The love of a sister – Part 7

I was quite mesmerised by the magnificent cock of my kid brother in my hands. He also conveyed that he rather liked the touch of my hands. “Your hands feel damn good. You were intending to conduct some research on it.”

“Both hands are not enough to accommodate this huge cock. It feels rather good in my hands. I was wondering whether it will make only my hands feel good or other appropriate places, too?”

“Didi, you can speak so raw! You can keep fondling my cock. What kind of appropriate places do you plan to use it on?”

“Can’t wait to use it, it seems. Now come clean, how come your cock was an oak tree even before y head or hands touched it. Whom were you thinking about, that Avantika?”

“No, no, not her,” he protested strongly.

“Then who was it? You’ve no shortage of sluts around you.”

“You want the truth?”

“Yes, and nothing but the truth.”

“Promise me you won’t get angry.”

“See, your cock is in my hands. I swear on this marvellous cock that I won’t get angry. Tell me, who is this hot sexy siren who turned my kid brother’s big cock so damn hard.”

“That hot, sexy siren is you, Didi.”

He spoke with conviction with his eyes on mine. There was also a sense of relief that he could tell me that. It pleased me immensely that I was the real object of his desire and not a replacement for some slut. It was later on I came to know how long he had been lusting for me.

“Me! A hot, sexy siren? How come you look at your sister that way? You must be saying this just because your cock is in my hands, and you want me to pleasure you more?” Actually, I was curious to know for how long he was lusting after me.

“Didi, don’t get angry or get me wrong. For me, you’ve always been an ideal woman- beautiful, intelligent, well-dressed, professionally and financially successful, and I never sexually looked up to you. I’ll explain later in detail. Around a month back, some circumstances changed my outlook towards you. I tried to fight those feelings initially. But eventually, you emerged as the sexiest, hottest and most desirable woman in my mind. Come on, Didi, every time you come to my college, the guys go wild. You’re the ultimate fantasy for any man.” He felt so relieved after he came out with the truth.

As promised, I kept cool as there was nothing to get angry about now. I asked, “So what got you so excited today?”

“You’re looking at your sexiest best today. Your boobs are threatening to rip apart your sleeveless blouse, that heavenly cleavage! That creamy, smooth abdomen with that deep navel. Any other man would have pounced on you long back. I’ve restrained since I can never think of forcing upon you. Even this restrain is being tested hard. If you hadn’t taken this step, I would have definitely made a move. Oh God, what’s that unbearable circular movement of your hands? You’ll drive me insane.”

Midway between his disclosure, I had initiated applying my signature circular hand motion over his cock. Like most men, he was thrilled and ecstatic. My heart glowed with pride as my scheme had worked to perfection. Now, I was going to relish the rewards of my labours and patience.

With his magnificent cock and solid body, he was going to be entirely mine. That cock is for me only. “Like your elder sister’s handiworks or the bitches around it do it better?” I was driven by the intention to make him forget all the sluts he had ever been with.

I will pleasure him so much that he will only seek me.

“Just your hands are much more pleasurable than in my imagination. No body gave me these sensations with their hands.”

“So you’ve fucked a number of bitches! Maybe their handjobs are not as good as mine. Being younger, they might excel in other departments with exposure to new techniques.”

“Yes, I have. Whether they’re better than you in other departments can be confirmed after a thorough evaluation. Maybe you’re more experienced than them.”

“You want to evaluate me thoroughly? How do you intend to proceed?”

“Come in my arms. Let me see you real close.”

“Then remove all your clothes. Let me have a good look at you, too.”

Hrik’s pyjamas were already undone. As requested, he removed his kurta to reveal his gymed body. It’s not that I was seeing him topless for the first time. Today, I was a lusty woman and not merely his elder sister.

Ah, the prominent abs, strong chiselled chest, flowing arm muscles and broad shoulders did make him irresistible. I really couldn’t blame the herd of sluts that swarmed around him. Now I realised why my office senior saw ‘nothing little’ about him.

