The College – Part 2 (First day)

Hi and hello to everyone, this is your eroticandnorny back with a fantastic imaginary story. This is the second part of the college series. To get clarity, please read the first part first (link on top).

In the previous part, the principal mam Chandrika explained all the rules and regulations on how to be on campus.

The next day 6:00 am –

Throughout the campus, the wake-up bell rang and all students woke up and started doing morning tasks. The staff were coming naked to every room. The naked staff were collecting all the clothes from the students and providing menstrual cups to every lady.

7:00 am –

After the staff collected the clothes, they organized the clothes of students in a locked room. Then, throughout the campus, the breakfast bell rang once. Due to no clothes, some students were shy and stayed in their rooms. The principal ordered the peon to play the alarm once again and also gave an announcement, “All students are ordered to attend to the mess within 5 minutes.”

The students with reddened faces came to mess by covering their bodies with plates and hands. They had to remove their hands while they had to take their mess.

7:30 am –

All of a sudden, 20-30 hot nude ladies along with Chandrika (Principal) entered the mess. The principal started to announce the names of ladies, and subjects.

Principal mam’s (Chandrika) speech –

Morning my dear students, as announced yesterday, we will have nude classes from now on. Each student has to follow rules and regulations. From today, anyone can seek sex with anyone with their permission. These ladies are the most experienced and qualified lecturers.

1) Ramya – Teaches Biology (Zoology) – (36-30-38)

2) Akanksha – Teaches Biology (Botany) – (38-34-38)

3) Supriya- Teaches Chemistry – (34-28-38)

4) Urmila – Teaches English – (34-30-34)

5) Surekha – Teaches Physics – (34-34-36)

The remaining teachers will introduce themselves in your classes.

8:00 am –

An announcement instructed students to go to the notice board and follow everything mentioned in it. All students gathered at the notice board. Initially, everyone maintained a few inches of distance to ensure no touching. Some of the students pushed everyone from behind. Unintentionally many girls got penetrated and there was a huge group of moans! In the meantime, some boys were having a feast of getting crushed between soft and hot breasts.

Followed by unintentional penetration, some used the chance and penetrate intentionally. As most of the students were virgins, the floor was covered with drops of blood. Girls at the beginning was reluctant. But soon they liked it and almost every girl was almost getting fucked.

On the other hand, Vinod penetrated Aadhya (34D-26-32), and Sarayu was looking at Vinod without even blinking. When Vinod noticed Sarayu’s hourglass shape (36-28-36), he drained his semen into Aadhya. After a while when Vinod removed his penis from Aadhya, Sarayu was shocked by looking at his 6.5 inches long and 3 inches thick penis.

Slowly, Sarayu got attracted to Vinod’s penis and headed toward him. When she came near Vinod, he caught her breast and inserted his penis into her vagina. They had sex of half an hour in standing missionary and finally, he ejaculated.

By the time senior students arrived, all juniors were involved in an orgy. They informed the principal about the ongoing orgy near the notice board. As soon as she came to know about the ongoing orgy near the notice board, she rushed toward the notice board. While the principal was running, her assets were swinging up and down.

As a student of section A, Vinod reached her, caught her breast, and started to fondle her. The principal stood still with shock by seeing the action of Vinod. He slowly started to suck her breasts. Watching Vinod, almost every student was scared horribly.

After a few minutes, he proceeded to have sex with the principal, pinning her hands to the wall and bending her. She was almost having sex in a doggy style, but standing.

After 15 minutes, he drained for the third time in the day and was the first student of the year to fuck the principal.

Everyone started to head toward the classes as per orders of the Principal. Almost every girl was dripping cum including the principal. By the time girls reached classes one of their legs had a slow stream of cum dripping from the pussy.

9:25 am-

All students sat in their respective places and all teachers entered the classes as per timetable. For each section, there was a female professor and a male professor.

In Section A, it was Zoology class, in Section B it was Botany class, in Section C it was Physics, in Section D it was Chemistry, in Section E it was English, and in Section F it was Telugu class. In each section, every teacher was accompanied by 9 vaginas and 8 dicks.

9:30 am- Section A

Sarayu: Excuse me, mam! Can I go to the restroom?

Ramya: Why?

Sarayu: Need to pee! (blushing)

Ramya: But you can do it here in any one of the men accompanying me.

Sarayu: Mam, but isn’t he a teacher?

Ramya: As a student of section A, you can use any teacher.

Sarayu: Mam, can I get fingered?

Ramya: Why not? Even if you want, you can have a dick in you.

Sarayu: It’s my first time.

Ramya: Then the man has to be experienced.

Sarayu: Ok mam, please continue the class and can you send a dick?

Ramya: Ok. Dick no 4, please give her pleasure gently.

Sarayu: Thank you, mam.

No 4: Dear Sarayu, do you want fingering or vaginal or oral or anal?

Sarayu: No 4, please finger me first, then oral, and then we may proceed to vaginal if I like.

No 4: Ok Sarayu, how do you want me to be in position? Me between your legs and you in a chair or on the desk. You can sit on my lap and do your work. I’ll complete my task.

Sarayu: I’ll sit on your lap.

Sarayu spread her legs and sat on No. 4’s lap. Whereas on the other side, Ramya was continuing her class. After a couple of minutes, Sarayu moaned and let her first orgasm in the hands of No 4. Due to the moans of Sarayu, a student named Arjun got horny resulting in erecting his dick.

Arjun: Excuse me, mam! Can I go to the restroom?

Ramya: Why?

Arjun: Need to pee! (blushing)

Ramya: Anything else?

Arjun: Mam, I have to shake a thing which I may shag in you after a couple of days.

Ramya: But for now, you can do it here in any one of the women who accompanied me.

Arjun: Mam, but isn’t she a teacher?

Ramya: As a student of section A, you can use any teacher.

Arjun: Mam, can I get blowjob?

Ramya: Why not? Even if you want you can have your dick in her.

Arjun: It’s my first time.

Ramya: Then the woman has to be experienced.

Arjun: Mam, can I use your ass?

Ramya: My boy, you have time to enter me. For now, continue with No. 13.

No 13 is a beautiful woman around 30 years old, but looks 20-24. She was almost similar to Pavitra Lokesh (actress). Her boobs looked filled with milk. She had a tattoo on her boobs in Bangla, asking to fondle her. She had piercings on her pussy and tongue.

No 13: How can I help you, Arjun?

Arjun: Mam, I’m feeling horny and I want to have a handjob.

No 13: Don’t call me ‘teacher’, You can call me ‘cow’.

Arjun: Why?

No 13: Because I have the highest milk capacity on the whole campus.

Arjun: Ok dear, please give a handjob.

No 13: Do you want me to give you a handjob while sitting on the floor, or sitting on you, or else standing?

Arjun: Place your ass on my thigh and give me a hot and pleasurable handjob.

No 13: My pleasure.

Arjun: (Moaning like hell, and fingering her).

No 13 started giving Arjun a handjob. Due to the handjob, he started moaning hard. Ramya wasn’t bothered at all with the meanings. Nobody was bothering about the ongoing sex drives. Arjun ejaculated on No 13’s breasts and a few drops on the girl in front of him. Everyone including Sarayu and Arjun was attentively listening to class.

-End of Part 2-

Hope you like the story of “The College” and get your pleasure by applying pressure. For suggestions, you can contact me by mail.