Weekend Madness With Amazing Masi – Part 6

I hope you enjoyed this journey till now, continued from where I left.

Masi and mom moved back to sit on the bed. I was lying on the bed nude, and they were murmuring to each other. I could not understand what they were discussing.

I began to grasp the fact that I had been offered a life-changing opportunity. A chance to experience something which few people ever even thought about, let alone embraced. I was in deep thought as mom and masi were now again settling on the bed.

I could hear masi say calmly to mom, “It will be an adventure, for all of us, a new journey.” The erotic pleasure was starting to take on a life of its own for all three of us. In my mind, I was finally relieved. I had finally made the jump across a gap that had been holding me back.

I had fucked masi yesterday. Today all the boundaries, reservations with mom had been now destroyed. We were sitting naked, nude in front of each other. I started enjoying this sinful act. To be between them nude was giving me a lot of comfort. This was an altogether new experience.

I looked at mom. She was so beautiful. She was looking at me with so much lust and horniness in her eyes. In the bright noon sunlight, those eyes were almost green. She moved towards me and took my face in her hands, claiming me and kissing me.

She wanted a man so desperately that she had forgotten that I was her son in the heat of her desires. She closed her eyes as she felt me respond to her mouth, my tongue seeking hers as we indulged in a mad kissing session.

Masi stood quiet, not doing anything, just giving us the time to get more comfortable with each other. I started to enjoy this ride. I squeezed mom’s boobs initially gently and then a little harder. I felt them with both my hands. I loved the soft feeling of their full size.

I took them in my hands, playing with them. I rolled my fingers on her nipples, and mom moaned, pushing her hot body closer to me. Mom kept thrusting her tongue in my mouth ferociously as her sexual desires awakened. Mom moved her hands to my dick, holding it in her soft hands.

She started rubbing it slowly between her thighs, feeling it in her fingers and gently feeling it on her burning hole. Masi started to kiss moms’ neck and caress mom’s ass. She was moving her fingers between mom’s ass crack and swiping those magical fingers up to her neck and ears.

Masi slowly moved between us. Two kisses in one kiss were all it took, the comfort of mom, the warmth of masi, the heat of mom, the seductive moves of masi, the hunger of mom, the tenderness of masi. Oh, god, it was annoying stuff, just too hot to handle.

Perhaps temporary, perhaps false, perhaps unexpected, but reassuring nonetheless. They both were mine. I was theirs. All three of us, nothing for imagination between us as more kisses kept coming. We started to lick each other’s lips.

We were not waiting for turns, just snatching them from each other’s lips. Masi kissed me hard, breathing and moaning right in front of mom’s face. She would pause periodically to look at Mom’s face. Then kiss back my lips and neck before mom returned to devour my lips tantalizingly, sucking and licking them.

We paused for a brief instant as we gasped for breath. Then, out of the blue, when I suddenly looked at mom, from top to bottom. She looked like an angel thrown from above for me only. She looked all set for this maddening fucking session.

Mom felt a bit embarrassed when I looked at her beautiful hot body for the second time. She just lowered her eyes. I could not resist my temptations as I played with all the four huge boobs holding one each of masi and mom. I relished in the pleasure of squeezing them, licking their nipples.

I dug my face between those lovely hot boobs. They both kept caressing my whole body. Masi beautiful breasts looked huge. My soft licking on her dark hard nipples elicited an appreciative moan from her. She let her hands and then her mouth roam over Mom’s lovely boobs.

Masi made mom sleep on the bed to move near her head. She kissed mom sensually on her lips. She held back mom’s hands behind her head, firmly pinning her down. I was able to see masi ass wide open as she sat on her knees to hold back mom’s hand.

Masi looked at mom’s pussy and stuck her tongue out, indicating me to lick her. Mom was now held on the bed, her hands by masi. I spread her legs and held them firmly. I was between her taut legs and examining her lovely pussy from close view.

She closed her eyes, looking at the sight of her fucking little pervert son moving closer to her pussy with his nimble fingers. I started to explore her lovely pussy. All the beautiful little nuances between her sexy legs. My head was bent over and close to her entrance.

My hard fingers probed softly and meticulously. But creepily around her delicate pussy. I had pushed her legs wide apart and sat between them, not allowing her to move. I started spreading her moist lips using my fingers. My fingers began probing alongside, just inside the opening of her lovely pussy.

Masi was looking at me sheepishly with a wicked smile on her face as I was exploring mom’s pussy. The delicate aroma of Mom’s pussy made my cock throb with desire. From behind, I kissed ass cheeks of masi bottom softly. I gradually moved my fingers upwards, searching for masi sweet hole.