Any girl would swoon over his torso and love to be engulfed in those strong arms. My heartbeat was loud, and my cunt churned whimsically as I let my scantily clad boobs press firmly over his rippling abs and moved up. My skin sizzled as my solar plexus ground on his hot, hard man sausage.

I let out an exhilarated moan, which mingled with his deep groan of excitement.

“Oh, Didi, this must be a dream that your boobs are pressing upon my abs and chest.” He further gasped, “I can’t believe that your skin is sprawled over my cock.”

“So these are the things you dreamt about your elder sister?”

Our conversation carried on with ease, comfort and thick innuendos laced with wit and humour.

He replied, “Not only this much, but definitely much more.”

“Seems many of your dreams might come true today. Let me fulfil your first wish to see me close.”

I moved up, keeping my boobs pressed well on his body. I got my face close to his with my boobs crushed upon his strong hairy chest. He looked at my face with immense admiration and held it gently in his strong palms.

His eyes scrutinised every cell of my face, from the roots of my hair to the chin, with particular attention on my lips. It was as if he was in a trance. I deliberately broke it.

“You’re looking at me as if hypnotised.”

“Yes, Didi, I’m hypnotised by your beauty. The arched forehead.” He kissed my forehead. The masculine lips scorched my skin with a sweet heat that made me shiver. He continued.

“Your eyebrows, so beautifully arched like the crescent moon.” His lips felt the length of my eyebrows, making me press harder against him.

“Such effervescent lustrous eyes. Close them, Didi.” I obeyed, and he gasped. “Oh, the most beautiful eyelids and lashes.” He kissed them, sending shivers down my spine. “You can’t even imagine the number of men who went weak in the knees when you fluttered your eyes with these natural eyelashes.”

“The way you’re going, you might end up writing a sonnet in my praise!”

Though I spoke with mock astonishment, my heart glowed at his earnest compliments. We women are big-time suckers for compliments.

“Sonnet won’t suffice. If I were a poet, I would have composed an entire epic on your heavenly beauty. Your cheeks are so soft, your lips so alluring. Wish I had the insight of a poet to appreciate your beauty truly.”

“You can appreciate it with action, too. After all, action speaks louder than words.”

“Oh, Didi.” He pulled my face closer and sank his hungry lips into mine. Our bodies shook involuntarily as our lips met for the first time. The initial nibbling graduated to a frenzied mouth-feeding spree as we launched into an endless exploration.

My hands grabbed his hair with passion. Generally, kissing a sibling is supposed to be asexual. In our case, it was a raw passion from the commencement. Deep moans emitted from our throats, and his hands ruffled my hair and caressed my back in a frenzied manner.

His cock was throbbing and pressing hard against my abdomen. It seemed like a sweet eternity. The first kiss between brother and sister continued. When we parted, I noticed his eyes dripping with lust. He pulled me up and made me sit on his lap.

His engorged cock poked at my crotch through the flimsy saree and the black satin petticoat. I adjusted to let my cloth-clad crotch grind upon his cock. He kept showering kisses on my throat, bare shoulders and collarbones. He kept showering with passionate compliments.

“You’re more beautiful than all the celestial nymphs, Rambha, Urvarshi, and Menaka put together. I have only heard about them. Today, I’m seeing them. Kissing someone as beautiful as you have made my life worthwhile.”

“What a deluge of compliments. Will your thirst be quenched with only kisses, or do you want something more? It’s not that I’m going to stop you from kissing more.”

“Of course, I have elaborate plans. These are mere twigs that have been ignited. The forest fire will rage later on.”

“Show me the raging forest fire.”

He removed the saree from my shoulders, revealing the front-notted sleeveless blouse, which barely covered my ripe jugs. He could barely conceal his excitement.

“Oh God, your boobs are so firm and tight like tender cabbages. It’s a tall order for your blouse to confine them. They should be set free without further delay.”

