We got up in the following day morning. By that time, we had already experienced a few new experiments.

We had already discussed and experimented with the fun with female G-spot. According to our research, males, too, have similar organs. It is called the prostate. It is located in between balls and anus but inside the body. Through the prostate, males can get stimulated.

My ISS readers might have already touched it to get the horny feeling. I am sure gay couples use this spot when the fuck each other to stimulate their partner. We discussed that, and my girl said she wanted to stimulate my sexual pleasure by putting pressure on my G-spot.

She suggested that she could wear the dildo and use it to give stimulation. I agreed. She wore the dildo. Now, she looks like a male. I laid down on the bed. We applied plenty of gel both to the dildo and my body under the ball. She jumped on to me and started fucking me.

I was in complete excitement. She gave me an unusual sexual stimulation. She did it for about 10 minutes. Since we had booked the room for two nights, we still had one more day to stay in the hotel. On the second day, we were mainly relaxing, drinking whisky and kissing each other.

Extra fun:

We had a plan to have extra fun. We had brought the required gadgets to do video recording of our sex acts. We did not have professional cameras. But we had our smartphones with high-density built-in cameras. Our next experiment was to try to video our sex acts.

We made the set-up to focus the camera of my phone on the bed. We were both fully naked. My girl sat on the bed and I was standing in front of her. We ensured the camera was properly focused on us. We switched on the camera and started to suck.

She continued a nice suck until I cum in her mouth. She tasted it and swallowed the cum. Everything was recorded. Later, we checked the video. It was successful, although not at a professional level. We now have a good memory of our hotel stay.

In the evening, we wanted to produce another video. After lunch, we both got naked. She lay on the bed widely spreading her legs. The camera was focusing on her pussy. I stood up beside her and inserted my cock. It was another fun. This time in front of a camera. It was being recorded for us to watch later.

I fucked her for about 10 minutes. She kept a pillow under her hip, making it high. I took her legs to my shoulders and started fucking. We thought this would give us extra stimulation as well as good recording. We are both in ultra-happiness. In addition, we created a video for our private use.

I banged on her G-spot, where she was screaming with happiness. This act went on for about 20 minutes. Finally, it was time for me to cum. Again, we agreed to cum together. In the end, we were able to cum together. We checked the video, It was not a too bad recording. We keep it for our private viewing.

There were a few more sex acts after that, but nothing significant to report here. We spent the second night happily. We checked out from the hotel on following morning and returned to our residences.

I hope you enjoyed reading our novel experiences. We enjoyed practically doing it. I am happy to receive your comments. Please send your comment to .