Tales of Kiara’s Adventures part – 4 (Vacation In Goa)

Hi guys, I’m Kiara. I’m a 44 years old single mother. I have 18 children of my own. I am a mixed-race woman. My father was an American diplomat and my mother was an Indian woman. I was born and raised in India. It wasn’t until I completed my education, that I moved to Australia.

This story of a vacation in Goa is the continuation of my previous part. So, without wasting any more words, let’s get on with it.

A year and a half had passed since the incident I mentioned in the last part. My sisters and I were my teachers’ full-time fuck pets. We didn’t even realize it. They had us brainwashed to such an extent that we were living under the impression that this is how the girls were supposed to live anyway.

They were supposed to get fucked by men all the time. But I won’t berate them too much as my sisters and I enjoyed it. It wasn’t just them, but we had become a fuck toy of every boy in our class and those in grades higher than ours.

One evening, Principal sir, Vishnu sir, and Raza sir came to our house. It had become a regular thing by then. They, the other teachers, and some of the boys from school would visit us to fuck us. It happened every other day, if not daily.

Our home had become famous as slut house in the neighborhood. Some notorious people have even painted those words on the outer walls of our house. Even my neighbors had asked us for sexual favors a few times when the women of their houses had gone out for a day or two.

“Yes… yes… yes… yes… yes… yes,” I moaned. I was on my back, lying on the floor of my drawing-room. Vishnu sir was on top. My legs were spread wide to accommodate his cock that was drilling my cunt at that time.

Freya, my twin sister, was in her bedroom with D’Souza, sir. Ryan didi was bent over the dining table and was getting screwed by the Principal sir.

“Even after almost two years, you three girls feel so unbelievable, Kiara,” Vishnu sir commented appreciatively.

“Ahhh, sir, it’s our honor to be able to please you,” I replied, moaning.

“It’s your hard work, Kiara. The way you girls regained your shape after delivering your babies is amazing,” he said, increasing his speed.

“Ahh, you deserve it, sir. You deserve to fuck fit girls who are in shape. Fuck me, yes.”

He finished inside me after five minutes and fell to my side. We both lay there on the cold floor, gasping for air. He kissed my face and then my entire body. He bit my nipples, licked them, and sucked my boobs. But I had to break it off as my daughters had begun crying.

I had given birth to twins during my first pregnancy – two beautiful daughters. Unfortunately, I never knew who their father was. And frankly speaking, I don’t even care.

I got up and went into the bedroom. I returned with my two daughters in my arms. Their lips were wrapped around my boobs as they sucked the milk. I crashed into the sofa like a chopped-off timber falling to the ground. My body sunk, and my legs spread apart, presenting my vagina to all.

Vishnu sir’s cum drooled out of it. He gently caressed my clit while I fed my girls. The doorbell rang. He broke off and said, “Let me get that.” He got to his feet and answered the door. It was my other siblings who had come back from their friends’ house.

Lisa, James, Cory, Karan, and Sara looked delighted as they entered the house. They had a great time with their friends. They said hello to everyone. Gave me and Ryan kissed our cheeks and went up to their rooms. I know what you guys are thinking.

Yes, we were bare in front of them. But seeing their elder sisters naked was no longer a shock for them. In the past 19 months, they had seen us getting fucked many times, and it had just become normal for them.

As they vanished into their rooms, Principal sir and Ryan didi were done with their session. They had joined me on the sofa. Principal sir was playing with her blonde hair when her daughter began crying.

“Sir, would you mind checking up on your daughter,” Ryan didi said sarcastically to Principal sir.

“Don’t pin it on me. You girls have been fucked by nearly the entire school. It’s impossible to tell who’s the father of your children,” Principal sir said sharply. Ryan didi chuckled. She got up and went into her room to check up on her daughter.

“I’ve been thinking,” he began once didi had left, “Why don’t we go on a trip during the summer vacation. Take the girls with us.”

“Yes, please. I would love it,” I said jubilantly.

