Surprise Classroom Sex With My Sultry School Teacher

Hey Friends. I’m Arun. I’m 20 years old. I’m here to share with you my 5th of the many encounters with my school Teacher, Maya Iyer. She is 35 years old. She is super fair and looks so beautiful and charming. She has a regular body type with no visible belly fat. She is the mother of an 8-year-old girl.

In my previous story, I shared with you at my house on 16th August 2023. This following encounter happened on 6th October 2023. Between these dates, we fucked about thrice at my place and as many times at her place. But I do not share all our encounters for want of time.

This time, unexpectedly, I got to fuck Maya in the same classroom where I first saw her. Maya is the woman I lost my virginity to in 2022. As mentioned in my first story, Maya has been my physics teacher since class VI.

On 6th October 2023, I returned from college. I was heading to my school friend’s house. I got down from the bus and started walking to my friend’s house. I had to pass through my school’s back gate to reach his house. It was about 4:30 pm.

I saw a security guard stepping out of the gate. Both me and the security guard recognized and waved at each other. I stopped to check on him. The school was closed for quarterly holidays. It was about to reopen after the weekend of 9th October 2023.

Both me and the security guard enquired about each other’s well-being. Just as we were talking, a second security guard stepped out in a coloured dress. He said that he was leaving early and he started to his house. I shook hands with the first security guard and headed to my friend’s house.

As I was about to leave, I told the security guard that I wanted to come and meet my teachers someday. But I don’t know when they will be available. He said, “Actually, there is one teacher inside now. If you want, you can go and meet.” For a second, I cursed myself as I was in no mood to hang around.

With no interest, I asked him, “Which teacher is inside the school?” He said, “Science teacher.” I was confused as there were many different teachers for the same subject. I asked him, “Which teacher are you referring to?” He said, “That fair lady.”

For a couple of seconds, he struggled to recollect her name and then said, “Maya teacher.” My moods took a complete 180-degree turn. Holding on to my desperation, I asked him, “Can I go and meet her?” He agreed and opened the gate for me. I went inside the school building.

Just as I entered the building, my excitement peaked. I called Maya before getting on the first step of the staircase. As she picked up and said, “Hello”, I asked her, “Sex?” She giggled and said, “Not now. I have lots of pending paper corrections with school reopening in 2 days. I can’t come.”

Climbing the stairs very slowly, I asked her, “What if you get a doorstep service?” Maya smirked and said, “You are changing my mood, but unfortunately, I am not at home as well.”

I giggled and said, “Still, I can service your tight jelly between your legs right now.” She stammered, “How?” She paused for a couple of seconds and then asked, “Wait, where are you now?”

I replied, “Right below you. I can see lights on in class IX A on the 2nd floor.” Hearing me, Maya, with a long exclamation, asked, “What are you saying?” I told her, “I have almost reached the class where you made me get a hard-on for the first time.

Hearing me, Maya sounded confused with excitement and fear. She fluttered and said, “Oh my god. I cannot believe what you are saying. This is insane.” I quickly cut her and said, “I have opened the classroom latch and entered. Could you please come down and do the honours for me to fulfil my fantasy?”

She asked in a loud voice, “What fantasy?” I replied, “To fuck you on your table and make you suck my dick on my desk. I just sat down exactly on the same desk I used to sit at when I was in the class.”

Maya quickly toned down her voice and said, “Idiot. This is too much imagination.” I giggled, and Maya continued, “I am coming down, but you are sending chills down my spine. This is my place of work. If we get caught, you will escape. What about me? There are 2 security guards downstairs.”

I told her, “One of them left for home. There is only one guy now, and I don’t think he will leave the gate.” I placed my college bag on the writing desk where I used to sit and sat down at my desk.

I heard her footsteps climbing down the stairs. I got up and went to the entrance. Maya entered the corridor in a dark yellow sleeveless kurti and red leggings with loose hair. I was wearing a brown half-sleeve shirt and black pants that day.