I heard masi moan with appreciation as my fingers traced her pussy lips. Gentle horny cries from mom indicated that I and masi were relishing this task. I focused my fingertips on stroking the warm flesh of mom. I stroked the outside and dipped my fingers into the deepest warmth.

She let my fingers gently rub her pussy lips. I pulled down my hands and rolled my fingers around mom’s pussy. Suddenly taking mom by surprise, I inserted my middle finger in her pussy. As I pushed my finger deep in her valley, I could feel the wetness and warmth on my finger.

I was feeling astonishingly rude and passionate at this point. Mom moaned, and her body shook in sheer delight by the unexpected sudden insertion. Her mouth opened wide. It remained open for a few seconds. She relished in the pleasure of sudden insertion of my hard finger in her delicate small hole.

I kept my finger in her throbbing pussy, feeling the warmth of the hot inner skin, and looked at mom. Mom was embarrassed at how aroused she felt. I rolled my finger gently in her burning hole. She tried to close her eyes. But I think the curiosity to see what her little son would do.

Next, she kept opening her eyes looking at me. Masi moved her face down to bite a slice of her hot boobs and lick those hardened nipples. Masi held mom’s nipples between her teeth and pulled them hard the same way I did to masi yesterday.

Mom moaned loudly, “Ahh Neetu, fuck you bitch, don’t do that, it hurts.”
This was the first time I heard mom abuse masi. Masi responded, “This is the start. Get ready for more, baby.” Masi slapped on moms’ boobs and held them, squeezing them tightly.

She said, “This is the same thing your fucking son did to me yesterday. He has only taught me these things.” Mom shouted at me, “From where you learned this, Vinay. I never knew you could do all these things.”

I kept quiet concentration on the job and hand and kept my pressure on mom’s pussy. Moms’ nipples stuck out, and masi started to nibble and suck them, making mom moan. Masi looked at me and raised her 2 fingers indicating me to push my other finger.

I used my other hand to spread her lovely pink lips. Gently I pulled out my first finger only to push back both my fingers in unison in her pussy. My fingers stretched her pussy to make their way to the depths of her burning hole. Mom tried to raise herself, but she could not.

Mom lifted her head to look at me. She saw my innocent face between her legs with my fingers saddled deep in her pussy. She looked extremely startled to see my length of rock-hard dick making its presence felt on her thighs. The tapping and poking of my dick made her look at it with her curious horny eyes.

I pulled out my fingers and pushed them back in her pussy a few times. I briefly paused and looked at masi. She was looked extremely hot and horny as she was toying with mom’s boobs. I again pushed my fingers in her hole. This time, the push was harder and deeper, making mom quiver in pleasure.

She moaned, “Ah, slowly Vinay, slowly please, oh god, you both are mad.” I started to push my fingers in and out of her pussy in slow, soft strokes. Occasionally giving few hard deeper thrusts that would make mom moan. I loved hearing those moans from mom.

They kept stirring and awakening my passions. I started to push my fingers more forcefully now. Mom started to moan louder. “Yes, Vinay, oh god, don’t stop, keep doing it, my boy.” Now her moaning a notch higher.

Masi was engaged in a sensual boob play, sucking and licking and even pressing them on each other. Looking at their huge boobs and nude bodies, I was going bonkers. I pulled out my fingers and started to watch them. Masi and mom were deeply engaged in playing with each other’s boobs and lips.

My pause broke their flow. This was something that I never dreamt of or thought about. Before any thoughts could creep into my mind, I found my mouth on mom’s pussy. Mom held my head and pushed me on her lava spitting hole.

I moved my mouth closer to mom’s pussy. I spread it with my fingers. I pushed out my huge purple pointed tongue to feel and taste Mom’s burning hole. My tongue started to slowly dart in out of her burning pussy as I licked her in small soft licks.

Mom tasted delicious as I started to push my tongue in her inner depths. My tongue breached her inner walls and moved inside. I felt like I was in heaven, never felt this kind of joy and thrill. My slow sensual licks were reaching her deepest corners. I was pushing my tongue in her inner depths with every lick.

I could not resist sucking her soft outer lip. My gentle sucking of her lips made her mad mom shouted in delight. Masi pushed her fingers in moms’ mouth to choke her as I licked her to her maximum depths. This was delirious stuff. Was this for real? I wondered and looked again at mom. Yes, indeed it was.

It was my tongue that was making her mad, throbbing appendage, thrusting rapidly in and out of her sweet little hole. Mom tried to wriggle herself out of our stranglehold but in vain. Masi slapped her boobs and squeezed them hard. I feasted on her pussy, eating, licking, and sucking it with all vigor and passion.

Mom cried out when my tongue reached her most sensitive area. She continued to moan as I swirled my tongue around her clit over and over again. My fingers were searching her thighs for trails of her juices to ease into the slippery path back to her pussy.