“Where are we going?” Vishnu sir inquired.

“I was thinking of Goa,” Principal sir replied.

“Yes,” I exclaimed in excitement.

We were chilling at the beach in Goa. Principal sir, Vishnu sir, and D’Souza sir had accompanied us there. D’Souza sir had a house there, in Goa. We stayed there. It was just our children and us. They had bought us bikinis to wear at the beach.

We were resting on beach chairs. We shared it with men. They made us sit in their laps. They made us do it so that they could slot their dicks inside our pussies easily. All they had to do (which they did) was to slide our panties to the side slightly and push their sticks in.

As we were sunbathing, I felt an urge to pee. I leaned forwards. Principal sir took his dick out of my cunt, straightened my panties, and pulled his tool back into his trunks. I left my two daughters in his care and searched for a toilet.

I searched and searched for some time. I went from one shack to another, but all the toilets were occupied. My bladder was on the verge of bursting. I wasn’t able to hold in longer. Unable to find an empty toilet, I sat down outside one. Toilets were like little huts with wooden walls and roofs covered with banana leaves.

There were some bushes around me and a large empty grass field behind the structure. I could hear people laughing, giggling, and talking inside the shack. I pushed my panties down and crouched to take a leak.

I was halfway through when I heard the aluminum door of the toilet creek open. I wasn’t exactly hiding from the view. I was next to the entrance, with my back turned towards the door.

“Well – well – well. What do we have here!” I heard a manly voice over my shoulder.

I hurried up. Once I was done, I got up, pulled my panties and turned. A sexy and handsome man was standing behind me. He had red hair, blue eyes, and a buffed body. He was white like vanilla ice cream and had decent height. There was no doubt that he was a foreigner. Definitely a tourist.

He was wearing boxer shorts, slippers, and a sleeveless T-shirt. His bulky biceps and broad shoulders made him look like a Greek God. Fuck – he was stunning.

“Sorry,” I blushed. I looked down in embarrassment and twirled my hair, “I just couldn’t hold it in, and all the toilets were occupied.”

“It’s all right, hun. When we got to go… we got to go. Right?” he replied.

“Yeah,” I said quietly.

“By the way, I’m Shaun,” he held his hand out.

“I’m Kiara,” I shook his hand.

“You are a fine specimen, Kiara,” he said admiringly. He ran his eyes up and down my body.

“Thank you,” I blushed again.

“Those are some big racks you got.”


“Can I touch them?” he asked politely.

“Yeah… sure,” I said casually.

He rolled his fingers over my boobs, feeling their texture. Then, with both hands, he grabbed them each. “They feel great,” he muttered. “All natural?”


“Who are you here with, Kiara?” he inquired.

I shared everything with him. About our trip. Our teachers, my sisters, my life. Everything. Including the sex part. After getting to know everything, he asked me to show him to my sisters. I led him around the shack and pointed toward my siblings. We could see them from where we were, but they couldn’t see us.

“Your sisters are as sexy as you,” he said appreciatively. “Kiara, would you wait here for a second. I feel like my pals would be glad to meet you.”

He went back inside the shack and immediately returned with two of his friends. One of them was carrying a video camera with him. Both of them were foreigners. Both were white men. One was named Jack, and the other was called Bradley.

“Kiara, what do you think about porn?” Shaun inquired eagerly.

“What is porn?” I asked innocently. I wasn’t messing around. I literally had no idea about porn. Yes, I admit that Principal sir had shown us porn on the first day of our extra class, but he presented it as a documentary on reproduction. He termed it an educational video.

We had no idea that it was porn. We were trained to believe in a different reality back then.

“What do you feel about sex?” Bradley asked.

“I like it. I have it all the time. That’s what girls are supposed to do, aren’t they? Getting fucked by men and having their babies is what a female body is supposed to do. It is our greatest honor,” I answered.

I was repeating the words of Principal sir from the indoctrination he bestowed upon my sisters and me 2 years earlier. We were told to repeat it like a mantra, and the philosophy was engraved in our brains. We lived our lives according to it.