She came towards me with a broad smile. My heart was pumping with every step she took towards me. My dick was already up, pushing my pant to the front. Maya noticed my dick, blushed and said, “Get inside the class.” Saying that she hopped a couple of steps and reached the classroom entrance.

Maya grabbed my shirt, pulled me inside and latched the door from inside. As she turned towards me, I grabbed her waist and dragged her to the blackboard.
With her back to the blackboard, I was about to jam my lips over her lips.

Maya closed my mouth with her palm and asked, “Are you sure you want to have sex here?” I kissed her palm and nodded my head, saying, “Yes” She then said, “Two conditions. No biting and no tearing of clothes.” I replied to her by winking my eyes.

Maya slowly removed her palms from my lips. She placed her hands on my shoulder, gazing at my lips. I stepped really close to her with our legs parallel to each other and my hard dick pressing her underbelly. With lust filled into both of us, we opened our mouths wide and started kissing.

Maya rolled her arms around my neck. I rolled one of my arms around her waist. I tucked my other hand into her kurti, squeezing her juicy buttocks and rubbing my fingers between her buttocks over her leggings. Maya was in a hurry as she was worried.

What if the security guard comes up and catches hold of us? She wasted no time and started unbuttoning my shirt. We continued kissing as she pulled my shirt tucked inside my pants out to unbutton the last 2 buttons. She pushed my shirt down my shoulder.

I pulled my shirt down my arms. Maya pulled my inner vest also up desperately. I removed and slipped my shirt down on the floor. I took off my inner vest in the same flow and dropped it beside my shirt. Maya went down, kissing my chin, my neck, my chest and went on to lick and suck my nipples.

After kissing and licking my upper body for some time, Maya slowly came up with a heavy breath. We gazed at each other’s lips for a second or two. She was taking her breath back. I whispered to her, “Raise your hands,” and pulled her kurti up.

Maya raised her hand, allowing me to remove her kurti. I lifted her kurti, removed it and flipped it behind the students’ desk. I lifted her kurti. I noticed her even-toned underarms with a long, narrow, oval patch of tiny black hair sprouting.

Maya was wearing a maroon-netted bra inside her kurti. We hugged tight kissing each other’s face, neck, shoulders and arms. I slowly unhooked her bras one by one and pulled her bra straps down her arms. Maya dropped her hands down loose, allowing me to remove her bra.

I removed her bra smoothly and hung it on the backrest of her chair. Wasting no time, I grabbed her big soft boobs and squeezed it hard. I lifted her little sagging boobs up and licked her hard protruded nipple. Squeezing her nipple with my fingers, I grabbed her boobs and engulfed her big boob into my mouth.

Maya closed her eyes and grabbed my head with both hands allowing me to suck her erect nipples. I continued squeezing her soft melons and sucking her hard nipples for some time. I then slowly diverted from her boobs and kissed the side of her bust.

I went up, kissing and licking the side of her body and ended up thrusting my face into her moist, rough underarms. I licked the rough oval patch on her left underarm, Maya stood, closing her eyes and whispered, “Oh god. He is anyways not going to listen even if I ask him to stop doing this.”

I was drowned in the scent of her underarm sweat. I went on licking and sucking it for some time, not minding whatever she said. I sucked the sweat off her underarms, leaving it wet with my saliva. After playing with her underarm flesh for quite some time, I slowly withdrew my mouth from her underarm.

I went up to look at her face. Maya grabbed the hair on my head and jammed her lips on mine again. I sucked her upper lips and lower lips one by one sensually. I then turned her around and groped her boobs from behind. Maya grabbed her table, bent down a little, crashed her buttocks over my hard dick.

She started rubbing her buttocks over her leggings on my dick. Groping her boobs with one hand, I then slowly dropped my other hand down her belly. Kissing her upper back, I slowly dug my fingers into her leggings and panty, putting my fingers between her legs.

Asking her, “How wet are you down there, ma’am?” I started to rub my fingers between her soggy pussy lips. With a heavy breath, Maya replied, “So wet that even your hard dick will slide into my tight pussy smoothly.”

