Unexpected Sex With Divorced Muslim Girl In Bangalore

Hi ISS Friends, I am back with another real-life story of mine. A small background about me – I am Raj, 33 years old from Bangalore with 5’11” in height. This incident happened around two years back.

As a few of the readers may know, I was staying alone in Bangalore as my family stays in the native at Tamilnadu. I was staying with a few of my friends in South Bangalore.

Some days ago, I gave an Ad on Locanto for a female roommate as I was in a mood to move out of my current place and just thought of giving it a try. There was no reply for almost a month.

One day I got a message in Locanto from a girl named Fatima. She was from Hyderabad and was traveling to Bangalore to attend a few interviews. Post-interviews and based on the results, she wanted to settle in Bangalore.

After having a detailed discussion about her comfort to share the room with a guy and that too in the same bed, I understood that she worked in Singapore for a few years and she was fine to share the room.

We exchanged the pictures on request over WhatsApp. She was coming from Chennai after some interviews there. I decided to pick her from the Electronic City bus stop as I stayed nearby and reaching my flat was a little difficult. The plan was to take Fatima to my existing flat and stay for a day or two and then look for a feasible room for both of us.

About Fatima, she was a 29 years old Muslim girl and divorcee (I came to know that later). She was a normal-looking girl with extraordinary assets. She was a 5 ft 11″ tall girl and had a perfect body of 34 boobs and 36 butts.

The day she came, she was in a red salwar. I picked her from the bus stop. While going to home, we discussed the stay and the other plans. My roommate guys had gone to their native, so it would be just two of us for another two days.

As Fatima reached late, her interviews got postponed to the next day. So, we were free for the rest of the day.

After reaching home, I asked her to be comfortable and take bath if she wishes. She went to take a bath and I changed into my shorts and t-shirt. Before she came from the bath, I ordered food. She thanked me for ordering food as she took the early morning bus from Chennai and was hungry. Fatima was in a pink chudi without a bottom.

We both had our lunch together. We were chatting about some random stuff and passing our time. She then wanted to have a smoke and asked my permission. Then we together smoked cigarettes.

Both of us decided to take some rest. Since I had only one bedsheet and pillow, we both were very close in the bed and covered ourselves with the same bedsheet. That was the first time our bodies were touching, and it created some erection which was visible in my boxer.

As we didn’t feel sleepy, we decided to watch some movie on mobile. During that time, we were again chatting random stuff. Actually, we were very close and Fatima’s boobs were pressed against my right arm!

As the movie was boring, we again started talking about her personal life. She was working in a firm as a marketing head in Singapore. Since her husband was jobless in Hyderabad, he had a lot of suspicion on her. So her marriage life ended up in a divorce.

The divorced Muslim girl was feeling sad so I tried to console her. Suddenly, when she came very close to me, I hugged her! I quickly kissed her on her cheeks and smooched her which started turning her on.

Fatima started kissing me on my cheeks and then we were kissing on lips. It was a long lip-lock and a lot of saliva was exchanged. The kiss really made both of us so aroused. I started massaging Fatima’s melons over her top and she was holding my cock over my boxer.

Then I removed her chudi top. She was in a beautiful laced pink bra and netted black panty now. I released the horny Muslim girl’s melons by removing her bra hooks. The scene was amazing. As Fatima was dusky in color, her nipples were black and she had big areolas.

Suddenly, Fatima pulled my t-shirt and sat on me. I was sucking for her boobs like a mad kid. She started moaning loud and that made me even more aroused. She got down and pulled my boxer. My cock was in 90 degrees and was pointed towards the roof.

Fatima went down and started giving me a blowjob. One thing I have experienced – married women give wonderful blowjobs!

Then I lifted her and we were in 69. Fatima had amazingly clean pussy, probably she must have removed her pubic hairs that day. I was giving deep kisses and deep licks on her pussy. At the same time, Fatima was giving me a deep-throat blowjob.

After some time, both of us reached the orgasm, almost at the same time. I filled her mouth with my semen which she drunk without wasting even a drop. Fatima kissed me all over my face passionately and thanked me for the orgasm.

After washing ourselves, we slept nude. When I woke up, it was around 7 pm and Fatima came from the washroom. Both of us were still nude and my boner was ready for another round of fun! She looked at that and laughed.

I pulled the sexy Muslim girl to the bed and started kissing her lips. My one hand was on her boob and the other hand was in her pussy. That made her also aroused and she was stroking my cock. She pushed me down and sat on my cock. Fatima’s pussy so tight as she had last fucked a few months ago, with her colleague in Singapore.

Fatima started riding my dick for some time. Then I pushed her down and started fucking this horny divorced girl in doggy style. During the doggy, I was also playing with her lovely boobs. As we had fucked sometime before, it took longer to climax this time. Finally, I spilled my cum on Fatima’s boobs which she then spread all across her body.

Then we took a bath together and fucked like mad one more time that night. It was 6 rounds of fun which we had that whole night.

As I had to leave for another town officially, I dropped her in the office for the interview. The second day, she stayed in a PG. Somehow, she couldn’t settle in Bangalore. We were in touch for a few weeks and suddenly, without any information, she stopped her communications. It is like a dream for me even now.


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