They looked at each other. It seemed they were pretty pleased with my reply. They took my hand and asked me to follow them. We walked along the length of the beach. We walked towards the rocks, away from the shacks and the people. Soon, we reached the end of the beach. A rock mound blocked our path.

They asked me to step into the sea and follow them. I did. The water there was deep. As soon as I stepped off the beach, I was chest-deep in water. I kept up with them. They led me around the tall mound and onto the other side. Jack held the camera over his head to keep it from getting ruined by water.

I was astonished to come across a small beach that was deserted. It was beautiful and devoid of people. The 4 of us were the only ones there. It was supposed to be that. After all, it was hidden from the public eye.

2 tall rock mounds acted as a natural barrier on either side. A 50-foot-tall rock wall kept it from being accessible from the road above. The only way to get to that beach was the way we came.

“Now, Kiara,” Shaun said, “Bradley and I will fuck you, and Jack will record it. We’ll then show it to our boss. If he likes it, we’ll hire you and your sisters. You cool with that?”

“Yes,” I said affirmatively.

“Great, let’s start with a blowjob first.”

“What’s that?” I said immediately.

“Suck our dicks, Kiara. You have to suck our dicks,” Shaun replied matter-of-factly.

I took off my bikini, and the guys got naked too. I got down on my knees. Shaun came over and stuffed his dick into my mouth. I rolled my lips around it and stroked his dick back and forth while moving it in and out of my mouth. He grabbed my hair and pushed it deeper down my throat.

Bradley stood on the side and slowly stroked his cock while Shaun’s mouth fucked me. Once done, he moved aside, and Bradley took over. He repeated the same thing. After 10 minutes of blowjob, I was made to lay on my back on the sand.

Shaun buried his head into my thighs. I grabbed his red hair while he licked my pussy. My eyes rolled back, and I arched my back. My breaths grew short and quick. My body began to shake. My grip around his hair grew tighter. Bradley knelt next to me and took one of my boobs in his mouth.

“Ahh…ahh,” I moaned softly.

Shaun pulled his face out of my cunt and shoved his two fingers inside it. My pussy slurped with every move of the fingers. It was wet and full of juice. I was aroused to the core.

“Fuck me, please,” I gasped.

“You want it, baby, huh? Do you want it? Do you want a big white cock in your half-Indian cunt? You want your first white cock, baby?” Shaun said sensually.

“Yes, I want it. I want your white cock, please. I can’t resist it any longer. Please,  I beg you. Give me your white cock. Fuck my half-Indian pussy with your white cock,” I pleaded.

“Don’t tease this poor girl anymore, Shaun. Give her your thick white dick,” Bradley insisted.

“All right then,” Shaun muttered and pushed his dick inside my pussy at once.

I gasped. His dick was massive. I had never taken a dick that big and that thick before. “Ahhh, mom,” I cried, “It’s too big, too big for me.”

“You wanted my cock. Now you have my cock,” Shaun taunted.

“It’s too big,” I cried again.

“Don’t worry, honey. Give it some time. You’ll begin to like it once your pussy is stretched,” assured Bradley. He came over and sat near my head. He stuck his dick into my mouth to muffle my cries. Jack moved around, capturing the action from different angles.

As Bradley said, it did begin to feel good once my pussy was stretched. The pain had gone. Now, it was pure pleasure. I was moaning with joy.

“You like it, Kiara. You like it, babe,” Shaun repeated. My boobs jiggled round and round as his dick moved in and out of my cunt.

“Yes… yes… yes… I like it… yes… I love it,” I cried with pleasure.

“You want me to pick up the pace?”

“Oh God, yes… please… faster… faster… faster… Do me harder, do me harder.”

Shaun picked up the pace. He grabbed my boobs with his hands. I widened my legs to allow him more room to work. Bradley shoved his cock back into my mouth. He fucked me hard. As hard as he could – as hard as they do in porn films.