Saying that, Maya pulled out a little and whispered, “Come. Let’s do it quickly and vacate the place before anyone gets to know.” I told her, “Not that soon.” I grabbed Maya’s palms and took her inside the classroom to my desk. As we got there, Maya asked me, “What happened?”

I replied, “Wait,” and made space by pushing the writing desk in front and behind my sitting desk to the front and back, respectively. I turned around and sat in the middle of the desk with my legs on either side of the desk. Maya stood in front of me with folded hands.

I asked her, “Do you remember my fantasies that I told you some time back?”
Her reaction quickly changed. She gave a smile at me and asked, “So?” I told her, “So, I want to fulfil both the classroom fantasies today. Come, give me a blowjob on my desk. I’ll then carry you to your desk and fuck you there.”

Maya looked around a couple of times and came down on her knees. With a smile, she unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. I winked at her again. Continuing to stare at me, Maya pulled my pant and underwear down to my knees and pulled my hard-on dick out.

She grabbed my dick and started shaking it a couple of times. But my pant was becoming an obstacle as her elbow was getting stuck in it. So, she dropped my dick, pulled my pant and underwear further down. She took off my shoes and socks and removed my pants and underwear completely.

I laid back, resting my elbows on the desk. Maya got on her knees and adjusted her hair back that was falling in front of her face. She grabbed my dick again and started stroking it. She managed to pull my foreskin down to some extent. With my dick already hard, only half of the head of my dick was out.

Maya slowly got her face over my waist. With her mouth right over my dick, she looked at me and raised her eyebrows, asking, “What?” My excitement was peaking. I told her, “Go on, baby. Take my dick inside your mouth. I can’t wait anymore.”

With a narrow smile, Maya slowly rolled her tongue over the head of my dick and stung her tongue onto my dick hole. Thrusting the tip of her tongue into my dick hole, she kissed the head of my dick gently. She rubbed her soft lips over the head of my lubricated dick.

I loved the way she played with my dick. The tickling sensation every time she pressed her lips over the head of my dick and pulled back. Every time she had given me a blowjob previously, she used to do the same thing before engulfing my dick in her mouth.

But I never felt so excited for every second as I felt this time around. I had a very close and clear view as Maya played with my dick. After her tongue and lips, she scratched both her upper and lower teeth slowly on either side of the head of my dick.

This was indeed the first time. She normally only used to scratch her teeth over my foreskin at the bottom of my dick. With a lust-filled look at me, Maya engulfed the head of my dick into her mouth. She stroked my dick, trying to pull my foreskin down even further.

She slowly took my dick a little deeper inside her mouth. She then finally started to suck my dick, moving it up and down inside her mouth. Maya took almost half my dick inside her mouth. I loved the heat, the tickling sensation it created over the tip of my dick.

She sucked my dick. She scratched her teeth over my dick every time she came down deep on my dick and pulled up. I could not resist the sight of her soft boobs pressing over my thighs. Her saliva was literally dripping over my dick to my balls. Maya increased the pace sucking my dick harder.

After a few moments of intense blowjob, she slowly withdrew her mouth from my fully drenched dick. She then went down, licking my dick. Maya slowly kissed my balls with a heavy breath. She then slowly licked and engulfed my balls one after the other a few times, sucking them into her mouth.

As she slowly lifted her face from my dick, I was over-thrilled with the sensations she gave me with her blowjob. I quickly got up, tucked my hands into her armpits and lifted her. I was completely nude, with Maya being semi-nude.

We were sweating and breathing heavily. The 3 fans in the classroom were of no use to put off the heat inside our bodies. I pulled Maya closer, hugged her tight and with a lot of desperation, kissed her all over her face, rubbing her wet back body.

I rolled my hands around her waist and went down, kissing her wet, glowing body. I plunged my face into her cleavage. I then grabbed both her boobs and squeezed them hard. I sucked her nipples one after the other intensely. Maya was taking her breath back, allowing me to play with her body.

After squeezing her boobs hard and sucking her nipples for a while, I went down, kissing her belly. Just as I reached her navel, I sat on the desk with my legs on either side. I pulled her closer and kindled her navel with my tongue, slowly looking up at her face.

