Tale Of Mallu Suja Aunty – Part 1

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Today, I’m back with a new story revolving around a sexy Mallu MILF in her late 50s, 59 to be precise. The name of this Mallu MILF is Suja. Her age did not do justice to her looks. Although old, she was still exquisite and excellent looking for her age. Suja Aunty was a fair, petite MILF.

Describing Suja Aunty, she was a typical mallu MILF aunty. Looking sexy even in her late 50s. Fair complexion, petite. It meant that Suja Aunty was a slim woman with small boobs and a less meaty ass. She had fewer assets but still was extremely attractive and desirable.

Suja Aunty was very fond of baking. She was close to me as I had done a baking course during my 10th vacation, and we used to discuss a lot on baking. We had, although, exchanged a lot of ideas. Implementation was Suja Aunty’s part.

She used to bake cakes as per my recipe. Then we had a tasting and a lot of experiments as well. It wasn’t easy, considering that Suja Aunty stayed far from my place.

You all must ask, how did we end up having sex? Coming to the main story now. During the 1st lockdown, Suja Aunty was experimenting a lot. She had an ample amount of time. Her kids were already out of the country for 2 years working.

Her husband worked out of state and was home only once a week. However, after the lockdown, Suja Aunty was alone as her husband was stuck at work because of lockdowns.

Suja Aunty and I used to have conversations and video calls in and around baking fresh cakes, brownies and many more. During the lockdown months, Suja Aunty had become a pro at baking anything and everything. Now slowly, restrictions were lifted, and we could go out now.

Suddenly Suja Aunty got the idea of making videos on these baking stuff and posting it on YouTube. Making her channel. She wanted to try something new. As she was old, she wasn’t familiar with cameras and shooting and editing, so she called me up. I agreed with her idea.

I suggested to her I’ll help her with everything else. I already had a good expensive DSLR camera and tripod. I drove to her house with everything that was needed. As soon as she opened the door, she was so happy to see someone after so long, considering she had been all alone until now.

I was so happy seeing her glowing face. P.S.: I had no intention of having sex with her yet.

Suja Aunty was ready with her 1st baking recipe, a basic cake. I told her I’ll set up the camera now. Suja Aunty said, “I’ll change to a saree and get some makeup done.” I started setting up the camera. The focus was straight, and I set up my phone on the topside to get an upper view of the ingredients.

Now Suja Aunty comes out wearing a beautiful saree, silky textured. She looked beautiful. I also gave her a compliment about how beautiful she looked. She immediately blushed and went red. Now we were ready to shoot our 1st video.

3 hours passed, and we were done with the shooting. I packed everything and told Suja Aunty bye and left. I returned home, edited the video and uploaded it to her channel. The responses were moderate. However, good for 1st video. This way, we continued shooting and uploading, and this went on for 3 weeks.

Meeting Suja Aunty every other day and watching her in beautiful, sometimes sensual sarees. I felt a spark of lust over her. The feeling was great, nonetheless. Won’t deny that this old lady was looking too sexy now. I couldn’t control my horniness and boner when I was around her.

I was sure there was no chance I was sleeping with her. But still, I needed something of her to make love to. I couldn’t think of anything other than her sarees and other clothes. I decided to steal something from her closet to satisfy myself.

I tried multiple times but never succeeded. Finally, one day I reached her home early for the shoot. I did this purposely. Suja Aunty opened the door and let me in. However, she mentioned she hadn’t freshened yet. I told her it was okay. She can do it. I’ll wait.

I sneaked into her bedroom as soon as she went into the bathroom to take a bath. I could see the salwar she was wearing right now, lying on the bed. I picked it up, and below it was her bra and panty. Omg! As soon as I saw her innerwear, I could control myself, which sent a shiver down my spine.

I forgot the idea of stealing. Instead, the horniness had taken over my mind. I dropped my pants. I picked up her bra. It was a sexy deep red color, double padded bra. I sandwiched my dick between both cups and started stroking my dick.

I immediately took her panty from the bed and started smelling it near her crouch area. Suja Aunty’s pussy smelled so divine, and I even licked it. I wanted to smell her sweat as well. I switched the bra and the panty. I smelled her bra as well.

Ah, that sweet sweaty smell of Suja Aunty made me go nuts. I was slowly moaning her name and stroking my dick. After stroking for around 4-5 minutes, I was ready to cum. I put both bra and panty on the bed and started stroking heavily, moaning Suja Aunty’s name.

One final moan said her name, and I shot my thick cum all over her bra cups. I hadn’t cummed so much and so thick in a long time. I took some time to come back to sense. I immediately pulled up my pants. As I was about to leave, I heard the bathroom lock opening.

I immediately rushed out of the room and went and sat back, knowing nothing. That’s when I realized I fucked up. I forgot to clean the cum on her bra cups. The shock of my life hit me. I was panicking like crazy. There was nothing I could have done now, so I just kept calm.

Suja Aunty came for the shoot. By her expression, she just acted as if nothing had happened. I was finally relieved, and we continued with our normal work. However, I am sure that Suja Aunty noticed it. It’s also impossible that it dried up so fast.

We wrapped up the shooting. Suja Aunty told me this would be the last video as her husband is returning now. We would resume the shoot after he goes back. By this time, we had uploaded over 20+ videos, which was going fairly well. As I was leaving, Suja Aunty came with a bag tightly wrapped.

She told me it was the brownie she baked today and told me to have it as a token of love from her. While leaving, it was unexpected, but she hugged me. I hugged her back, and I returned home. I thought, let’s eat the brownie now and will edit the videos later.

I opened up the bag, and I was astounded at sight. I was about to fall but came back to my senses. Suja Aunty was unbelievable. The bag contained a few bras of Suja Aunty and a handwritten note.

Suja Aunty wrote, “Fortunately or unfortunately, I saw the fresh semen on my red bra. There was absolutely no doubt who it belonged to. You were the only one who could have done it. I don’t see it in the wrong way, but I don’t see it in the right way.”

“Just because it was the 1st time and as you have helped me so much, I forgive you for this. I also know that you will not stop and will always do this whenever possible. To avoid that, I’m gifting you 5 old bras I no longer use. I don’t care how you use it, but please don’t cum on the bras I wear.”

“If you need more bras or panties, leave this bag in the bedroom when you come home next time, and I’ll understand. No speaking about this anywhere. This is our small secret. Shhhh!”

This was like a big jackpot for me. I couldn’t have ever imagined this. As Suja Aunty said, I didn’t text or call her regarding this. I just enjoyed my mini vacation off from shooting, enjoying Suja Aunty’s sexy bras. I used them as my cumrag, masturbating over their left and right.

I loudly called out Suja Aunty’s name and thought I was corrupting her whole body. However, this wasn’t the end. Here I end Part 1 of this story. The 2nd part, the finale, will come soon. Stay tuned.

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