He was, after all (we later found out), a porn actor. They all worked in the porn industry. My moans were muffled due to Bradley’s dick in my mouth.

“Ummmm… ummm,” were all that was heard from me.

“I’m cumming. I’m cumming,” Shaun said repeatedly. He pulled his cock out of my vagina and moved over to my chest. He sat over my belly. Bradley assisted me in lifting my head. Shaun jerked his cock. Within seconds, his load was all over my face and my boobs.

“All right, Kiara,” Jack said from behind the camera, “Can you get into doggy style?”

I flipped over and got on all fours. Shaun came to the front. His dick dangled in front of my face. Cum still dripped from its tip. Bradley positioned himself behind me. He slapped on my butt cheeks and then gave them a firm shake.

Once Jack gave them the signal, Bradley spat on my vagina and his cock and pushed it in. His cock was as big as Shaun’s, but my pussy was nicely stretched by then. It didn’t hurt at all when he went in. He grabbed my butt cheeks and humped me slowly.

Shaun put his dick in my mouth and made me lick it clean. Jack motioned Shaun to grab my boobs and squeeze some milk out of them. I was breastfeeding around that time, so it was too easy to get. Shaun did as he was asked.

Jack zoomed on my tits. Milk came out of my nipples when Shaun pulled them like milking a cow. Once Shaun moved away, Jack signaled Bradley to pick up the pace. Bradley obliged.

“Fuck me, fuck me,” I moaned hastily, matching the rhythm of his strokes.

“Oh boy, this is so good. Fucking a teen pussy and that too Indian,” Bradley murmured cheerfully.

“Cum on her ass, Brad,” Jack ordered.

Bradley pulled his cock out and set it on my butt cheek. I remained on all fours while he stroked his cock. It exploded and shot all the cum all over my back. Bradley moved away, and Jack brought the camera closer to close up my fucked pussy. He used his left hand to spread open my pussy lips.

“You liked it, Kiara?” Jack asked.

“I did. I loved it,” I answered.

“Did you cum as well?”

“Nope. Not even once.”

“Oh wow. That’s amazing. You can take more, then,” he said in a complimenting way.

“Yes, I can,” I said and giggled.

“Now, Kiara, get into the water to clean yourself up. After that, I want you to give us your introduction while walking out of the sea. It will make for a nice shot,” Jack asked.

I went into the water to clean myself up. I was naked. As I walked out, I gave my full introduction to the camera just as Jack had asked.

“My name is Kiara Yadav Nippi. I’m the daughter of an Indian mother and an American father. As you can see, I’m a woman with a splendid body,” I moved my hands around my boobs and my waist.

“I love sex. I believe that having sex and pleasing men is the divine duty of any woman. I believe that we are born to get fucked by men and bear their children. I want to get fucked by men. I want to give birth to their children. Because this is my duty as set by God. If you have a throbbing cock, I will present my hungry vagina.”

“Well done, Kiara,” said Jack appreciatively, turning off the recording.

Once done, we got back to the original beach. The 3 guys went back to their shack, and I re-joined my sisters and teachers.

“Sir, what’s porn?” I inquired curiously. I took my daughters from Principal sir and sunk into his lap.

“It’s the documentary film I made you girls watch on the first day of extra class,” he answered. “Why did you ask?’

I explained everything that had occurred. They listened to my story keenly. Just then, Shaun came over to us along with a middle-aged man. He was his boss, a producer in the porn industry. He was pleased by my skills and asked me if my sisters would love to act in porn.

To make it certain, he treated our teachers as our agents, promising them cuts. Our teachers agreed, and a deed was finalized. And just like that, we were shoved into the porn world with no awareness. But we did, bloody, like it.

So, guys, this is my story of a . If you like it, do let me know. My id is /cdn-cgi/l/email-protection” class=”__cf_email__” data-cfemail=”caa1a3abb8abb3abaeabbca4a3babaa38aada7aba3a6e4a9a5a7″>[email protected]