The Whore’s Corridor – Part 2

Please read the previous story to get to know Kanchan and her hungry cunt.

Coming to the second part now.

After that night’s incident in the corridor, all I could think was Kanchan and her slutty sexual innuendos. I told Radha, my fuck-buddy, about my intentions to get between Kanchan’s legs and soak my dick in her juices.

Radha said, “In your dreams, you sucker!”

But I was determined to let my cock taste that next-door whore. So, I started planning ways to get into her notice.

What did I know about her?

  1. Kanchan drained two boys in her cunt in the open corridor.
  2. She drove a BMW.
  3. Her husband was a drunkard.
  4. She was a homoeopathic doctor.
  5. She was a nymphomaniac.

So I had to let her know somehow that I was a horny hound who would fuck her all night. I had a plan. I told Radha to be ready for a steamy fuck session in the corridor at night. She was clueless.

I planned to make her scream so much that Kanchan would not just hear but wet her panties as well.

At around 10 pm, I took Radha to the corridor near Kanchan’s apartment. I asked her to place her hands on Kanchan’s door and bend. She was drunk on whiskey.

I bent Radha so that her face was on the keyhole. I took her panties down to her heel. Radha was now only wearing a black sleeveless t-shirt. I parted her legs and spat on her butt. I rubbed my hand and lubed my fingers. And spanked her really hard. It was a sloppy slap.

She screamed hard, “Oh babe, what’s gotten into you?”

Me: Radha, I want you to scream your heart out today

Radha: Meow, haha.

She shrieked like a maniac. I spat again on my cock and lubed it well. I purposely did not get my condom. I had a mission. With full force, I thrust my cock deep inside her asshole. I cupped her tight ass hard. She writhed in pain and let out a loud, ecstatic moan, “Ah, Mandar.”

I pulled it back out of her ass. And pushed it right back again. She was in pain.

Radha: Ah, what’s gotten into you today? It hurts. But don’t stop.

Me: I want you to feel every pulse

Radha: Aah, fuck my ass good. Make me crawl with pain

She shouted very loudly. I am sure the street dogs must have heard it, too. And I am sure Kanchan heard it, too. I started thumping Radha with heavy strokes. She was constantly moaning.

My cock is just 5.3 inches. But that’s enough to convey my message loud and clear to Kanchan. I wanted Kanchan to listen to Radha’s every shriek. I wanted her to fantasize about herself against the same door. Calling out my name.

Radha’s back was arched, and her boobs were crushed against the door. I held her hair and pounded her ass. I spank harderon her butt. My palm prints couldn’t have been clearer on her pale round ass.

Radha: Mandar, fuck me like this daily, and I will blow you every hour.

I slid my index finger into her ass along with my cock. She convulsed like a snake and shouted louder. With that last scream, I think my job was done. I made Radha sit on her knees. Her cleavage was visible and ass red. I shoved my cock in her mouth.

I cum hard. My juices were oozing out of her. I grabbed her mouth and kissed her hard and long. She grabbed my cock and tingled my balls.

Radha: I am sure that bitch Kanchan masturbated her pussy out

Mandar: That was the plan, babe.

I spanked her, and we walked back to my place. Radha yelled, “Meow!” for one last time.

That night, I asked Radha to give me 4-5 hickeys on my face and neck. She pounced at me like a hyena and sucked the juice out of me. Radha kept sucking my cock till I slept.

The next morning, I woke up with 8 red hickeys on my neck and my cheek. I spanked Radha, who was sleeping with my limp cock in her mouth.

Me: Hey, time for your college, babe

Radha woke up with cum stains on her t-shirt. She wrapped her things and left limping. Walk of shame! I ushered her out. Still half asleep, I went to pee. The bathroom floor had 3-4 condoms lying.

I left for work after that. The whole day, I was thinking of Kanchan, and my face buried deep in her cleavage. I returned home back at 7 pm. I parked my bike in the basement. My eyes fell on the gorgeous BMW that Kanchan drove.

I had a sudden urge to do something. I walked to her car and started masturbating. I shot my load on the BMW logo. I cum a lot. I called the elevator. The door opened. I was shocked to see what was inside – Kanchan and those two boys from the earlier night.

She was grabbing one of their butt cheeks. The boys rushed out of the lift while Kanchan walked out slowly. Kanchan was wearing a white saree with golden embroidery. She had a very Indian cleavage visible. Deep and tight. Her jugs were tightly hugging each other. The blouse must have been really tight.

She rolled her eyes and smiled at me. I adjusted my shirt collar to show off my hickeys. Kanchan definitely noticed them.

Kanchan: Hey neighbour!

Me: Going somewhere?

Kanchan: Yeah, I’ve got to pick something from the car.

I bet she was planning to bounce up and down those boys in her car. The thought made me really hard.

Kanchan: See you around.

She smirked. I acted like I didn’t care. However, my cock was telling an entirely different story. I entered the elevator and saw her walking away from me. Gosh, that ass. It was like two perfectly formed watermelons hugging each other.

I went to my floor. But I was hell-bent on knowing what was going on in that car. So I took the stairs and went to the basement. I sneaked slowly near her parking spot. I couldn’t see anyone. But something I noticed. My cum stain had been sloppily wiped. Like someone used a hand instead of a cloth.

I tiptoed towards the car and tried peeping inside. There was no one in it. So I looked around.

Kanchan: Looking for me, sweety?

I was dumbstruck. So I turned and tried to make a poker face. Kanchan stood leaning on a pillar with an evil smile.

Me: Oh no, I was looking for my bike keys. I think I left them somewhere.

As I was talking, Kanchan ran a finger through her cleavage and started fidgeting with her necklace. And shockingly, her fingers were mildly cum soaked. Did she wipe my semen off the car?

