Wife Swapping In Vacation Went Wrong

Preeti was just 24 years old when her parents fixed her marriage to a rich family. Her husband, Raghu, was an average-looking man and a good husband. It was an arranged marriage, so they were quite nervous on their wedding night.

They both were virgins, and they took each other’s virginity on their wedding night. Raghu was a very understanding husband who used to do everything to please Preeti. Whatever she demanded to try during sex, he happily did it for her.

For the next few months after their marriage, they enjoyed it a lot. They fucked every day and sometimes twice or thrice a day. Everything was going amazing, and one day Preeti found out she was pregnant. Preeti was just 25 years old when she got pregnant with Raghu’s child.

Her in-laws got excited when they heard the news and wanted Preeti to keep the baby. Even her parents also wanted her to keep it. At that time, she was a little scared and uncertain about being a parent. But later, Raghu also insisted, and she decided to keep the baby.

The next few months of pregnancy were extremely hard for Preeti physically, emotionally, and sexually. Her boobs had grown to the size of melons, and she was horny all the time. Her swollen pregnant body made Raghu want her even more.

Every time he saw Preeti’s swollen boobs and pregnant belly, he got super horny. For the first four months of her pregnancy, they used to fuck like monkeys. As she was already pregnant, Raghu used to fuck her without a condom and fill her holes with his thick white cum.

When her pregnant belly started growing, it became hard for her to have sex in various positions. The only ones she could try were doggy style and cowgirl. They didn’t stop fucking till six months into the pregnancy. Raghu used to fuck Preeti from behind in doggy style.

She used to ride his dick in a cowgirl position. After six months of pregnancy, they stopped having sex, but Raghu still used to eat her pussy and finger it to satisfy her needs. Preeti, too gave Raghu blowjobs often.

After nine months, Preeti gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Her boobs had started milking and often overflowed. In such a situation, Raghu used to help her. He used to milk her boobs with his mouth and drink all her milk. She breastfed both her son and husband.

She loved when Raghu used to suck the milk out of her while they were having sex. Post-pregnancy, Preeti’s body remained swollen except for her belly. Her boobs had grown to the size of melons, and she used to wear a bra of size 38D. Her belly had grown flat in a few months, but her ass had grown thicker.

Every time she walks, her ass jiggles and attracts everyone’s attention. Raghu loved her post-pregnancy body stats. For the next two years, it was hard for them to take care of the baby and maintain their lives. Though they had sex, it was not like before.

They often had to stop in the middle of having sex because the baby woke up crying. So, after two years, when they felt like the baby could live without them for a few days, they decided to go on a vacation. Raghu planned a four-day vacation with Preeti and booked a honeymoon suite in a beach resort in Goa.

Raghu’s parents agreed to take care of the baby while spending some alone time in Goa. Preeti was excited about the trip and packed some sexy lingerie to wear in the hotel room at night. It was going to be like their second honeymoon.

On the day of the trip, they first drop off their son to Raghu’s parents and then head for the airport. On reaching the resort in Goa, Preeti was amazed by its beauty. The honeymoon suite that Raghu had booked was a sea facing with big windows. It had a beautiful bathroom with a big bathtub.

Preeti was ready to have sex in every corner of that suite. The first night of their vacation was amazing. They first fucked on the bed and later took a long bath together. They sat in the bathtub naked in each other’s arms. Preeti loved all this, but Raghu had something else going in his mind.

After the shower, they were lying on the bed naked, spooning each other, when Raghu told Preeti something that shocked her.

Raghu: Do you want to try partner swapping?

Preeti: What!

Raghu: Don’t get angry. It would be fun for us to have sex with different people. And the thought of sharing you with another man makes me aroused. But if you don’t want to, I will never mention it again.

Preeti was confused and feeling all kinds of emotions at that point. Raghu had always done whatever she had asked him to do, and that was the first time he had asked something from her. She was hesitant to fuck another man and share Raghu with another woman. But for his happiness, she agreed.

Preeti: Okay, I’m ready. But how are we going to find someone to do this swapping?

Raghu: Don’t worry, this is one of the lustiest places in the world, filled with horny people. We will find someone.

After discussing that, they had sex once more before falling asleep. The next day they visited the beach and a few places. While enjoying their vacation, they also looked for a suitable couple for the swapping. They even met a few couples and tried to have a friendship with them but with no success.

Finally, they decided to find someone on Tinder. Raghu created a couple’s Tinder account of him and his wife. He started searching for a couple who were interested in partner swapping. As expected, Tinder was filled with couples who wanted to swap their partners.

