Trip To Goa With Mom, Rocky And Shweta – Part 2

After we reached our rooms, I told Rocky that I have proposed to Shweta. She has said yes to me. Rocky said, “Wow, Raj, that’s good news.” I asked Rocky whether I should take it one step and seduce her in bed. He said, “Go slow. Else she might feel you are a pervert.” I understood what he said.

Soon mom and Shweta got out of the room after getting ready for their meeting. Mom told me that she, Rocky, and Shweta would go for the meeting. Post that we can go to the club for a party together.

I agreed and started preparing for the party at night by dressing my best. I thought it would be the best night of my life. Around 9 pm, mom messaged me and said that their meeting was over with the client. I should meet them near the entrance as the club was a little far away.

When I reached the entrance, I was shocked. Mom and Shweta had their dress for the party. They were wearing sleeveless sexy shirts and above knee-tight blue denim shorts. Trust me. I had never seen mom in such sexy tight shorts with her ass shape looking hot.

I could feel that Rocky must have got hard on watching both Shweta and mom in shorts. I reached the entrance. Rocky told me to focus on Shweta for the night. This is the time I should take things forward.

I asked him if he plans to hook up with someone in the club. But he joked, “You have Shweta, then I have your mom, Tara mam, too.” I felt a little awkward hearing that, but I thought he must be kidding. We reached the club and took a couple of entries.

Inside it was a bit crowded. After a few minutes, Rocky asked me to take a space somewhere else with Shweta where he and mom won’t find us. We can spend time.

I was talking to her and having drinks with her. I could also see mom and Rocky dancing on the floor. Rocky’s closeness to mom was also raising my temperature too. It might be awkward, but I, too, was getting cozy to Shweta by now.

It was dark inside the club. So I took a chance and got close to Shweta, and I kissed her on the lips. She, too, responded to me with a lip lock. It was intense. She was biting my lips, and I, too, was moving my tongue on her tongue.

Our kisses started growing more intense when I suddenly noticed a bulge in my pant. I now slipped my hand on her shorts and inside. I felt her panty, and I was feeling goosebumps. But suddenly, she pushed away my hands and said, “Raj, I am not ready for it now.”

It was sad for me, but inside I felt no issue let me go step by step. She went to the washroom. I decided to tell this Rocky, but I could not see him anywhere. Mom was not there too.

I was getting curious now as to where they might have gone. I called Rocky to ask where they were. Rocky picked up the call and said they had got a call from the client as some signatures were left. So they headed to the hotel and will be back at the club in an hour.

It was just 10 pm, and still, we had a lot of time. I decided anyway that it’s good that mom and Rocky are not here. I can try more with Shweta. But when Shweta came out, she looked unwell, so she said, “Let’s go back to the hotel.”

We both headed to the hotel. When we reached, I dropped Shweta in her room and came out to call Rocky to know where they were. He did not pick up the call at first. Then I headed to my room.

As I reached my room, I realized the keys were with Rocky. I called him again, and just then I heard his phone ringing in our room. I thought he must be inside. So I got a new key from reception, and as I got in, I got the shock of my life.

Rocky was kissing mom madly. Mom was standing against the wall, and his hands were around her waist. He had grabbed mom by hairs. Their kiss didn’t look one way as mom was kissing him back madly.

I got an instant hard-on watching them and could not decide what to do. I decided to hide near the washroom and see the action. Mom was biting his lips, and he was sucking her tongue.

He said, “Tara mam, I have had a crush on you for a long time.”

Mom said, “Rocky, you are such a playboy. I knew you used to peep on me from your cubicle.”

He started kissing her on the neck and slowly started to unhook her shirt buttons. Slowly all her buttons opened, and he removed her shirt. She was wearing a red color push-up bra, and he unhooked her bra too. I could see her 36 size boobs and her hard brown big nipples.

He was looking at her boobs like a crazy guy. He quickly grabbed them and started massaging them and licking her nipples. Every time he would suck on her nipples, she would release a moaning sound. While he was sucking her boobs, mom’s hand was on his shorts.

Suddenly mom too got excited. She pulled his shorts and grabbed his underwear, and pulled it down too. His cock was at least 6 inches and a bit dark but thick. She quickly bent down on her knees and started sucking his cock.

She was sucking it so nicely. I could feel how much experience she must have in sucking. She was also caressing his balls. Mom sucked his cock for almost 5 minutes.

She then got up and said, “Rocky, let’s stop here. Raj might come back to the hotel and catch us.” He said, “Don’t worry, he is in the club. If you don’t believe me, let me call him and ask. Please don’t stop sucking my cock.”

He called me on my number. I went inside the washroom to answer.

Me – Yes, Rocky.

Rocky – Where are you, Raj?

Me – In the club, why?

Rocky – I and Tara mam are still in the meeting will be back to the club in some time

Me – Ok, no issue.

Meanwhile, I could hear the sucking sound of mom from behind. Now I again got out of the washroom to see the action. He picked up mom and removed her blue shorts, and threw it on the floor.

She was wearing a red color panty. He placed her both hands on the bed and bent her in doggy style with her feet on the floor. He slapped her butts and started spanking her ass. She released a naughty sound, “Oh, you bastard.”

He pulled her panty and sniffed her panty. He then got down and placed his face between her standing legs on to her pussy entrance. He started licking her pussy and making her moan louder in pleasure.

“Oh, honey, I love the way you lick my pussy.”

He rubbed her clitoris and even fingered her pussy.

“Your pussy is wet, Tara mam.”

She whispered, “Yes, Rocky, I have not had sex for some time now.”

“Oh, just stay in this position. Let me fulfill your wish.”

He took out some lubricant and applied it to his cock. He then slid his cock inside her in the doggy style. Her pussy walls could feel his hard dong banging her. Sounds of ‘ghapghap’ in the room were increased. She was screaming in pleasure, “Oh, honey, faster I liking it.”

He was banging her pussy hard, and I could see him even smashing her ass while fucking her. Her boobs were shaking vigorously. In the next 3-4 minutes, he got her on top of him in bed in a cowgirl position. She was jumping on his cock.

He was pressing her boobs hard. I could feel the intenseness of their sex by the way mom had tears of satisfaction in her eyes. He, too, was enjoying her pussy. He then said, “Mam, I am nearing my climax.”

She removed her cock and asked him to wear a condom. He wore a condom, and then she laid in missionary with her legs open. He inserted his cock back again in her pussy and started banging her pussy hard.

I saw mom scream saying, “Honey, I am about to cum.” and she reached her orgasm. He, too, within a minute, reached his climax. He shot his cum with his condom on. His cock was inside her pussy till their breaths normalized.

He removed his condom and threw it in the dustbin. They both lay naked for a minute, and then mom said, “Rocky, let’s go to the club before Raj and Shweta come back.”

He didn’t look done yet, but mom convinced him, saying the trip is still not over. “We can have fun again tomorrow.” Mom wore her clothes back and dressed up.

I ran towards the hall and called Rocky to tell him that we are back as Shweta was not feeling well. So Rocky bought some scotch for mom and me. We continued our party in our room with mom and Shweta.

Guys, in the next part, I will tell you how Rocky helped me to Shweta. But things were to heat up in the next few days. Keep waiting for the coming parts.

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