Kanchan (smirked): Are you sure?

Me: Yeah, yeah, totally… haha… just the keys.

And I started to leave.

Kanchan: Can you call the elevator for me?

Me: Yeah, yeah sure

I got in the elevator. And she was coming towards me. She took her phone and dialled someone. She whispered something and entered the lift. I pressed 4. But the lift just thudded and shut down. The light was off, and the door was shut.

Before I could get my phone, Kanchan pounced on me and started biting my chest. Her hands were already inside my pants, caressing my butt. She was twisting like a hooker and pushing herself on my cock

Kanchan: Is this what you wanted, Mandar?

She was exploring my body passionately. I could feel her ecstasy on my skin. Her hands were going lower on my butt. She was squeezing me. Kanchan was rubbing her crotch on mine. Her silky saree was perfectly wrapped on her ass.

My hands couldn’t wait to smack those smooth bums. I was finally going to pound the busty neighbour. I couldn’t wait to devour every part of her slutty body.

Me: Oh, Kanchan, I have dreamed 1000 ways to make you sore.

Kanchan: Uff, I can’t wait to taste you, baby.

Kanchan unzipped me and forced her cold hand into my underwear. She squeezed my cock hard.

Me: Ah, you bitch

Kanchan: Then treat me like one, hahaha.

That was my cue. Everything my cock had been waiting for. I took control. I pushed her away. And grabbed her by her tits. Really hard. And pinned her against her back.

Me: What if the elevator starts, and people come in?

Kanchan: Remember, I just made a call before entering. That was to the security person. A hundred rupee note did the charm and locked me here with your dick.

Me: I am going to do things to you that no one ever did.

I snatched her saree pallu in one stroke. She was panting heavily. Her deep, dark cleavage was popping. She was standing only in a blouse and a half-worn saree.

I was breathing very close to her. My bulge was against her pussy over her saree.

Kanchan: What are you waiting for, Mandar? Just do me like you did that slut last night.

Me: Oh, so you did hear that!

Kanchan: Yes, and so did my husband. His cock drained just by hearing her scream.

I caressed her shoulders with my hand and moved them down to her curvy waist. She let out a moan. In my mind, I had already shot my cum load in her cleavage.

Me: How good is your ass with my cock?

Kanchan shrewdly turned around and pinned herself to the elevator wall.

Kanchan: Why don’t you find out, honey?

She slowly and seductively bent down and pushed her ass back, almost touching my rock-hard cock. I couldn’t hold. There was no time or patience for foreplay. We had already ravaged each other in our minds.

I just spanked her left butt cheek with all my might. Two times. Ten times. I couldn’t get enough of it. I unbuckled my jeans, lifted her saree all the way up, and held it with my teeth.

She was wearing a satin golden panty. Shining with silk. I could see it was wet. I pulled it down forcefully. It tore a bit.

Kanchan: Quick, hon, we don’t have the whole day. My husband would come to the parking lot anytime.

Me: Shut up, bitch. I will make him a cuckold.

Kanchan: Uff, Mandar, talk dirty to me. I will worship your cock with my tongue.

I spat on cock. I lubed my fingers with her oozes and stroked my cock wet.

Me: Kanchan, I want you to scream my name as loud as you can. All your holes are my property now.

Kanchan: Shove it in, hon. I can wait.

I stretched her asshole with my fingers and stuffed my cock inside without any warning. Her back arched, and she quenched her teeth hard.

Kanchan: Ah, Mandar, sweety. I have wanted this for a while now. Fuck me now.

Me: I will spare no bone in your body

I pulled her neck from behind. Pushed her back and hauled her ass back. She was in a perfect C shape. I started plunging her asshole with all my might. Relentless thumping sounds took over the elevator.

I spread her hands to touch either side of the lift. Pinned her boobs to the wall. Pulled her ass on my dick and started ramming her in a violent rhythm.

Kanchan: Aah, uff, Mandar, it is so hard. Aah, fuck me.

Me: Ahh ahh, I own you from today bitch. I want to drain my first cum of the day in your holes daily.

My words made her go mad. She started twerking her ass.

Kanchan: Mandar, you rascal.

She was in her late 30s and had a milf body. A perfect hourglass figure with a little fat on her hips. Just enough to hold her while humping her.

Kanchan: Mandar, my hon, I want your cum.

I focused on cumming hard. I sensed a gush in my cock. I withdrew my cock and turned Kanchan over in a powerful haul. I pushed her down and aimed my cock on her mouth.

She opened her mouth wide. Her mascara was all over her cheeks, like a cheap local whore.

Kanchan moaned: Aah, give it to me.

With a huge sigh, I sprayed my seed on her tongue. And shut her mouth with my hand.

Me: Eat it, babe. You are not wasting my seeds

She gulped it down and winked at me.

Kanchan: Oh, Mandar, I want you every day. We are going to have sex everywhere in this building. I am going to bottle up your sperm.

I pushed her mouth on my cock hard and gave her a hard mouth fuck. After I was limp again, I pushed her away. She dressed up. There was a cum stain on her golden blouse.

She called the security guy and got the elevator on. We reached our floor. I walked her to her apartment. She was about to enter her apartment when I spanked her hard.

Kanchan: Ouch! Or should I say “Meow,” haha?

Me: I see you heard Radha, hahaha.

She came near me. I could feel her breath. She grabbed my balls. It hurt.

Kanchan: That skinny bitch ain’t going to get your squirt from now on. I own your juice from now on.

She let me go and slammed the door. I was still processing the steam. So I jerked off on her door and left.

Over the next few months, my cum was in every corner of her apartment. We did it in her husband’s car as well. Stay tuned for the next story.

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