“Set them free with your own hands.”

I was yearning to feel his strong hands, fingers, mouth and tongue all over my boobs. Like most women, my boobs are highly erogenous zones.

“They will be set free, but before that, I would like to have a good look at your open stomach.” He pulled me up on my knee to bring my stomach near his face. Dollops of raw lust dribbled from his eyes and face.

With a graceful move, he pulled out my saree, leaving me only in my black blouse and black satin petticoat. I could not help but admire his skill at undoing a saree.

“Wow, your lecherous hands must have undone the sarees of a number of bitches to attain this level of proficiency.”

He smiled widely. “Yes, sis. On Saraswati puja days, most of my lovers looked so hot I was compelled to remove their sarees. Well, that practice has come in handy today.”

For those who are not aware of Bengali culture, it’s imperative for a Bengali girl to wear a traditional saree on Saraswati puja day. Long before the advent of Valentine’s Day, Bengalis have been celebrating Saraswati pujo day as their Valentine’s Day.

Due to its auspicious nature, they choose this day to propose or profess their love on this day. However, his confession and scenes of him undoing the sarees of other sluts did induce a pang of unreasonable jealousy in me.

“Then go and undo their sarees. Go and observe those tender bellies. What will you get from observing mine?” My words hardly camouflaged my jealousy. He was quick to make amends.

“There can be no comparison between them and you. Oh God, what a lovely stomach, even much better than Tammana Bhatia. It’s so soft, creamy, smooth and seems tastier than that of Chitol fish. I got to taste it.”

He planted innumerable kisses on my stomach, abdomen and the base of my cunt, making me shudder and moan exasperately. Deep moans of satisfaction emitted from the depth of his throat. When he sank his slithery tongue into my deep navel, I shrieked in ecstasy.

“Damn, are you going to drive me mad by probing my navel with your eel-like tongue?”

He kept wriggling his tongue in my navel, driving me wilder and sparing me after two minutes. He spoke with extreme passion and pure lust in his voice. “What a regret that I had never laid my eyes on this treasure for so many years. Ah, so soft, so smooth.”

“You’ve been eying my tummy and navel since this morning. Is this what turned your dick into a mace?”

“Yes, sis, right from the moment I bent down to touch your feet. Were you intentionally heating me?”

“Of course, dear.”

“That means you were also lusting after me. When and how did you start doing that?”

“I will narrate the long story later. Now enjoy me to your heart’s content. The gist is that I have been yearning for your body and cock for some weeks.”

He pulled me down, and I sat over his hardness. With an upward movement of his strong thighs, he brought up my scantily clad boobs in front of his eyes and mouth. He undid the front knot leisurely, raised my arms to slide away the blouse and threw it away like a piece of unwanted garbage.

My 36C boobs were bare except for the lacy bra, which could hardly hold them.

“Finally, the golden globes are released from the prison of your blouse. It seems your bra is finding it hard to hold your globes.”
“Then let me spare it from this arduous labour.” I flicked the hook, and my melons sprang out like caged lions before his popping eyes and dropping jaws.

“Do you like your sister’s boobs? Maybe you’ve seen bigger and better?”

“I swear, I’ve never seen bigger and more beautiful boobs like these. Ah, the nipples are so pronounced and light pink. Those are so fair. Got to feel them with my hands.”

He encircled my boobs with his strong hands and pressed firmly. The palms and fingers sank into my fleshy globes like a hot knife into butter. Aah, the touch of a man’s hands on the boobs is a sensation which only a woman can empathise with.

We both shook, and a loud gasp escaped my mouth. I hadn’t expected my kid brother’s hands to be so exciting, as many men had felt me before that. Hrik’s face filled up with immense satisfaction, which intensified at my gasp. He started squeezing my boobs and spoke fervently.

“Damn, Didi. Your boobs are surprisingly soft, creamy and yet so firm. It is so big that one hand can’t encompass it entirely. I want to squeeze them more. The first time I saw and felt such boobs. My hands are really blessed.”

