The Chronicles Of Sonali – Part 28 (Unleashing Carnal Desires)

Both the boys gasped and groaned. “Incredible!” “Mind-blowing!” and many other adjectives to describe how much they appreciated our mouth fuck.

“Now that your cocks are finely worked out, put them to good use in our cunts.” Vineeta spoke matter-of-factly.

“But Vini,” I put up a feeble protest, “It’s your threesome. Won’t I end up ruining it?”

“Don’t you worry, dear. I’ll take my threesome. But in the way I want it.”

We had transcended fears and insecurities of losing our sons to another woman. Like her, I wanted to reach new levels, and things were going well.

“Now, Joy, you put the camera on the tripod to cover all from there. We can manage the close-ups on our mobiles. I am sure you can edit all footage into one.” Vineeta directed “Enough talk, and let’s get to some hardcore action.”

Then she turned to me, “Sonali, let’s lie side by side with our faces near our cunts. You can watch my son’s cock plunging in and out of my pussy, and I can watch yours being pounded by my son.”

“Vini, you’re coming up with new ideas every moment. I really can’t imagine how this is going to end up.”

“Aghaz yeh hain to anjam hoga haseen.” Vini sang the memorable line from the Bappi Lahiri chartbuster ‘Raat Baki’ song. We took positions on the bed. Joy placed the mobiles with camera settings to the HD mode and placed them in our hands.

Vini had already opened her legs wide, giving Joy and me the most glorious view of her plump, peachy, cock parched pussy. I had also opened up my cock-clamoring pussy for Rick to feast his eyes on. Rick came close to me with his pulsating glistening pole gently bobbing up and down.

“Sonali, your pussy looks so watery and delicious.” He complimented honestly, “Do you want me to work you up as Joy did to mom?”

“Not required, young man, plunge that thick hard cock and fuck the living daylights out of me. Sucking on it has made me wetter than ever.” I spoke like a shameless slut. “ Joy, I hope you don’t mind!” I added with an afterthought.

“Not at all mom, you know how much I love to see you get fucked. This is going to be more fun than I imagined. Thanks, Vineeta, for this novel idea. Now I can fuck you and watch mom getting fucked simultaneously. Rick, fuck mom as hard as you want.”

“I will, Joy. I will fuck your mom real hard.”

“Yes, Joy plunge my pussy with the third cock of my life.” Vini implored and encouraged my son. It’s a sweet coincidence that we’re getting the third cocks of our lives at the same time.”

Many female readers might be burning out of jealousy that two forty-five-year-olds were getting the third cocks in their lives. Whereas most women have a hard time procuring one cock in their lives. You can’t get more than one if you don’t let go of anachronistic inhibitions.

What’s more, a woman got to lose when she gets rid of her cumbersome virginity? This is not my quote but my female gym trainer – Arpita. She had shed her virginity at sixteen and led voracious sex-life-changing partner-like clothes.

Presently she is having a torrid sexual affair with her brother–in–law, a man seventeen years older than her. She had confided to me, “Would you believe that I met him when I was thirteen? When he came to marry my sister, I had a crush on him.”

“But I never dreamt that he would fuck my brains out one day. I am glad it happened. Jiju is the best fuck in my life, and I love it when he says, ‘What else has a woman got to lose once she has got rid of her cumbersome virginity?’”

My apologies for straying from the topic. I couldn’t help mentioning the quote and its origin – Arpita’s Jiju – a wise man indeed. Surprisingly she never took his name and consistently referred to him as “Jiju.”

One day I jokingly asked her, “Arpita, suppose you end up marrying your Jiju. Would you keep calling him so even then?”

She replied, “Definitely, he will always be my Jiju. He loves it when I say, ‘Cum Jiju cum, cum all over my face,’ and he cums in liters.” If I get the opportunity to narrate Arpita’s escapades with her Jiju, let’s get back to the present proceedings.

A dizzy sensation crept over me. The 4k image of Joy’s throbbing pole at Vini’s watery pussy entrance brightened up the entire screen of my one plus mobile. Every vein was so distinct and the beads of moisture on her pussy appeared like early morning dew drops. Technology does have its advantages.

Vini was similarly mesmerized and commented, “My God, Sonali, my son’s cock looks so amazing near your pussy on the mobile.” Mine was Redmi. “So does Joy’s near yours,” I replied.

“Hold on, darlings,” Joy grabbed his mobile and directed Rick to get his on video mode. “Come on Rick let’s capture the expressions on the faces of the girls when we enter them.”

“Excellent suggestion indeed.” The reference to us as girls made both of us glow from within. At that moment we were boys and girls our biological relations have been given a toss in the wind.

