College Humiliation – Part 2 (Human Anatomy Class)

Before continuing with the second part, let me give a brief background about this human anatomy class. This story is of a country that was male dominant. A girl studying in a college commits the mistake of stealing the exam paper. She is punished and humiliated by the Dean. She is stripped nude and punished.

The main character of this story is Juhi, and she is narrating this.

The Dean had asked all college students to go to their classes. He ordered me to go to my class as well. I was stunned to hear this about sitting with my peers fully nude. I couldn’t have imagined it in my dreams as well. I slowly walked in the empty corridor, passing the doors of other classes.

Students were trying to ogle at me from the doors and windows. No one was concentrating on the studies, and everyone’s eyes had my nude picture. I somehow walked to my class. As soon as I entered, the whole class started to focus on me. I was in shame and climbed up to the last empty bench.

As I was walking, the eyes were following me. I walked to the end and sat there so that very few people can see me. Our class has benches arranged at increasing levels of height. The last bench was at the topmost height so that the Professor and blackboard are easily visible.

As I sat on the last bench, everyone in the class turned their head back to watch me. In some time, the Professor entered the class, and everyone stood to greet him. His name was Mr. Sameer. As we were seated after greeting, the Professor saw me.

Professor: Miss Juhi, why are you sitting at the back?

Me: Sir, I am comfortable sitting here.

Professor: I can understand your comfort there. But you are going through punishment. As per it, you need to sit on the front bench.

Me: Sorry, sir, but the Dean didn’t mention that when he announced the punishment.

Professor: The Dean just mentioned the main points. There are many other things that he didn’t mention but will be there. I will arrange the whole list for you. Also, he did mention that you need to follow the orders of every teacher. Isn’t it?

Me: Yes, Professor.

Professor: Good, so assume this is my order, come and sit here.

I walked back again to the first bench in the class. The Professor has arranged an empty bench for me. I sat on it. Now everyone in the class could see me anytime whenever they wish. Professor started to teach and, at times, was looking at my nudity.

He was still a decent man. After some time and his lecture was over. He walked out, and soon gossips started in the class. I could hear laughs and lewd comments passed by my classmates. I pushed my head down with hands-on my ears in an attempt to avoid them.

I had put my head down and was and trying to isolate myself. Soon something struck my ears. It was, “Good morning, sir.” I came back to my senses and put my head up, and all students were standing. The anatomy professor was standing right in front.

The whole class was standing to greet Professor, and I was sitting. While sitting as well, my tits were visible to him. If I stand to greet him, my cunt will also be visible to him and ass to all my fellow students. I was in a dilemma on what to do.

Soon I heard the voice from the Professor, “Looks like someone is not interested in greeting the teacher.” The Professor’s name was Mr. Akshay. He was not a decent guy. He flirted with many of his colleagues and even some students. He again repeated the same sentence.

His eyes were filled with lust. He might have already seen me nude in the assembly. But still, he was not leaving any option to see me again and humiliate me. I slowly stood. My cunt was visible now to him, and he had a good view of it.

My colleagues’ eyes were focused on me, and I am sure they all were enjoying the view of my ass. Professor asked all of us to sit down. I had a sigh of relief. He then started with the class. Today’s topic was the vagina. He started to talk about the vagina and all his parts, clitoris and all.

The students started to ask questions like, what role does the clitoris play? The average size of it and other queries. Professor was answering all this, and something clicked in his mind. He asked some students to bring a chair from the clinic room. Students rushed and soon were with it.

This chair had a backrest and had two handles to put your legs on it. It was used for vaginal examination. Students placed that chair in the front. Suddenly the Professor took my name and asked me to sit on that chair.  This was a shocker to me. I looked at him with fire in my eyes.

I stood there, my legs were not moving, and I didn’t want to move as well. I again heard his voice, and I ignored him. He said, “You have to follow the orders of the professors. If you don’t follow it right now, I will complain to the Dean. He will double the duration of your punishment.”

Hearing this, I knew I had to oblige. I started to move towards the chair and sat on it. My legs were touching each other so that no one can see my cunt. The Professor came to me and ordered me to lay down on the backrest.  My body was now in a tilted position, but still, my legs were touching each other.

One good thing with the tilt position was my boobs were somewhat out of sight for some students. I was a little happy, but it was very short-term. What Professor said next had made me frozen.  He ordered me to put my legs on the side arms. This will make my pussy visible to the whole class.

