Wife cheated with young boy – Part 2

Dear ISS reader. I am Rajesh, and my wife is Saras. Here I come out with a real story that happened in my life. I got to know later by my wife and that guy in this story. Let me narrate the story from my wife’s point of view. She told it to me a few months after the incident.

The days passed. It was my birthday month. Munis plan to celebrate my birthday with him. But we can’t make it in public places since both might be caught. So he planned it in a hotel room. I gladly accept it. I wanted to spend more time with him.

The day comes.  I told my husband that I needed to work to cover pending work for the night. He is dumb enough to believe it. The day comes. Morning once my husband moves to work, I go out with Munis in his car. I didn’t bring any clothes. It might make my husband suspicious of me.

We roamed around the place and checked into a pre-booked hotel. I was surprised when I saw Munis had done some nice decorations in the room. The cake was in the middle of the room waiting for me. I was amazed at the surprise. All girls do like a surprise, but my husband has never done it for me.

I was wearing a normal t-shirt with tight jeans. I apply some simple makeup to look more attractive. Munis keep praising me for my beauty. I was all alone with Munis in the hotel room. Anything might happen there, but I didn’t care about it.

We cut the cake and fed each other like a loving couple. We sit on the bed and chat for some time. My feeling starts to peak up. I slowly wake up and move near Munis. I want to give something to him to make me happy. We both stood, and I could feel Munis’s warm breath on my face.

He slowly caressed my long hair. I wanted him to have me. Without thinking, I give him a wild deep kiss on his lips. He was also in a horny mood and kissed me wildly. I move his hands to my tight ass. This time he was more courageous and gave a hard slap on my ass.

It was hard enough, which made me feel a burning sensation. He was more confident than before. I like it very much. I’m sure he was going to treat me as his bitch. But somewhere inside, I think, why am I acting like this? How I was willingly submitting myself to a younger boy. Sure this guy has a lucky charm.

After some deep kiss, he wildly removes my t-shirt and throws it aside. I was wearing a pink floral bra which was good enough to attract any guys. He pushes my bra cup down and sucks it while another hand inserts under my jeans. I was on cloud nine.

His rough hand slowly rubbed my pussy on top of my panties. I wanted to make him more aggressive. I removed his shirt and started to lick his nipples as well. I know it is a good spot to make all guys go crazy. I lick it much as I can while he still plays with my pussy.

He was turned on more and more. We both remove each other’s pants. I can feel that he is roughly pulling my tight jeans, which are stuck on my round ass. I was standing in front of a young boy with just my sexy pink bra and panties. He gave me a few hard slaps, making my ass jiggle like a balloon full of water.

It was a pain for me in the ass, but I still enjoy it. I can see a huge bulk inside his underwear. I eagerly wanted to see it since I have only seen my husband’s dick only in real. Slowly I get on my knees to pull down his underwear. It feels like I’m unwrapping my birthday gift.

Soon as I pull it down, a huge penis like an anaconda jumps out of his underwear. It must be 7inch long in its semi-erect, and some wet juice was leaking from it. My eyes popped out big. My husband’s dick is 4inch full hard, and that was satisfying more than I needed.

I’m not a size preferably person. But when I saw a bigger dick, my pussy started to leak. Maybe dick has the power to attract all women. I am not sure if I can take it or not. I slowly lick and suck his dick. I am very rare to suck my husband since I don’t like it.

But when I saw a huge dick, my mouth started to water to taste it. While I slowly suck the large rod, I can feel it is growing more in my mouth. I can’t take it in my little mouth since I’m not used to it. And when I took it out from my mouth, OMG. It is a 9-inch full erect, straight dick like a steel rod.

Munis’s body is less hair and is clean. He is slim with a little muscular body. I feel a real manliness when I see him stand in front of me with that 9-inch dick. Munis fucked my mouth with his dick. He even made me choke and desperate for air with a long mouth fuck me.

I’m sure he is turning me into a bitch today. I’m willing to do anything for him. He grabbed me up and undressed my undies in no time. I can’t believe that I’m standing naked In front of a young guy with a huge dick. He would destroy my pussy for sure.

My husband won’t feel the tightness anymore. I suck his huge rod almost for 20minutes. He was very strong enough to hold his cum for that long. My mouth has already started to pain. Munis carried and threw me away on the bed like a doll and started to lick my pussy.

OMG, he is good at it. I clean-shaved my pussy, making it easy for him to spread and eat my cunt. I almost feel like wanna orgasm after he licks it for 10 minutes. I can feel his tongue get inside my pussy hole. He slowly moved to my upper body and licked my tits and armpit.