“This is size 36C, you fool. These are not the dry boobs of your skinny sluts. This is the real juice ripe deal. If you want to squeeze, do it harder. Which bastard is going to stop you?”

My filthy words encouraged him to continue with more energy. He started rolling my pointed nipples between his index and thumb, making me squirm and setting off sparks throughout my body. Expectedly, my mouth spewed out raw, filthy explicit.

“I’ve been captured by a merciless dacoit who is plundering what I got. Damn, what are you doing with my nipples? Seems you have handled a lot of boobs. Now, pour all your experience over me. Ah, tweak my nipples harder. How does it feel to handle your dream boobs? Ahh, your sister is going mad with pleasure, you brother of a slut.”

“Oh, my hot, sexy siren sister. If you let open such a treasure cove, even the most pious of saints will become robbers. I swear your boobs are incomparable to the boobs I have played with. Watch my hands sink in yours like into bags of tender cottage cheese. Oh, God, your exquisitely trembling nipples are sending electric shocks through my fingers. Oh, sister, my mouth is severely watering to gobble these golden globes.

“Keep looting all you can, as you can, you fucker. Why won’t my nipples tremble like that, you son of a slut? The way you are tweaking them, any other girl would have flooded the sofa with her cunt juices by now. Oh dear, your mouth is watering to gobble my boobs? So start eating them, you brother of a fucking sister.”

“Rightly said. Once, in a cinema, I tweaked a girl’s nipples. She came a lot within half a minute. It made an utter mess of her panties. It feels like a dream that these heavenly boobs are going to enter my mouth.”

“Stop dreaming and just put them in your mouth, you fool fucker.”

He squeezed my boobs hard and pulled the close to his wide-open mouth. And with a grunt of ecstasy, he gobbled the right one to accommodate as much as he could in his mouth. A loud shriek of pleasure escaped my mouth, which startled my brother. He took his mouth away and questioned, “Did I hurt you?”

I assured him, “On the contrary, it was rather pleasurable. Get back to what you started. Till now, you’ve tasted underdeveloped dry boobs of skinny sluts. Now relish these ripe, juicy melons.”

He immediately embarked upon my instructions with renewed vigour and started to gorge on them alternatively. He also administered circular flicks over the nipples with his skilled tongue. In addition, he applied gentle nibbles on my nipples with his teeth.

This three-pronged assault made me throw back my head and grab his head. I groaned, moaned and expressed my verbal pleasure.

“Oh, you bloody boob eater, where did you learn all these tricks? Yes, yes, keep rolling our tongues over the nipples. Knead my jugs as hard as you can. Take your sister’s boobs up to your throat, you fucker. Oh God, this tyrant is plundering all my treasures. Oh, Mom, watch your plunderer son eating away at your daughter’s boobs.”

He sucked with more speed and intensity, with his drool smearing my boobs, which made it more pleasurable. He took a brief break to express his satisfaction.

“How can I stop nudging at these large, smooth and soft udders? You are a productive Jersey cow. I am a hungry calf nuzzling your udders.”

The allusion to a milk-yielding cow tickled my funny bones. “So I am a milk-yielding giant uddered cow? Ok, listen to the cow.” I let out a long mow, imitating a cow to perfection.

He could not help laughing even as he sucked, creating a unique squelchy, wheezy, dirty, yet ear-pleasing sound. His right hand hovered over my satin petticoat-clad thighs and brushed the fleshy cunt mound.

I asked provocatively, “It seems you can’t tolerate the petticoat anymore. You want to see me fully naked?”

“Yes, Didi, you’ve laid your eyes and hands on mine. It’s only fair that I return the honours.”

“Do it with your filthy hands.” I hissed out.

His fingers promptly moved to my petticoat knot. His efforts to untie it seemed clumsy. I challenged his experience. “Haven’t you undone a petticoat before? You and your tall tales about Saraswati puja incidents!”

