Unspoken Desires Among Siblings – Part 2

Hi, I’m Avi again with the next part of my story about my young sister.

In the previous story, I described how it took place when I was 24 and Siddhi was 19. She moved with me to pursue higher education away from our hometown. We grew closer than siblings to friends. Our relationship became increasingly intimate and deeper as our relationship matured.

We became so close after shopping for her one-pieces and innerwear that we started sharing a bed. In a cosy atmosphere, we watched TV before going to bed. I cuddled and hugged her from behind. We started sleeping like that every night. It became a daily ritual for us.

One night, while watching a TV show, I touched her delicate boobs above her t-shirt. She accepted it as part of her daily routine and didn’t oppose it. Though she knew what I was doing was something different, she surprisingly didn’t say anything. She accepted it as part of our nightly routine.

My hands slowly moved around her navel after a while, and she slowly closed her eyes and moaned softly. She gave in and pulled me closer as I kissed her neck and continued caressing her. I moved my hands to her chest and started to play with her nipples, gently tugging and rolling them between my fingers.

She gasped and grabbed my hands, pushing them on her waist as she buried her face in my neck. Her shorts and T-shirt were free of inners, so getting to her virgin pussy was easy in that loose elastic shorts. I touched her virgin pussy, and she pulled my hands out of her shorts.

She appeared to be too wet and didn’t want to rush into the climax. We stood up, and I removed her T-shirt and my shorts. I piled on top of her. When I kissed the chicks, she was unable to resist and wanted to be kissed on the lips as well. I moved down to kiss her nipples, and she moaned in pleasure.

She ran her fingers through my hair, and I continued to kiss her neck and move up to her lips again. She kissed me back, and I felt her body tremble as I ran my hands through her hair. We moved together in flawless harmony. I removed my fully grown dick from my boxers.

She felt my bulgy, naughty boy through the shorts. I loved feeling her bare boobs on my chest while we kissed. In the midst of our madness, we lost sight that we were siblings. Our hormones were raging, and we acted impulsively.

We didn’t care about the taboo nature of our relationship while we were in the moment. Without saying a word, we understood that now was the time for real action. At the time, we were both virgins.

Finally, I asked, “How was it, Sis?” She blushed and was embarrassed but smiled and said, “It was different, but I liked it. It felt pleasant. I’m glad we did it.” I said, “Yeah, I’m glad we did it, too, even if I’m still trying to figure out exactly what happened!”

It was then that I broke the ice and asked a bold question, “Are you prepared to lose your virginity to your brother?” She blushed even more and looked down, avoiding eye contact. I leaned in and kissed her forehead, saying, “You don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to. We can always wait until you’re ready.”

But I was still curious, so I asked, “So, when do you think you’ll be ready?” As she pointed at my dick, she said, “Will this monster wait?” I chuckled and replied, “No, it won’t, it’s already ready!” I kissed her again, and she closed her eyes, saying, “Let’s do it.”

As we explored each other’s bodies, she tentatively touched my dick. My eyes closed, and I let out a deep sigh, overwhelmed by the sensations. She gently explored my body, and her touch became more confident. I felt the warmth spread through my veins.

Leaning back and closing my eyes, I suddenly felt her lips on my dick. It’s okay not to kiss it if you don’t like it,” I told her. She smiled and kissed again, this time more intensely. Her lips moved around my dick, teasing me with her tongue. Her hands caressed my balls.

I felt her body pressing against mine, her breath on my chest. My pleasure was overwhelming. I winked and said, “That was quite a bonus.” She smiled, then sucked my dick passionately. I moaned louder and thrust my hips, my orgasm building with each passing moment.

I released my load into her mouth, and she swallowed it. She winked and said, “Now, that was quite a bonus.” Then, after an intense orgasm, I closed my eyes and lay back to catch my breath. She smiled at me and kissed my forehead. She asked, “Ready for the second round?” before going to the bathroom.

After I opened my eyes, I was greeted by my sister, dressed in black lingerie, as she took a bath. She sat beside me and kissed me again. When she said, “Ready?” I began kissing her neck down to her chest, removing her lingerie with my tongue while feeling her soft skin and warmth.

I slowly worked my way down her body. Stopping at her breasts, I gently massaged them before taking a deep breath and diving in. She moaned in pleasure as I explored every inch of her body with my mouth and hands.

I took one of her nipples in my mouth as I held the other in my hand, massaging it with my thumb. She let out a soft moan. I increased the intensity of my movements, moving my tongue around her nipples as I continued to massage them.

Her body trembled with anticipation as I moved down. Her heart raced as I approached her most intimate part. Taking a deep breath of pleasure, I kissed her virgin pussy gently, and she moaned loudly. Her most intimate area was clean and safe. I slowly and gently kissed her clitoris.

The pink, glistening inner walls were revealed when I parted her pussy lips with my fingers. She was so aroused and ready to be taken as I explored her innermost areas. I felt her tightness and her wetness as I explored her with my tongue.

When I tried to put my middle finger on her, she felt pain. I told her to relax and take a deep breath. I slowly inserted my middle finger and felt her muscles relax. I slowly began to massage her inner walls, increasing my speed and intensity as her body reacted.

I asked, Don’t you finger yourself? She replied, “I just touch my clitoris.” How can you take my monster dick then? She looked at me with a mischievous smile and said, “You better come and find out!” She got on the bed and spread her legs wide open. I knew she was ready for me.

When I got on top of her, I gently kissed her neck and lips, my chest felt her hard nipples, and my dick was between her legs, touching her clitoris. She was both excited and nervous at the same time. She knew what was about to happen but still had fear in her eyes.

I tried to enter her, but I could not get past the head of my dick. I could feel her tightness around me as I tried to push in more and more. We both knew this was her first time, and it was a bit overwhelming for her.

After several failed attempts, I asked her to come on top so she could control the depth of my penetration. I guided her as she slowly got on top of me. She was still nervous, but this time, she was more in control, and it felt right. She took her time.

I could feel her body relax more and more. Once she felt comfortable, I motioned for her to slowly up and down. After a while, in sync with the down movement, I thrust my full dick into her with every up and down motion. I could feel her body getting more and more aroused.