Unexpected Family Sex With Aunt And Uncle – Part 1

My name is Deeptha. I am 19 years old and live with my parents in the city. My parents booked summer holidays for their anniversary and had second thoughts about leaving me home alone.

My mom’s elder brother (my uncle) who is 45 years old came to know that I would be home alone and invited me to their village. My mom was very relieved to hear this and agreed immediately.

After dropping off my parents at the airport, I set off in my car to stay with my uncle. Since I was helping my parents in packing, I did not take much clothing for myself and it never crossed my mind that I would be staying for a month with my uncle and aunt.

It was a hot sunny afternoon and the 3-hour drive was there to reach the village. Finally, when I reached my uncle’s cottage, my aunt welcomed me at the gate. She was in her 40s but looked stunning and slim. We both had a striking resemblance. We hugged and kissed each other’s cheeks. To my surprise, my aunt also kissed me on my lips and hugged me, squeezing me tightly!

Her lips were so moist and her mouth tasted like mangoes. My guess was right she said she had purchased premium mangoes expecting my visit.

Then she showed me my room upstairs which overlooked a large terrace. My aunt asked me to wash the en-suite attached. I started undressing but hesitated halfway through. I was feeling shy to strip nude in front of her.

My aunt Radha caught my eye and laughed. We both laughed. Then she said –

Radha aunty: Are you feeling shy to show me your body dear Deeptha? When you were a teen, I used to wash you every time you came here for your holiday. Don’t you remember?

Then she said: Go ahead, let me see what you have grown into (she said this teasingly).

My aunt’s eyes were gazing at my body structure as I stripped my clothes one by one and ended up completely nude.

Radha aunty: Deeptha, you look so stunning. I bet your boyfriend is a lucky guy.

Then I replied (giggling): No aunt, I don’t have a boyfriend.

Radha aunty: Why don’t you step into the bath and I will sort out your clothes?

And then she started unpacking my luggage.

“So sweet,” I said to myself and strolled butt-nude into the bath. I was surprised to see a large triangular-shaped bath cum shower inside.

Then I turned my shower and started my wash. I did not bother to lock my bathroom door. In a few minutes, aunt stepped inside the bathroom and said to me –

Radha aunty: Dear, you don’t seem to have a lot of clothing and underwear. Why don’t I sort something for you from my bedroom and come back to you?

Then she gave me a full scan look and left without even waiting for a reply. I started shampooing my hair with the selection of herbal hair shampoo I found. After washing my hair, I started lathering my body and face with the lovely sandalwood soap. I heard aunt back in the room.

Then she said: Dear Deeptha, I got a good selection of dresses for you, I am sure my size fits you.

I heard her voice louder as she entered the bathroom.

Then she said: Deeptha dear, I am going to join you and we can wash each other, what do you say?

Now my aunt was behind my back in a moment before I could process what she said.

“Hi Aunt”, I almost jumped. My aunt was behind me. She was so close that I could feel both her tits and breast pressed against my back skin. I could also feel her pubes against my butt crack. Her arms wrapped around me. Then she said-

Radha aunt: Pass me the soap, let me lather your back, Deeptha.

Aunt didn’t wait as she reached around me, squeezing my body with hers, and grabbed the soap from my hand which was resting on my breast. She soaped my back from my shoulders to my hip and she reached around my belly. She had short nails but trimmed which she used to scratch the bearskin on my back. The sensation was heavenly!

My aunt reached around gave me the soap, said it was my turn and turned around. Then I turned around to face her back and started lathering her back.

Radha aunt pleaded: That feels so good, Deeptha. I am suffering from a sprain on my hip and hence can’t bend down. Can you be my sweetheart and soap my legs?

I was taken aback by this sudden erotic request. Then I knelt facing her beautiful peachy bum and started lathering her legs. I could see my aunt applying soap to the rest of her body.

She then slightly leaned forward and started applying soap to her pubes using her left hand and at the same time, used her right-hand fingers reaching behind to apply soap to her bum.

I finished lathering both her legs and that was when she turned around. The soap bubbles on her pubes brushed my nose and lips. Then she pulled me up. As I struggled to stand up, I had to hug my aunt for support. My face got buried between aunt’s beautiful breasts!

“Careful baby,” aunt whispered, as I managed to stand up my hands now wrapped around her neck. Then we instantly kissed! My aunt squeezed me running her right-hand fingers down my butt crack. It was a state of ecstasy!

She ran her left hand down my belly button. My God! Her middle finger pierced my clitoris and went deep. All this happened while our lips were locked in the warm running shower.

Then we stepped out of the shower, towel-dried each other, and collapsed nude on the bed in each other arms under the sheets.

What happened next, you’ll get to know in the next part.