Maya placed one hand on my head and tucked her other hand into her hair. She started to moan very softly by biting her lips. She started to give a narrow smile with her eyes closed as I dipped my tongue into her dark navel. I dug my tongue deeper inside her hollow navel, grabbing her moist waist.

I enjoyed the prickling sensation all over my tongue when I licked her rough underarms. This time, I started getting yet another prickling sensation at the tip of my tongue. I stung my tongue deep inside her hollow navel. Maya continued to moan gently. Maya’s sensual moaning made my lust hit the roof.

Not able to hold myself back, I got up and wrapped my hands around her buttocks. I lifted her and carried her to her table. I placed her on the table and made her lie down with her buttocks on the edge of the table. I pulled her leggings down her fleshy thighs.

With some difficulty, I removed her tight leggings sticking on her fleshy, sweaty legs. I grabbed her panty strap on the sides and tried to pull it down. Maya got up, came closer and whispered with a smile, “Make it quick. This is still my place of work. I don’t want any trouble.”

Saying that she sucked my lips sensually a couple of times. I whispered back to her, “The way you played with my dick today. I would have cum inside your mouth had you continued the blowjob for another 10 seconds. I don’t know how I am going to survive inside you.”

Maya winked and slowly laid back on her desk, spreading her legs wide. I grabbed the strap of her maroon panty, pulled it down smoothly, removed it and slipped it on her chair. I rubbed the minute hair over her pussy. I then went on to rub my middle finger over her wet pussy lips.

Maya pushed me for sex again. Lying down on her table and biting her lips. She signalled to me by showing crossed fingers with one hand and penetrating her forefinger on the other hand into the crossed fingers. I could not hold back after this. I rubbed her pussy juice on my finger over the head of my dick.

I grabbed my dick and rubbed it over her pussy lips. Maya closed her eyes and started squeezing her soft melons with an open mouth, anticipating intercourse.
My dick stuck onto her tiny, wrinkled pussy hole as I rubbed my dick over her pussy. Without wasting a second, I pushed the head of my dick inside her.

Maya gasped, blowing air out of her mouth. I held the edge of the table on both sides and pushed my dick deeper inside her pussy. Maya started to moan in a low, sensual tone. My lust started peaking further, hearing her moan. I started to fuck her deep and hard.

Though Maya kept her voice low, her table was behaving mischievously by making a louder sound. I started stroking my dick deeper inside her. My eyes caught up with her hollow navel. It kept closing and opening up every time I pushed my dick deep inside her and pulled it back.

I placed my finger inside her navel and continued to fuck her deep and hard, kindling my finger inside her navel. Maya’s face shrunk in ecstasy as she continued to moan in a pleading tone. In seconds, Maya got up, rolled her arms around my neck wrapping her legs around my waist.

I plucked my finger out from her navel and rolled my arms around her waist. I lifted her and moved a couple of steps back, carrying her on my waist. Maya hugged me tight and started jumping up and down with my dick deep inside her pussy. In a few seconds, my dick erupted as my cream screamed out of my dick.

I poured my semen inside her pussy. I lost balance with my legs trembling, and started to moan loud in ecstasy. Maya quickly closed my mouth to ensure no one outside the classroom could hear me and then kissed me tight. I slowly placed her back on the table.

My dick got softer and slowly oozed out of her pussy. Both of us were sweating heavily. We had a no-reason laugh at each other, taking our breath back. In a couple of minutes, we slowly got up, dressed up and went to the 2nd floor to pack her things.

It was almost 6 pm. We went down slowly, looking for the security. He was inside his room. We silently sneaked out of the school.

So, friends, this was my real-life sexual encounter with my school physics teacher, Maya Iyer. Please let me know your feedback about doing kinky stuff with her in our classroom. You could also write to me at my email id /cdn-cgi/l/email-protection” class=”__cf_email__” data-cfemail=”a9c8dbdcc7c2dcc4c8db9b9f999a999de9cec4c8c0c587cac6c4″>[email protected].