Transparent saree on my perfectly shaped neighbor

Hi guys. I’m back with another story after a long time. My name is Rajat, and I thank all the readers of and their responses. Loved them all.

So without wasting much time, I would like to bring up an incident related to my neighbor Twinkle (name changed) in a new apartment.

So as you know, I work in Noida, and it’s difficult to stay in 1 place as a bachelor. So I changed to a new apartment and started living there for some time. There was a market outside the apartment where we could get daily essentials.

One day while I was in the market, my eyes fell on a lady who was shopping in the nearby shop. She was wearing a transparent saree. Anyone looking at her could guess her measurements.

She had the assets every man or boy would love to die for. I could see the top of her cleavage from her transparent saree, which turned me on for her. She had perfect measurements of 36-28-32. (I got to know it later).

I was awestruck by her beauty and stood there looking at her for some time. She took her essentials and went inside the same apartment where I was staying.
I took my essentials from the shop and followed her. I learned she was living 2 buildings away from mine.

I dreamt of her and masturbated that day in the apartment. It became a regular habit of mine to see her in the market or the apartment area.

I got to know that she was in her early 30s. She was married, and her husband was in the Navy and used to come home in 6 months. So for those times, she used to live alone.

One fine day while I was shopping, I saw her in the shop as usual. She was 2 shops away from mine. She had not noticed me all this while looking at her assets and craving them. I got distracted by her for my essentials for a little time.

When I looked back at the shop, she was not there. I felt sad, realizing she was gone. I took my essentials and turned to the other side to return to the flat. There she was, standing right in front of me now. She was behind me and looking at my face and wasn’t happy at all.

She asked me in a low, angry tone, “What happened?”

I did not expect a situation like this to happen, and in a frightening low tone, I replied, “Nothing.”

She- Why do you always stare at me? What do you want?

I was embarrassed to know that she knew about that and replied- “I’m sorry. I did not mean any harm.”

Saying this, I left the place. For the next few days, I stopped looking at her the way I used to look. I used to lower my eyes and leave the place whenever she was nearby.

When we were in the same lift, I sometimes pretended to look at my phone or on the ground when she was around but never at her. She was noticing my actions, I guess.

One day it was raining when I was returning from my office. I gave the money to the autorickshaw wala and rushed towards the nearby basement to prevent myself from getting drenched in the rain. As soon as I reached the basement, she was also there.

She was also drenched in the rain. She was carrying some packets she could not carry after shopping. Our eyes met, and an awkward silence was there between us. Other people were also around, but her appearance made me uneasy.

Due to rain, her saree had gotten stuck to her body and were complimenting her assets very well. Anyone could have seen her cleavage and deep smooth navel and would have liked to masturbate. I was about to leave when I heard a voice calling my name. As you can expect, she was the one.

She- Hey, Rajat.

Me (turned around)- Hi!

She- Could you please help me take my belongings to my place?

I nodded to her request, took the packets I could carry, and followed her to her apartment. We entered alone in the lift. I was following her all this while. I liked how her wet ass and saree moved together in both directions.

After reaching the apartment, we both entered together. After entering there, we both kept her belongings. She removed the water from her saree by squeezing it. A small light nearby was also helping to show her great assets.

There was no one in her apartment. I looked away from her, and she turned towards me. I was about to leave. But then she asked me to sit, for which I refused and told her, “Sorry, I’m in a hurry.”

Her request changed into a commanding tone, leaving me with no option but to follow her. She asked me the same question, why I always looked at her?

Her question made me nervous, and now there was no possibility of ditching the same. I replied, “Sorry, it won’t happen again.”

She-What did you like about me that you were so much looking into me?

While asking me, she bowed a bit, exposing a little more of her cleavage in front of my eyes. I could not make eye contact and reply to her, so she again asked in a higher tone, “Tell me!”

Me- I did not mean any harm, but you are beautiful, and I had a crush on you, and…

She- What and? (In a commanding tone)

Me (in hesitation)- I like your smooth cleavage when you wear those transparent sarees and show your deep navel. If I had a chance, I would have loved to suck your boobies to the fullest and lick your navel and any part around your boobs that you would love to be touched.

Even I was shocked by the words I used in front of her. She stood in the same position. I could see her face relaxing a bit and a shy smile on her face. Within no time, she came towards me, took my face and started kissing my lips, holding my face tightly.

I could not believe her response, and it took me some time to believe what was happening. We both were wet due to the rain. I could feel her breasts pressing against my chest as she took deep breaths and moved her boobs up and down.

She then broke the kiss and took me to sit on the sofa. There we both started kissing each other as if there was no tomorrow. I was moving my hand on her wet back, and at the same time, we had a tongue fight.

We both were wet from the rain, and this act made me very horny. She was sitting on my lap, and we had been kissing for approximately 5+ mins. Still, these actions made me hesitant, and she kept her control. She took my left hand and placed it on her boobs. This removed my hesitation.

I removed her pallu, and her cleavage was now in front of me. I can hear their boobs shouting in my head to suck them very hard. I started sucking on her cheeks and went down to her neck, sucking them, upper chest to the top of her cleavage and sucked every part.