The boys optimized their cameras, making us desperate to get their dicks in our watering cunts. They were aching to enter us but exercised patience to get the event well documented. “Joy, let’s do it together,” Rick insisted, “First the gentle entry of the head and then go for it.”

“Done, bro.”

I had to praise the chemistry between the boys and absolute disdain towards jealousy. Generally, sons become mightily possessive of their mothers, especially once a sexual relationship is established. This has been the recurring theme of numerous incest flicks.

The mentionable are the ones in which Ariella Ferrera and Cherry Devile play the dominated mom to perfection, fully in control of their jealous sons. Our sons, on the contrary, were looking forward to watching each other’s mom get fucked and guiding each other to achieve the optimum of the situation.

In perfect tandem, Rick and Joy gently nudged their swollen dickheads in our respective pussies making a wet, sloshy rather obscene squelching sound. I moaned aloud at the touch of the sizzling heavy head spreading out my dripping pussy.

The sight of joy’s meat mast entering Vini’s copious cunt added to my delight. The boys uttered our names and gasped loudly.

“Oh God Sonali, that’s some creamy cunt.”

“Ah, Vinita, what an oily lardy pussy you got.”

To be appreciated about the creaminess of your pussy at 45 by a man less than half your age does wonders for your feminine self. At the age when most women resort to celibacy, we were not only fucking our young sons but also exchanging them shamelessly!

After acclimatizing to the texture and heat of our cunts, both of them lowered their torso upon our bodies with their strong area on the sides of our breasts. They lifted their hips, withdrawing the poles up to the very tip.

Joy guided, “On my count – one, two, three.”

Rick gave a heavy bestial thrust to plunge the entire eight inches of his tool inside my cunt, a move emulated by Joy. The swiftness with which his shaft stretched out the insides of my pussy and the ferocity with which the head embedded in my depths emitted an involuntary gasp of surprise and ecstasy from my mouth.

A similar heavy groan came from Vini’s mouth. I felt Rick’s body shudder. He gasped ecstatically, “ Oh, Sonali, I can’t believe I’m finally inside you. Joy, your mom is super creamy.”

“Rick, I too can’t believe I am really inside the cunt of my crush. Lardy and oily, as you described.”

“If you like it so much, Rick, fuck me as hard as you can.” I found myself uttering like a shameless slut.

Vini seconded the motion, “Joy, express your appreciation by fucking your hardest.”

Both fitted their hips, pulling up to the base of the head. Then, in a unique synchronization started pounding our pussies with passionate ferocity. Squelching, slushy obscene sounds from our pussies, the merciless slappy sounds of their groins thrashing upon our inner thighs and crotch.

Moans, gasps, and groans from our mouths rebounded from the walls of the room making the atmosphere overloaded with raw lust and sexuality. It feels good to get fucked by a young cock, and both were fine fuckers. Fucking their fantasies made them go berserk and utter profane compliments in unison.

“Damn Sonali, it feels so good to fuck your pussy, I can fuck it all day long.” Rick somehow uttered the words between his steady thrusts and gasps of ecstasy.

I reciprocated between my deep moans, “You may fuck me as much as you want, your cock is really worth taking in my pussy. Keep fucking me, Rick, as hard as you can.” Similar conversations of carnal nature ensued between Vini and Joy, which spurred our mutual sensations.

“Oh God, Vineeta, I never imagined that your pussy will feel this good to fuck. I feel like fucking you for hours.”

“Do whatever you want, Joy. Your cock is doing wonders to my pussy. It’s a pity that I didn’t have you earlier. Yes, thrust it hard like that.”

“Better late than never, Vineeta. How well you squeeze my dickhead with the insides of your pussy. Damn, that will be the end of me.” They continued pounding our pussies like lusty rams and with a ferocity that drove our insides into the wildest gears.

Within a minute and a half of relentless fucking I could sense the insides of my pussy squirting. I did not even try to conceal my situation. “Oh, Rick don’t you dare stop or cum as I will cum soon. Oh, yes fuck me like a beast and make me cum all over your fat cock. Fuck me to oblivion.”

It was a Herculean task to keep my mobile hand steady, capturing Joy plundering Vini’s pussy. But somehow, I managed. Likewise, the way Vini’s pussy was fluffing out, I sensed she was nearing an explosion of sorts. Her increasingly ecstatic moans corroborated it.

During a fuck most women actually don’t get to see the cock plunging in and out of her pussy. Here, watching another pussy getting fucked made it easier for me to visualize Rick’s cock in my pulsating pussy. In her heart of hearts, every woman loves to get fucked, especially by a man who knows how to.

I was compelled to give Rick straight A’s. The comparatively pronounced ridge of his dickhead felt different than my son’s. While pulling back, it provided my pussy with an additional graze.