He confessed sheepishly. “You’re right, Didi. I have done many a sarees, but the petticoats were undone by the girls only.”

I guided him. “It’s the same as your pyjama chord. Go ahead.”

His fingers gained confidence. There was an audible “Gnat” sound as the knot was pulled, and my black, satin petticoat fell to my ankles with an airy, rustling sound. My cunt mound laid unravelled for my kid brother’s eyes. Expectedly, he was awestruck and mesmerised by it.

“Wow, Didi, that’s the loveliest thing I’ve ever seen. Ah, so clean-shaven and fluffy like a premium English bun. My eyes are blessed to behold such a divine sight.”

Though I glowed from within at his honest admiration, I chose to taunt him a bit. “No need to sing praises. You must have said these very words to every other cunt you’ve laid your eyes upon.”

“I agree that this isn’t the first time I’m seeing a pussy. I swear this is the most pleasant, alluring and definitely the fluffiest of all. Can I touch it to ascertain whether it’s the softest?”

I take your word. Why stop at touching only? You can do whatever else you want to.” I encouraged him. “Oh, Didi.” He shivered all over as his palm sank inside my fleshy mound. Sparks of lust balls ran through my veins. My cunt wriggled. He stood up, massaging my mound, and guided my left hand over his stiff pole, which I grabbed eagerly.

We engaged in a deep kiss as we massaged each other. He parted his lips from mine, looked into my eyes and spoke in a dominating yet gentlemanly manner.

“Didi, I want to see this exquisite English bun close and explore it.”

I didn’t need to provide verbal approval as my eyes said it all. He held my waist, picked me up, and put me down on the sofa. He sat down between my legs with his mouth close to my cunt. He spoke with the same dominating tone.

“Now give me the show of my life. Bless my eyes by revealing your bower of bliss.” I liked this tone. A woman, however successful, rich, established and competent, might not tolerate male domination in the profession, society or the house. But she wants to be dominated and owned by a man during sex.

I obeyed him by parting my legs to the farthest, revealing my naked cunt for his hungry eyes. The expression of amazement, admiration, glee and unadulterated lust on his face made me glow from within. There was something unique about my cunt which had captivated him. I had to bring him out of his trance.

“What is so mesmerising? Surely this is not the first cunt you’ve laid your lustful eyes on. Are you evaluating which one is the better?”

“No doubts that yours is the very best. Wow, look at that light pink texture, the elongated labia. Damn, your clitoris is so prominent! I have to touch it.”

He touched my cunt lips with his finger and ran it around it. He moistened his finger with his saliva. He probed my cunt lips and clit with expert feather touches and flicks, making me cry out loud and shake all over.

“You bloody cunt messing bastard. What are these tricks you’re applying to my cunt. Son of a bitch, God knows how many cunts you have messed up to attain these skills. My God, I never imagined that so much pleasure was designed for me. Why didn’t I get you earlier.”

His fingers were magical. No other man had pleasured me like him. He licked his lips rather obscenely and spoke confidently. “If my fingers feel so good, check out my oral skills. What a juicy and wet pussy you have, Didi. I’m sure it will taste rather palatable.”

“Seems you’ve eaten a lot of pussies to attain this degree. Now decide whether I taste better than your sluts. I could never imagine myself spread out before my pussy eater kid brother!”

“You can tell that the rice is done by pressing one grain. Whose lips, stomach and boobs are so delicious, her cunt will be tastier. Oh sister, I can’t hold back anymore.”

With a deep moan of pleasure, he planted a deep kiss on the entrance of my pussy. My whole body shuddered badly, and an elongated animalistic howl escaped my mouth.

My hands grasped his head and hair. “Oh my God, bhai, your kiss scorched my cunt. Don’t hold back. Savour the taste of my cunt as much as you can.”

Hriitika and Hrittik will be back to complete their very first fuck gloriously.