Mom moaned louder and shamelessly now, “Vinay, ahhh, don’t stop, keep doing it, son.” Masi pushed my head further on mom’s pussy. She kept toying with her boobs. Masi slapped moms’ boobs. She started to suck them sitting on her. Slowly masi moved up, and her pussy was on moms’ mouth now.

Mom started to moan loudly now as we intensified our pressure on her. We could feel Mom’s body stiffen, and masi pushed my head back for few seconds. She pushed back my head on mom’s pussy. She held Mom’s head firmly to thrust her pussy into moms’ mouth.

I raised my hands to slap on masi soft ass cheeks as she gave mom a taste of her lubricious pussy. Mom stretched her hands and tried to desperately search for my head to push me on her pussy, but she could not. Mom could not contain her passions anymore. She wanted a fuck, a real hard fuck.

She pleaded, “Neetu, please, I want him inside me now. Oh god, this is just unbearable now.” I could relate and feel about Mom’s needs. She moaned and quivered in her intense sexual awakening and desires.

Masi calmly responded, “Yes didi, just hold, he is all yours, just some more time, baby.” She caressed Mom’s head a few times and kissed her. Masi changed positions and moved near me. She sat beside me and started to kiss me. I held her boobs and squeezed them hard as we indulged in a long sensual kiss.

Masi broke from the kiss and moved her head between mom’s pussy. Mom started to moan again as masi started to lick mom’s pussy in long deep strokes. I was amazed at the way masi moved her tongue in mom’s pussy. I knew now that masi was used to this, and she knew what mom enjoys best.

Masi indicated I take her boobs. Mom changed her position from sleeping to sit relaxed with the support of the bed. I moved my mouth and struck out my tongue to lick moms’ hard nipples in smooth circles. I sat on mom, held both her boobs and pushed my long dick long hard between her boobs.

Mom closed her eyes, and she saw my dick closer to her mouth. I did this a few times. Slowly mom struck out her tongue. I pushed my dick deeper reached moving closer to her lips, allowing her to lick it. Mom moved her hands to my ass cheeks, gently slapping and feeling them softly.

I moved down again to hold her boobs in my hands. Licking both her boobs one after the other, I could feel masi gentle fingers on my meatballs caressing them. Slowly from licking her nipples, I started to suck them, biting and chewing her boobs and squeezing them one after the other.

I played with them using both my hands and mouth. I moved my lips on her lips to indulge in a sizzling hot kiss. We kissed and sucked each other lips and tongues like mad. Once we broke from the kiss, mom opened her sparkling eyes with a twinkle and a million-dollar smile.

I moved back to hold her boobs and squeeze. Masi kept toying with her pussy. Mom closed her eyes in the intense sexual pleasure, enjoying the double delight on her boobs and pussy. Mom pushed her hand to my dick and pulled me towards her.

I moved my dick closer to mom’s mouth, and she held it closer to her mouth. Without wasting a minute, I kept it on mom’s lips. Mom licked my dick and took it in between her lips, slowly sucking it.

I pushed my dick slowly into her mouth. She caressed my meatballs softly and gently in her hands. Mom started to suck and lick my dick in tandem slowly. She would once suck it deep and then lick all-around the dick knob. Oh, this was bloody exhilarating stuff.

Masi was licking mom’s pussy in steady strokes. Occasionally caressing my meatballs. Mom spread her legs allowing masi to lick her deeper. In few minutes, I could see mom hardening her sucks on my dick. It was painful. The intensity of masi licking was telling on mom.

She was now heading towards her imminent release. She just pulled out my dick from her mouth but kept it wrapped in her fingers. She kept my dick near her mouth as her body firmed, twitched, and she started to moan louder.

She was trying to shake my dick, but she could not as she approached her pending release. Mom was on cloud nine, “Neetu, yes yes, don’t stop, baby. This is so good, ahh yes, yes.”

Mom pulled me close to her to bury my face in her boobs. She blasted a huge load of juices. Mom closed her eyes, raised her body, and dug her nails in my back as she enjoyed the sensational pleasure of her release. Masi started to rub mom’s pussy vigorously using her 2 fingers. Mom went berserk now.

Mom released me from her stranglehold as masi kept up the pressure on mom. Mom raised her waist in her sexual desperation. I could see a steady stream of juices dripping from mom’s pussy on the bed and her thighs. It was almost like a loosely closed tap dripping water from it.

Masi was furiously rubbing her fingers on mom’s pussy. Masi pulled me down near her. She again showed me her 2 fingers. In a jiffy, I thrust my 2 fingers in Mom’s pussy. Mom could not control it as she tried to settle on the bed.

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