“Yes, Sonali, I’ll fuck you like a beast,” rick growled and fired away like a heavy machine gun. “ I won’t stop even if you beg me to do it.”

It pleased my ears to hear Vini complimenting my son. “ Damn it, Joy, you do fuck rather well. Who taught you so well, your mom? You’ve fucked your mother’s pussy so many times. How does it feel to fuck mine, Joy? Oh yes, fuck me harder than you fuck your mother, make me cum like a gusher.”

It further heartened me to hear Joy giving me regards. “Vineeta, yes, mom has taught me well. I never imagined your pussy would be this juicy. It feels heavenly. Grip my cock with your pussy muscles like that. I’m going to fuck you until you shower my cock with your cunt juice. I’ll fuck you hard as many times you want and even if you don’t want.”

“That’s never going to happen, Joy. You can fuck me even on my periods. Oh God, you’re making my cunt run around in circles, Joy. I’m going to cum.” Her sentence extended into an unending shriek of primitively bestial nature. Her pussy fluffed out like a balloon.

She squirted out a thunderous orgasm in uncontrollable cunt juice and cream eruptions. It sprayed fiercely upon Joy’s balls, crotch and lower abdomen. Every thrust got her spraying more. Seeing her pussy eject so profusely, I reached the point of no return.

I looked at Rick’s face, waiting to note my expressions when I would cum, for the first time, on his cock. Though I generally don’t squirt and eject in Vini’s proportions, it felt like a big one this time. I felt a huge snowball of unbearable ecstasy rolling furiously inside my pussy, clamoring for an explosive release.

I heard myself gasping louder than ever. The lusty thrusts of Rick’s cock made the insides of my cunt shudder uncontrollably. I felt the beginnings of an eternal earth-shattering orgasm. Rick felt the massive churning of my cunt and slammed in and out of me, encouraging me to release everything.

“Oh yes, Sonali, I can feel it. Oh damn, your cunt is swirling like a tornado. You’re going to cum big time. Oh yes, Sonali, it feels damn good to make you cum. The look on your face – cum Sonali cum spray me with your hot fountains of cunt juice.”

His words proved to be the final stokes to the fire and all floodgates shattered. I let out a wild, a primitively sexual yell of utmost rapture. I spewed out jet streams of hot, sticky cunt juice in unstoppable bursts, drenching Rick’s cock, balls, and abdomen.

The slushy, squelching sounds that emitted along with the jet streams threatened to shake up the walls of the room. Rick’s relentless thrusts magnified the sounds to an indescribable level. He continued till I was down to the last oozing. I begged him, “Stop now, Rick. I can’t bear it anymore.”

He obliged by giving one final plunge burying his torrid tool to the hilt in my quivering pussy. He lowered his own body upon me and clasped me with his strong arms. Ah, the sweetness of a man’s body engulfing you after a massive climax is a sensation that only a woman can empathize with.

Vini and I relished the delicious and luxurious sensations that rippled in our bodies after the explosive orgasms. The boys let us enjoy the aftermath with commendable patience. Given their youth, they could have pumped on till they blew their heavy nuts inside us.

But they displayed remarkable maturity by restraining themselves to serve a greater purpose. They let us absorb the post-orgasm bliss till our heavily heaving bosoms slowed down to normal and heartbeats restored to the usual. Rick kept kissing my lips, cheek, forehead, and neck.

I felt like a little girl in the clutches of a mature man despite my obvious seniority. Vini also remarked on the same lines during a conversation. Then I thought, “We’ve just fucked each others’ sons. Now, what next?”

Rick was the first to bring us back to reality. “Hey Joy, have you gone into a blissful slumber?”

“Oh no, not at all, just soaking in the trembling and warmth of your mom’s pussy.”

“So am I. But don’t you think we should celebrate this historical moment of making our moms cum like hell?”

“Of course, what do you suggest?”

“Sonali,” he gave me a kiss on the lips and, looking deeply into my eyes, asked, “Do we have some champagne in the house?”

“Yes, Rick, we do. That’s a marvelous idea.” I replied kissing him back. “Let’s get it then.”

Rick pulled away from his cunt juice-drenched cock from my watery pussy reluctantly and justifiably so. Who would like to get out of a slippery oily cunt?. Yet the boys overcame their cunt greed and got up to get the champagne and goblets.

As they left the room, we looked at each other, and Vini asked, “Is this happening, dear? We just fucked our sons!”

“Feels surreal indeed. What the hell, I mean we’ve fucked our own sons too. How did Joy fuck you?”

“Rather well dear, rather well. Hope Rick was up to the mark?”

“Better dear, you’re so right Vini there’s nothing quite like a young hard cock. You’ll go wild when they will fuck you together.”