He said that he wanted to show the vagina and other body parts to students to understand better. I said to myself, ‘Are you serious?’ He again told me to put my legs on, but they don’t seem to be moving. He said, “Either you do it else I will ask 2 students to do it.”

I was left with no choice. Slowly I moved my left leg on the sidearm. As my leg moved, my love hole became visible to Professor and the whole class. I placed my left leg on the sidearm. I moved the right leg after it and placed it on the sidearm. Now my pussy was in front of more than 100 people.

I closed my eyes to limit my humiliation. The Professor ordered me to open my eyes. Otherwise, I will be missing the lecture. I knew this was just an excuse to humiliate me more but had to open my eyes.

Professor came near me and stood near my legs. He told students that, “I thought you to show the live thing rather than pictures in the book. We will be analyzing Miss Juhi’s vagina and other body parts.” He then took a small stick and started to point at my vagina.

He told the students that this is the vagina of a female body. This is used for mating and reproduction. It has 2 holes, one for passing the urine and one for having sex. Then he pointed to my clitoris and told students about it.

This being a small part of the body was not better visible to all students, and they told the Professor the same thing. Professor went towards his bag and took out something which I wasn’t able to see. He placed it in front of my clitoris and asked students whether they can see it now?

Oh god, it was a magnifying glass. This was the height of humiliation. Things like how big my clit would be visible through the glass. What students would be thinking was going through my mind. I was in a different state of mind, and suddenly some words struck me.

One fellow student said to the Professor that it’s partially visible due to my pubic hairs. Professor, with his stick, tried to remove them to the sides. But still, students said that it’s not completely visible. Professor thought for a moment and said, “You guys need to see it clearly.”

He asked a couple of students to bring the shaving kit. I said to myself – did I hear it right? Shaving my pubic hairs? Is he serious? He can’t humiliate me like this. I will complain about him. He is not supposed to touch my body. All this was going through my mind, and the students arrived with the shaving kit.

He said, “Let’s remove Juhi’s hairs and make her pussy bald. After this, you all will be able to see her body parts.” I wanted to get up, but thinking about punishment duration getting doubled, I didn’t get the courage to do it.

Professor sprayed some water on my pussy hairs and applied shaving cream on them. He then used the brush to start generating the foam. The brush was now running on my pussy, sides of it, clit, and all over. Professor kept running the brush for some good time. He was getting pleasure doing it.

I was sure that his cock would have been stiffened in his pants though I could not see it. He ran the brush for almost 10 minutes, not for generating the foam but to humiliate me. He kept running the brush. When it was hitting pussy inner and outer walls, it was generating a sensation.

To be honest, it had made me wet. Running for so much time had generated a lot of foam. After good 10 minutes professor took the shaver and started to remove my hair. He started from the top of my pussy and gradually moved down.

He used one hand to stretch my skin, and he was shaving it with the other hand. It was the first time some man was touching my private parts. This was a humiliating session, but I was also getting an erotic feeling.

Professor cleared the hairs from the places far from pussy. Now he had started to clear hairs near and above the pussy. With all this, I had started to leak juices though they were not visible due to foam. I was saved from another humiliation. The Professor was now stretching my pussy lips and was clearing the hairs.

This was again giving me sensation. Professor, in some time, cleared all the hairs, and my pussy was bald now. Every student was trying to have a look at my bald pussy. Professor then took a wet towel and cleared my pussy and area around it.

I came back to my senses now as my real humiliation was about to start. The Professor then placed the magnifying glass in front of my vagina and started to show the students all its parts. He showed them the pee hole, then the pussy lips. He then spread the pussy lips and showed the interiors to the students.

All students had their mouths open as many of them probably were seeing this for the first time. Until now, my nudity was limited to only outer body parts, but now this Professor had exposed my internal body parts. I had never thought that I would be humiliated at such a level.

One student stood and said that some of the body parts are visible, but we cannot see the pee hole. Professor put the magnifying glass against the pee hole and tried to show it to students.

Students: Still, Professor, we are not able to see. It all looks the same.

Professor thought for some time and then placed a dustbin around a couple of feet from the chair. He asked me to pee for 4-5 seconds so that students can see the pee hole clearly and from where it is coming. I was in shock. What is this?

How disgusting it is and will be, peeing in front of my fellow students and that too in this manner. I had decided that time that I won’t be doing it. Professor asked me to perform the activity, and I was adamant not to do it. He asked me multiple times, but I had made up my mind.