With my left hand, I started gently pressing her right boobs. She let a low but long moan at my actions. She placed her hands on my left hand to press her boobs harder. By this time, my confidence was at the top level. I started pressing her boobs and sucking her skin between those big melons.

It became wetter from the saliva in my mouth. I removed her blouse gently, and now she was in her bra only at the top. She stopped me there and removed my shirt and pants at that time. I was only in my undies. She pressed my dick from above them as it was full by that time.

I also removed her saree and the thread of her petticoat. There she looked like a sex goddess in her black bra and panty with those big boobs begging me to set them free. She started kissing me and came down by kissing my chest and nipples towards my undies.

She removed them in one go. I was now naked in front of her with my 5.5 in. dick near her face. She took my dick in her hand and started stroking gently. She took the tip of my dick in her mouth. Her tongue started doing good magic with them, making me reach cloud 9.

She held my balls with her left hand and gave me a blowjob. With her tongue, she brought back my foreskin in her mouth from the tip of my dick. I laid back my head and enjoyed the moment. She licked the full length of my dick, and after 5 minutes of her blowjob, I cum on her face.

She smiled as she liked it and came on top of me. It was an indication for me to return the favor. I held her and started kissing from her neck to her boobs. I unhooked her bra with my hands from her back and set those melon-like juicy boobs free.

It was a great sight as water drops were coming down from her cheeks and neck to the valleys of her boobs and nipples. Those were perfectly paired boobs which I started licking slowly from the top of her left boobs to the sides, lower area. Finally coming to the cherry on the cake, her big brown nipples.

I started sucking her left boobs and nipples. With my one hand, I was pressing her right boob. My left hand, which was exploring her back, came down to her ass cheeks. I started pressing them. It made her very horny, and she started moaning louder.

Soon my hands reached her asshole area. I tried to insert my finger in her from over her panty. She let out a moan and started pressing my head into her boobs. After sucking both her boobs for a good 15 minutes, she laid me down on my back.

She came on top of me and sat on my face gently. I gave a small kiss from top of her panty to her clit and pussy and kissed her inner thighs. After a few minutes, I slowly removed her panty and freed her love hole. She was moaning and begging me to eat them, which I obliged.

I started eating her pussy and tonguing her in her love-hole pussy. I could see the expressions on her face from the space between her perfect boobs. She held my hair and forced me more towards her pussy. I started pressing her boobs simultaneously while licking her pussy.

Her moans were echoing in the whole empty house now. She had her first orgasm on my face within a few minutes, but I did not stop. I continued to suck and now finger her pussy. She was trying to stop me as she had just had her orgasm, but I was in no mood to make her rest by then.

I used my force to keep her in the position and continued fingering her, and she was kind of now shouting. I continued fingering for the next 4-5 minutes until she had her 2nd orgasm in the same position.

Now we both were tired. She laid on top of me with a sense of relaxation. Her boobs were pressing on my chest. I explored her back and ass and the other body parts using my hand. After resting for a few minutes, I was again hard and came on top of her.

I took my dick near her face, which she took into her mouth. I took out a condom from my wallet and applied it to my fully-grown dick. I brought my dick near her pussy and started teasing her by not inserting it in her pussy. She was taking deep breaths.

Her boobs were jiggling up and down, up and down. I took my dick near her love-hole pussy and stopped there, continuing to tease her. I rubbed it harder on her sensitive  clit area, making her twitch as she just orgasmed twice. I started kissing her lips, waiting for the right moment.

When she was least expecting, I inserted my dick deep in her hole till my whole dick went inside in the first go. She was trembling from this act and was about to scream. I continued kissing her lips so that she could not make much sound.

After her pain came down, I started to and fro motion and fucked her in the same missionary position for 10 minutes. The water and sweat on our bodies were mixing and making the environment hornier.

She was shouting, “Rajat, chod daal mujhe, please mat rukna, aur zor se chodo, Please fuck me harder.” I increased my pace and started going deep as I could into her.

The silence in the hall made the fuck sound echoing when our bodies were meeting, “Chapp, chapp,” whenever I pumped in her. I turned her half and came in a sideways scissor position. I fucked her for the next 5 minutes in the same position.

I was pressing her boobs whenever I felt. I was exploring her ass and inserted 1 finger there. I again took out my dick and turned her in the doggy style. She was already exhausted due to her double orgasms and the act. So I only had to initiate most of the things. I started fucking her in that position for a good over 5 minutes.

Her good melon boobs were jiggling up and down with the thrusts and were syncing with our flow. I increased my speed when I was about to cum, and she increased her moaning. I came deep inside her in my condom and took a long breath.

I took out my dick, and she turned around, and I fell on her. It was raining outside the house and just finished raining inside on the sofa between us. I laid on top of her, and we slept for 2-3 hours. When she woke up, we kissed again deeply.

She- Thank you, Rajat. I needed this after so many days. Please continue this for some days. You have my permission to fuck me in whatever way you want.

Me- Sure, I’ll fuck you in whatever way pleases you.

I again started kissing her.

It turned on both of us, and again we fucked on the couch in bed. Even in the bathroom with her legs on my shoulder and my dick inside her. I even tit fucked her in the end and came on her face and her tits which she liked as it was a good hot sperm.

After that day, we had many more sessions after my office hours. We never wore any clothes when we were alone in her or my flat.

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