“Oh, you make me want it more. I think you should also try them out together.” The mention of it flashed a scene of Rick lying down with his cock in my cunt and  Joy plundering my ass. It sent flashes down my spine.

I replied with a big smile, “Vini, we will see when the time is ripe, but first, it’s your turn to have your first threesome. I will be the director of photography. Tell me, Vini, are we the only mothers in the town who are getting fucked by their sons?”

“When I started with Rick, I thought I was the only one. Then you got on the boat too. So it is natural for others can be doing so. I sometimes wonder about Mrs. Rawat – the bank manager. I’ve seen her roaming around with her young sons and heard some rumblings. Their housemaid said something about this. She has been widowed for ten years and has no boyfriends. She has two sons, and you can’t ignore that tremendous youthful glow on her face.”

“Both of her sons!”

“No hard evidence but the facts point in that direction.”

“Hotter than hell.” I felt quite hot behind the ears.

Our conversation was interrupted by the boys’ entry with the inimitable Moet Chandon champagne bottle. Joy also got the fish egg nuggets fried in a jiffy. Rick handed me the bottle and cork opener to do the honors.

None of us even felt the need to retrieve our clothes. We continued as if we had always been nude. In marked contrast to cricket finals celebrations, I uncorked without any fizzle. It is a waste to spill even a single drop of this sublime drink.

Filling up the four goblets, I spoke, “To our historic day.” Rick and Joy replied, “And many more to come.” Vini smiled.

We sat in a circle and enjoyed the fish egg nuggets, a kind of Bengali variant of caviar and sipped leisurely on the drinks. It was sheer heaven and after the first goblet, the elixir started running in our veins.

Rick focused on the matter in hand “ That was an excellent warm-up, but now we should focus on the big match.”

“What do you propose, mate?”

“The champagne will taste much better if you drink it from mom’s boobs.”

“What a brilliant idea. Vineeta, I hope you won’t mind that?”

“Absolutely not,” Vineeta replied with her characteristic naughty smile. Rick took Joy’s goblet and filled it up stationed it upon his mother’s left boob. Joy got his mouth below the erect nipple with his protruding tongue.

I grabbed the camera and started documenting the erotic scene. Rick started pouring the bubbly champagne, which trickled down her abundant orb. Joy gulped it with obscenely sweet slurpy sounds. Their cocks started to grow, which was equally satisfying for me.

When Joy finished the second goblet, a brainwave struck me. I stationed the camera on the tripod. I zoomed it over Vini’s face, boobs and abdomen and called out to Rick.

“Young man, you also drink from your mother’s boobs. You have your third serving from my hands and Vini’s boobs.”

“Sonali, you’re going crazy.” There was a certain coyness on Vini’s face albeit that naughty smile. I filled the two goblets. I stood upon the bed behind Vini’s back, with the goblets on her shoulders right above the middle of her huge boobs.

The boys were eagerly waiting with their lusty mouths and I started pouring out gently. Damn, the champagne trickling down over her fleshy melons to the hungry mouths of our sons. They were gobbling them with sweet chuckling sounds that sent shivers down my spine and made my cunt tingle.

Vini’s eyes became heavy with pure lust as she let out a series of moans of ecstasy. When the goblets were emptied the boys started sucking her boobs in perfect rhythm.

“Oh damn Sonali,” she looked up at me “this is the first time two men are eating my boobs. Damn, this feels like heaven. Come on boys feed on my boobs.”

They started kneading her boobs with their manly hands, accentuating her sensations. The deeply excited moans of Vini got both further excited. They laid her down on the bed. I rushed to get the camera and refocused on her boobs, thoroughly explored by their frenzied mouths and frisky fingers.

Vini was looking ecstatic, and I could feel the sensations she was experiencing. I wished I was in her place right then with Joy and Rick slobbering like savages upon my boobs. The very thought of it got my pussy churning again. After five minutes of sheer slobbery, I felt Vini ad warmed up well.

“Vini, it’s high time you had two cocks in your mouth now,” I gently reminded.

“Rightly spoken. Come on boys get your cocks polished.”

The boys helped Vini sit comfortably on her knees with the two turgid torpedoes pointed towards her hungry mouth. She grabbed both with her itchy palms, and her eyes widened in amazement.

“It does feel different to hold two cocks, now to get them ready.” Her mouth widened as if she would gobble both in when another idea struck me.

“Vini, they drank of your boobs. Why don’t you drink of their cocks?” I suggested and simultaneously visualized myself doing the same. It got my pussy churning wildly.

“Good, rather excellent idea dear.” She held the cocks dexterously and stationed the tips close to her mouth as I filled up the goblet.

Sonali and Vineeta will be back as