The Corporate Wife – Part 4

Next week, it was Olivia’s birthday. We planned a party at our flat on Friday night. We invited some of our colleagues. Sam and Sahil were also invited.

Olivia wore a nice red backless mini-dress. She looked very sexy. I wore a deep-slit split-thigh dress with a strapless push-up bra and matching panties.

We bought various imported liquor for the party. After the cake cutting, we drank whiskey and wine and ate snacks.  We also had tequila and gin. I tried all of them. We enjoyed it a lot. We all were high by 9 pm.

Then we arranged for dinner. All our office colleagues left after dinner by 11 pm. Sam and Sahil stayed back. They wanted to give Olivia a surprise. Sahil took me aside and said, “Sarika, will you mind if we plan a surprise tonight?”

I asked, “What?”

He said, “Sam and I are planning a foursome tonight. We will not proceed if you are not okay with it.”

I asked, “And what about Olivia?”

Sahil said, “That’s not a problem. We have already done a threesome with her on her last birthday.”

I gave it a thought. I already got fucked by Sahil, and my wish to get Sam’s cock remained unfulfilled. Getting fucked by two dicks might be a different experience.

After dinner, our intoxication went away a bit. We sat on the sofa, and I made 4 pegs of whiskey for us. Sam and Sahil informed Olivia that I was ready. Olivia appreciated my decision. Olivia finished her peg and stood up.

She said, “Sarika, it is my birthday. You have to abide by what I say.” I nodded without thinking much. Olivia came to me and started removing my dress. I was in a bra and panties before saying anything. Sam and Sahil were ogling at me.

I said, “Olivia, this is not fair. Why should I only be nude?

Olivia stripped after my words. I saw her nude for the first time. Her boobs were so round and sexy. Sahil helped her to remove her dress. Olivia told me to lie on the table. It was a big table, and I obeyed her words.

Olivia came and removed my bra and panties to make me nude completely. I tried to cover my boobs with my hands, but Olivia resisted. Sam came with a red wine bottle and opened it. He poured wine all over my body. I felt cold. Soon, Sam, Sahil and Olivia started licking wine from all over my body. I closed my eyes in extreme pleasure and a tickling sensation. Sam was sucking my boobs, and Sahil was eating my pussy. Olivia was licking my belly.

I moaned, “Ahh, I like this so much. Oh yes.”

Soon I felt something in my pussy. I opened my eyes and saw that Sam entered my pussy with his erect dick. Before I could say anything, Sahil gave his dick in my mouth. I started sucking his dick while Sam was pumping my pussy.

Olivia was pressing my boobs. For the first time, any girl was enjoying my sexy body. I was enjoying every bit of it. After fucking my pussy for some time, Sam and Sahil switched positions. I had one orgasm.

Sahil then started fucking me, and Sam ejaculated in my mouth. I drank his hot cum. Soon, Sahil also ejaculated. They were exhausted. Olivia made one more peg. After finishing the peg, it was Olivia’s turn.

Their dick was erect by that time. Olivia started jumping on Sahil’s cock while Sam fucked her mouth. I also returned the favour by pressing her boobs and inserting one finger in her pussy. Giving lesbian pleasure was also fun that I never imagined.

She had two orgasms on her birthday. Sam and Sahil ejaculated in her pussy one by one. They were done for the day. They left at about 1 am. We went to bed and slept nude together as we were highly drunk and exhausted.

The next morning, we woke up at 10 am. I saw Abhi’s missed call. I told him that my sleep was deep today, so I could not hear the ring. I got up very late. We took a bath together.

After that night, I became more frank with Olivia. I thanked her again for this extreme pleasure. I could not enjoy sex so much if Olivia were not there. That day, we spent our leisure and managed the hangover from last night’s excessive drinking.

On Sunday, Olivia planned to visit a salon. She also insisted that I join. I was not in favour of such artificial treatments much. But she said periodic upkeep would keep us sexy. I agreed. We went to the basement of a mall in a salon cum spa after lunch.

I was not very aware of the packages. Olivia booked a full-body package for both of us. Olivia coloured her hair in copper colour. I opted for a brownish one. We had facials, pedicures, manicures and waxing. 3 hours passed by in this.

Olivia said, “Is there a spa available today?”

The lady manager asked, “Do you need a male therapist or a female?”

Olivia asked for male therapists and booked for both of us. We went to the room inside. It was a nice ambience with a good aroma. The attendant told us to change and lie on the bed. I was a bit hesitant, but Olivia was there. So I lay naked, covering myself with a towel.

Soon, two boys came with hot oil and started massaging. They started from the shoulders, the thighs and legs. The therapist’s hand touched my pussy a few times while massaging. I was getting aroused. They told us to turn and massaged our backs.

I enjoyed the massage very much and felt much more relaxed. Olivia told them to massage our boobs also. So they removed the towel and poured hot oil on our boobs. I closed my eyes.

As he was squeezing my boobs, I released a soft moan in pleasure. I sensed a wetness in my pussy. It would be good if someone fucked my pussy at that time.

Olivia might have understood my condition, and she also had the same feelings.

She asked, “What are the charges for extra service?”

I was surprised. She was experienced. The boys told the charges as 5K. Olivia confirmed it, and they fucked us well for quite a few minutes. I was fully satisfied. We took a bath and wore our dresses. Our total bill was 30K.

Although I spent a huge amount of money, I was satisfied and looked very sexy. Our glow increased a lot, and we felt much more relaxed. We roamed the mall and had dinner with red wine. We came back at 10 pm.

Soon, my size increased to 36-30-36. I felt tightness in my chest. I had to buy new push-up bras. In the office also, everyone noticed my transformation and used to look at my boobs. I used to enjoy being busty.