Truth or Dare With Best Friend

Chapter 1: The College Life

It was somewhere around 7 pm that day. Her bus would be in the station any minute now. I got to rush. I looked at my car for a while. Then I took the bike and started so that I could reach the bus station in time. Now don’t ask me why only the bike, you’ll know soon.

We first met at our university. Back then, I used to be so dumb, man! It’s not like I’m some kind of an idiot or something. I just can’t interact with people. No matter how many times I try, I fail miserably.

And Girls? Just simply talking to them and starting a conversation is one of my biggest fears of mine. Until Neha came into my life. Neha used to be a fucking magnet in the college. She’s got perfect round tits and an hourglass figure. And her ass, no wonder why guys in our college always walk behind her.

She first messaged me on Instagram. A few days after that, my friends told me that she had a crush on me. I was shocked and convinced myself that it was a prank until, one day, she confessed her feelings.

What would you do in a situation like this? The hottest girl on the entire fucking campus had a crush on you. I mean, who would ever choose not to fuck her. But guess what? I did. I felt there was no emotional connection between us and chose to be friends. I still regret that decision, man.

Later, we became best friends, and I developed feelings for her. But it was too late. We graduated from university, and we flew apart in our ways. We were in touch, but online. She told me she’s got some work to do in Hyderabad.

She asked if she could stay at my place until she received a hotel booking confirmation from her company. Okay. Enough of my flashback.

That evening, I was waiting at the bus stop, and her bus arrived. As always, she was still the same old magnet. She was wearing a white T-shirt, jeans and of course a ponytail too. She waved me hi, walked towards me, and hugged me tight.

I was so surprised. I could feel her boobs pressing against my chest. I couldn’t control myself and got a boner in my shorts. She noticed it and blushed a bit. “Arjun, can we leave?”

“Uh y-yeah.”

She got on the bike, and we reached home. I expected a lot to happen when we were on the bike. But things always don’t happen how we imagined them to happen, right?

Chapter 2: The Truth or Dare

So we entered the room. As I’m a bachelor, there was only one bedroom and no kitchen. So we ordered food, and while eating, we talked about the things that happened in our college life. We laughed a lot, talking about those things.

Bro, looking at her pink lips, I wished that I’d get a chance to kiss them passionately tonight. A few moments later, she suggested that we play the ‘Truth or Dare’ we played in our college days. I quickly agreed. We tossed a coin. It was her turn first.

Arjun: Truth or Dare?

Neha: Truth.

I decided to ask it no matter what happens. I gathered all my confidence together.

Arjun: Do you still have a crush on me?

Neha: (giggling) Uh, No?

Arjun: Neha, Yes or No?

Neha: (blushing) Okay, okay, Yes.

I felt so happy listening to that one single word. Anyways, here goes the coin, her turn again.

Neha: Truth.

Arjun: Uh, are you a virgin?

Neha: What kind of question- Okay, No.

Arjun: What? Who was it?

Neha: Haha, One question at a time.

Turned out it was a dude from our college, Vinay. The only thing I remember is his cousin, Aditi. She was so fucking hot. I’ve never seen her in real life, only her pics. A lot of my friends used to jerk off to her Instagram posts. Lucky dude, right? Okay, coin again, finally my turn.

Arjun: Truth.

Neha: If you get a chance to kiss any girl in real life, who would it be?

‘Come on, Arjun, tell her! Tell her!’

Arjun: It’s you.

Neha: Awww. Really?

Arjun: Y-Yeah.

It’s my turn again.

Arjun: Dare.

Neha: Uhm, can it be anything? I mean, there were no restrictions, right?

Arjun: (shockingly) Yeah, no.

Neha: I would like to see that thing again.

Arjun: What thing are you talking about?

Neha: That one, I’ve seen it in your shorts when I hugged you.

Oh My God. Yes. It’s Really Happening. I’m going to f-

Arjun: Uh, It needs some external help.

Neha: You want me to hug you again?

Arjun: Uh, yes, b-but with no T-shirt, if you don’t mind.

She blushed a bit and removed her shirt, seductively looking into my eyes. Biting her lips. She’s wearing a thin pink bra. Her tits were so fucking perfect. She stood and hugged me. I’m so hard again. She gently touched it and rubbed it a little bit.

Looking into my eyes with pure lust, she whispered in my ear, “These shorts should let him free,” and giggled. “Get rid of that fabric too. Tit for Tat.” I whispered back. She removed her bra, revealing her boobs, pink erected nipples. They were so beautiful. I can’t wait to suck on them.

I, too, removed my shorts. She looked at my cock and jerked it a few times, and we continued playing again.

Arjun: Fuck that toss! Dare again!

Neha: Haha! You were so eager, weren’t you!? I dare you to kiss me passionately!

Chapter 3: The Love Making

I quickly pushed her on the bed and kissed her lips. Then, with exchanged our tongues. Then, I kissed her neck. She was moaning in pleasure. I licked at the back of her ear. I went onto her stomach and kissed her while removing her jeans. I grabbed one of her boobs and kissed it slowly. Her nipples got so erect.

I gently licked her nipples as she was begging for more. A few minutes passed, and I went down to her thighs. I kissed her thighs. I gently removed her panties aside and started touching her pussy with my fingers slowly. Her pussy was so pink and cute. She was moaning and shaking in pleasure.

I pulled her panties completely and kissed her pussy. She became so wet I started licking her pussy. “Argh! Uh oh ah!” she was shouting like hell. A few minutes later, I gently inserted my fingers and started penetrating her. She was shouting, moaning, and begging me to fuck her.

A few minutes later, she had the best orgasm of her life. It took her a few moments to catch her breath, and then she furiously started kissing me again and said, “It’s my turn now!” She kissed the tip of my penis, licked it. She started sucking it slowly and kissing it.

Soon, she picked up pace and sucked it so hard. She was gagging but didn’t care and continued sucking it deep into her throat. I came in her mouth. She swallowed some and let the other drip out of her mouth onto her sexy boobs. Then, we both rested for a while and kissed each other again.

She was so wet. She was dripping her juices onto my skin. She let it fall on my dick and then started jerking it off so fast. “Arjun, I can’t hold it anymore, fuck me! fuck me!” she shouted. I bent her and started fucking her. She was crying, moaning. “ARGHH! Fuck me! Arjun Fuck me harder!”

We tried different positions, and finally, I was close. I put on a condom, and after a few hard, fast thrusts, we came together. We were both gasping, trembling in pleasure. We slept there for a while, sorting out what the fuck just happened.

Arjun: I love you, Neha.

Neha: Oh My God! Really!? I love you too, baby!

I kissed her lips slowly, and we cuddled and, at last, slept together.

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