It was like heaven. I have not felt the sensation of licking my armpit. His tongue was whole over my body, licking even my asshole. I can’t forget this moment in my entire life. He is the one who explores my whole body with his tongue. Then we made it in a missionary position, and he held my thigh with his hard grip.

I can’t run anywhere now. His large dick head was pointing to my small cunt. This is when I will lose my real virginity since my husband’s dick is not big as his. My pussy is all wet, waiting for it. I close my eyes and feel the huge head penetrate my small cunt.

I scream out loud as it enters. He was gently stroked in and out. I already started to pain and thought it was fully in. He waited to see my eyes when he fully penetrated his huge rod. I open my eyes and slowly see it. I was shocked when I saw it, and it was still not even halfway.

When I open my eyes and see, he gives a sudden push, making my eyes pop out big again. It was like getting a large injection in my pussy. I shouted, and his dick was fully into my pussy. I think it might be got until my belly button.

I took a deep breath before he was going to pound me hard. I could feel his hanging balls were touching my ass hole. My hand hard grips his shoulder in pain. He started to stroke his dick in and out of my pussy. I can’t even describe the feeling when a straight dick out from his head and get back in until his balls.

Imagine how it will be the 9-inch is in and out of my pussy. I can feel his dick fully touching my pussy walls. I was unsure whether I was screaming in pain or moaning in sensation. The room is full of my voice screaming for more. He keeps fuck me for 20 minutes in the same position, and my legs start to cramp.

He gently took out his dick after some hard ram. I can feel my pussy lips are still not closing after his wild stretch. He let me take some breaths for the next session. He lay on the bed and signaled me with eyes showing his hard dick. I went on doggy and started to suck his dick which was wet with my cunt juice.

He was lying and taking some rest while I sucked it. I wanted to seduce him just as he did to me, So I went lower and started to lick his balls too. I can see he was more enjoying himself. I move lower again to his ass hole. First-time I’m doing such a nasty thing in my life, but I enjoy it.

I keep licking his ass hole while one hand stroke his dick. I can see him enjoying it a lot. He was ready for the next round. While I was still doggy, he moved to my back and put his dick tip to my pussy. For more lubricant, he spits his saliva on my pussy. I can feel his saliva flow thru my asshole to pussy.

Once it touched his dick, he gave a fast push into my pussy. I was always not comfortable with doggy, even with my husband’s little dick. It gives me more pain. But this time, I have no chance to run. He holds my hip so that I can’t run away. He keeps giving fast strokes even when I try to move and run away.

In a few minutes of a stroke, I already know how to adjust my doggy position for him. He keeps pounding me for 20mins in the same position. His balls kept hitting my body, and the room was full of splash sounds when his hip hit my ass cheek. Almost one hour, but he is still not cum.

I was amazed at his super stamina. I was exhausted by now. My legs started to shiver. I was about to cum, but he keeps fuck me without caring about it. I almost reach orgasm more than 3times in this whole session. I can’t hold it anymore. My pussy leaked a huge load of water.

The first time I’m experiencing this kind of orgasm. My body was totally tired and shivering. When he took out his dick, I fell on the bed and tightened my legs, controlling my orgasm. He was still standing with his hard dick, waiting for me when I opened my eyes.

Even though I’m tired, my pussy is still itching, asking for more. I willingly spread my legs for him again. He was happy when I did it and stroke his dick into it. This time it was not very painful. When his dick was fully in, he put my legs on his shoulders and carried me in his hands.

Oh shit, I didn’t expect this position at all. I was hanging in the air with the support of his arms only. He keeps fuck me as he wished. I can feel his dick head touching the end of my pussy wall. I reached my climax again. I close my eyes since I can’t control it. But he is still banging me.

He keeps fuck me faster. I can feel that he will cum, but I’m not sure where he will do it. In orgasm, I can’t even stop or tell him what to do. He was like a crazy animal who put me on the floor and stroked his cock on my face. I was on my knees watching his horny face while his dick was on my face.

Without my knowledge, I automatically open my mouth for his cum like cum slut. I have not tasted or don’t like to eat cum in my mouth. But now, my mouth opens itself for his sperm. Suddenly a huge load of cum shoots out to my face and mouth. I can feel the warmness of it in my mouth.

It was a huge load which I had not been seen anywhere. It was covered my face and eyes too. I feel disgusted, but I love it too. It flows from my face to my body. He makes me swallow his cum in my mouth. I even wipe it from my body and eat it all. I looked like a dirty whore to him.

I was fully stinky with his cum stain on my body. He gave me a hard slap on my ass when I walked to the bathroom. I can feel my pussy lips are still not closed well, and my walking changed. He joins me in the bathroom also for the shower.

We cleaned each other in the shower like a couple and went to bed for some rest naked. I was still couldn’t believe my behavior changed like this.

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