Looking to this deadlock, he video-called the Dean. I was happy seeing this and was sure that Dean would scold the Professor for carrying out such a humiliating activity. The Dean picked the call, and Professor explained everything to Dean on why he wanted me to pee.

Professor then moved away, and I was not able to hear their talks. Dean asked Professor to give the phone to me. I was sure that he would have scolded the Professor. And he will console me. As I picked the phone, my thoughts were shattered as the Dean scolded me for refusing me to cooperate with Professor.

He ordered me, “You need to follow each order of any professor without any question. You can only object if the Professor asks for sexual favors. Apart from that, every order needs to be followed.” I was now speechless, and Dean cut the call.

Professor took the phone and asked me to carry it on. Tears had started to roll out through my eyes, and I was left with no option. Professor asked students to sit down and focused on the magnifying glass at a distance. He then asked me to start peeing and with full pressure.

Every student’s eyes were now focused on the magnifying glass and, in turn, my pee hole. Professor said, we don’t have the whole day and do it fast. I applied some pressure, and a stream of pee started to flow, taking a parabolic path and going in the dustbin.

Everyone was watching it very closely. The Professor asked the students, “Can you see it now?” Every student confirmed that they now get the location of the pee hole. I knew that everyone was trying ways to humiliate me, and this was just an excuse.

I finally finished peeing, and at the end, few drops ran over my pussy and legs. I asked for a tissue from Professor to clean. But he said that “You would not clean it, and it should remain like this.” That was again so humiliating.

Professor now started to show the clitoris to the students. It was small but visible with the magnifying glass. Professor then started to teach the students about the various organs and define their functionality. The class started to concentrate on their studies.

I was a little relieved that the eyes were not focused on me, but it was again short-lived. Professor was teaching organs. He mentioned how organs change size when a person is sexually aroused for females. Students asked whether organs can change the size by just thinking and getting aroused for females?

We up till knew about male organ only which changes the size when aroused.

Professor: It’s true.
Students: Which organ changes its size and how? Vagina has nothing like that which can change its size.

Professor: There is one organ.

But students looked confused. Professor thought for some time and said, “I know you all are confused, so let me show you practically. Miss Juhi, can you please rub your clitoris with your fingers to get aroused?”

I was quite relaxed up till now, but these words from Professor shake me like anything. Is he mad? Does he know what he is saying? First, he forced me to pee in front of the class, and now he wants me to masturbate.

Professor: Miss Juhi, are you getting on with what I am saying? And can you please make a start?

Me: I am so sorry, but I can’t do this before the whole class.

Professor: This is my order, and you need to do it. Else I will call Dean.

Me: I know that I need to follow the orders, but the orders should be decent. What you are asking is not a decent one.

Professor: This is for teaching the students and what is the harm in it.

Me: (talking to myself) ‘Doesn’t he see the humiliation I would need to go through? He is an idiot, and he is just trying to find ways to humiliate me.

Professor: Miss Juhi, you better make a start. Else I will need to call Dean.

I was left with no option, and I placed my fingers on my clit and started to rub. I was feeling very humiliated. It was more than 2 minutes. Though humiliation was going through the back of my mind, this continuous rubbing was stimulating me.

I was now getting aroused, and due to arousal, my clitoris was getting enlarged. The Professor let me rub for 2- 3 minutes more, and now I was quite aroused. I was feeling now to insert one finger and masturbate. But doing it in front of all these people was a bad idea. I thought of doing it after the class in my room.

Soon I came to my sense when Professor told students that it had enlarged now. I was feeling like dying due to shame. It was a mixed feeling, aroused and being humiliated same time. The students were giggling, looking to my state, and even the Professor was laughing internally.

He then asked the students, “Did you see the difference? Also, I am not sure if you can see, but a female, when aroused, leaks juices. Miss Juhi, can you please insert one finger in your pussy, rotate around your walls inside and bring it out?
There was no point left in arguing about it. I put the finger inside my pussy and pulled it out.

Professor: See, students, the finger is wet. (and then he took that finger and sniffed it.)

Me: What a scoundrel he is. (talking to myself)

Professor: It has a smell as well and has a taste as well.

He then put the magnifying glass against my nipples and showed students that they also get erect when aroused. Students today had the best class of their life, and this was the height of humiliation for me. This was more humiliating than getting nude and punished in front of the whole school.

The lecture was about to be over, and Professor asked me to get up from the chair and sit at my regular place. I had put my head down and could not make eye contact with Professor and fellow students.

Up till now, I had gone through so much humiliation.  I was thinking about how this one month would pass and what all is left in the store.

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