Ways to Seduce My Mom!

Like everyone interested in incest sex, I, too, have the urge to have sex with my mom. I have read multiple stories and watched a lot of mom-son porn. I want to fuck her, but I wish that were easy as typing over here.

We are a family of 3, me (32 years), my mom (63 years) and my dad (63 years). It’s a traditional Marathi family.

I think it’s been around 10-15 years since I wanted to have sex with my mom. I have tried various ways to seduce her but haven’t been successful. I am scared too of spoiling the relationship between her and my father.

1st way of seduction – We didn’t have a geyser at home. So we used to heat the water on the gas, and mom used to pour it into the bucket. I used to try and go in the bathroom when the water was heating. I used to get naked and get my dick hard by thinking about her or stroking my dick.

As soon as the water was hot, she used to get the water. I used to stand behind the door with my hard dick and put the bucket before her to pour. Then I used to come in front a bit to flash my dick. Then I closed the door, keeping in mind that dad was still at home.

This happened multiple times, but she used to ignore it.

2nd way of seduction – When I was young, she used to get me cut underwear. But since I am all grown up, I wear boxers only at home. I remember one of our conversations. She said now you get your own and don’t get like the ones I used to get. I assumed she likes cut underwear.

So I got 2 pairs of cut underwear (V shape). I used to wear them and try to flash my hard dick from them whenever I got the opportunity. I saw her once having a glance and then ignoring it.

Then once, I got a tummy tucker for her and me. Mine was again V cut. I wore it, showed her how nice it fit, and tucked my tummy. She saw it and didn’t say anything.

3rd way of seduction – I used to come out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around me. I used to drop it in front of her while wearing clothes. I tried to wear normally wearing clothes after the bath, but she ignored me again.

4th way of seduction – I wear boxers at home and a vest. I had a skin infection on my shoulders on the backside. I used to remove my vest and sit in my boxers. I pulled it a bit down to show my ass creek while she applied cream to my back.

Once she was done, I used to get up with a tent in my boxers. I used to face her to point my dick toward her inside the boxers. But she used to pick up the cream and wash her hands.

5th way of seduction – I started asking her to wash my back and scrub it a bit before I started my batch. It was once a month when dad not used to be around. I used to be in my cut underwear. She used to apply scrub to my back and wash it.

Then once she said, “Hurry up, dad will come.” I thought it was a sign, so I just put my hand in my underwear and started applying soap to it, But she said, “Your back is done now. Close the door and take your bath.” So no luck yet again.

6th way of seduction – Dad sleeps in the hall. I slept beside her in the bedroom. I often used to watch porn. Whenever she used to sleep, I used to remove my dick and try to touch her legs with it. I also tried to get my dick near her mouth and jerk it. But I was scared to put it in her mouth.

Once with a hard dick, I tried to go over her to the other side while she was sleeping. I wanted to get something from the other side. I ensured that my dick touched her pussy. But she was sleeping and didn’t react to it.

Sometimes I used to watch porn and remove earphones. I put it on speaker so she could hear the moaning from the porn video. But I guess she ignored it again, thinking her son was becoming young and horny.

7th way of seduction – Of course, it was hugging from behind in my boxers with a hard dick. But being a traditional family, we don’t hug that much. So it was only twice or thrice that I tried. It was in some situations, like when she made my favourite food but had no luck.

8th way of seduction – I used to purposely stroke my dick to get a hard-on right before she woke up. So she could see my hard-on under my boxers. But that didn’t help too.

I still try to flash my dick to her once a month. I don’t want to make it obvious and want her to think it was just a moment.

There are many times when I have dreamt that she had held my dick and jerked me off. I got up with a nightfall. There are many times when I have dreamt of fucking her and again got up with a nightfall.

Today while drafting the story, she is right beside me. I have a hard-on in boxers which has made a tent. But she is on her phone.

Nowadays, all the stories are fake and lack seduction techniques. Mom easily agrees to fuck with their sons. I wish it were that easy. I would have fucked my mom till now.

There was a time when I came home and saw her watching a Hollywood movie with a good steamy scene which she was enjoying. There was a time when I was sitting right next to her taking her support. I could feel her breathing heavily because of the sexual tension.

But I didn’t initiate. Maybe I want her to initiate it, and maybe she wants me to initiate it, or maybe she is seriously not interested. But I want to keep trying till I succeed.

The latest I have thought is pretending to have an infection on the dick. Then take her to the doctor along with me. I can show her my dick while showing it to the doctor. If the doctor prescribes a cream, I will apply it at home while sleeping beside her.

I think this will help me show my dick to her daily and maybe ask her to apply the cream to my dick. Let us see how it goes.

I tried many other ways but to no luck till now. I will talk about other ways which I tried in the next story. If anyone can suggest any ways to seduce or get her to have sex with me, then please comment on the story.