In no time, they got their first match. After chatting with a few of them, they decided to go for a young couple. The couple they chose was not married. They were just boyfriend and girlfriend.

The girl was 21 years old with a slim, model-like body. Her boobs were small and firm, and her belly was flat. Her name was Ria. Her boyfriend was a 21-year-old tall, handsome man with thick arm muscles and an amazing body structure. His name was Kabir.

Raghu and Preeti were excited to try this with Kabir and Ria. Raghu was amazed that he got a chance to fuck a young hot girl like Ria. But thought his wife getting crushed by a handsome hunk like Kabir was making him even more excited.

Raghu couldn’t wait to see what Kabir would do with his wife, Preeti. Around 7 PM, both the couples met and decided to book a 2-bedroom cottage where they could fuck each other’s partner. On reaching there, they sat around a table, and Kabir opened a bottle of wine.

He poured four glasses of wine and passed them to everyone. As the wine did its effect, both the couples slowly started coming into the mood. After a few minutes, Kabir moved and sat next to Preeti. He put his arm around her and kissed her on the lips.

Seeing that, Raghu felt a twitch inside his pants, and his dick started to rise. Kabir then picked her up and pulled off her dress. Inside she was wearing black transparent lingerie that she had packed for her honeymoon.

Kabir: Raghu, your wife, is a hot bomb. Tonight, I’m going to take good care of her.

Saying that, Raghu grabbed her tight in his arms and started rubbing his cock against her body. Preeti looked like a delicate doll in the arms of a monster. Raghu then understood that Kabir would fuck his wife like a mad bull and not show mercy. Somehow this thought made him aroused even more.

While Raghu watched his wife getting crushed by Kabir, Ria came and sat on her knees in front of him. She rubbed her hands around his dick and felt the monster growing inside his pants.

Ria was wearing a summer dress and Raghu could see deep inside her cleavage as she was on her knees. He noticed she was not wearing any bra.

Ria: Don’t worry about your wife. Kabir is going to take good care of her. Meanwhile, let me take care of you.

She then pulled down his pants and took his dick in his hands. Raghu had an average size dick which Ria took in her warm mouth and started sucking it. There was pre cum all around his cock due to watching his wife making out with Kabir.

Ria licked all the pre cum and gave him a blowjob. Raghu was moaning like crazy. Kabir saw Raghu’s dick and turned to Preeti.

Kabir: This is the lucky cock that fucks your hot pussy. Do you want to see what I’m going to fuck you with tonight?

Saying that, Kabir pulled down his pants and took out his dick. Both Preeti and Raghu were stunned to see the monster cock of Kabir. It was a 9-inch-thick veiny dick with a 3-inch-wide mushroom head. Raghu feared how his wife would take it inside her tight pussy.

Even Preeti was scared to take that monster inside her. Kabir then picked up Preeti in his arms and started walking towards the next room. He told Ria to take care of Raghu.

Kabir: Ria, you take good care of Raghu. Meanwhile, I’m taking his wife to the next room.

Ria was still sucking on Raghu’s dick, so she nodded yes. Kabir took Preeti to the next room, but he intentionally left the door open. Raghu and Ria were alone in the room, but as the door was open, Raghu could hear his wife moaning in the next room. Raghu tried not to worry about it and was trying to enjoy it with Ria.

Raghu decided to take things to bed. At first, Ria made Raghu lie down on the bed while she sucked his cock. Then she moved her ass over Raghu’s face and positioned herself in the 69 position. Raghu licked and sucked hard on her pussy while shoving his two fingers in her ass. Soon Ria was dripping wet.

Ria: Raghu, I want you to fuck me.

Ria slid his cock inside her wet pussy and started thrusting herself up and down. Raghu was lying down, watching her tits bouncing up and down. He grabbed them as hard as if to crush the milk out of her tits. Ria was moaning hard, but Raghu didn’t let go of her tits until they turned red.

Ria: Yes, daddy! Fuck me hard. Please! Please fuck me hard.

Raghu saw Ria was close to orgasm, so he grabbed her by the waist and pinned her down in a missionary position. Then he started to give her long and hard shots and buried his dick deep inside her pussy. Ria started to cry loudly in pleasure, and in a few seconds, she cum hard.

She squirted her hot cum all over his dick. Raghu couldn’t handle that any longer, and soon after that, he cum too. Raghu pulled out his dick and cum all over her belly. Ria then quickly took his dick inside her warm mouth and sucked the life out of it.

She sucked it until Raghu dropped the last drop of his cum in her mouth. Ria happily swallowed every drop of his cum. As Ria and Raghu stopped, there was complete silence in their room, and now Raghu could hear the noises coming from the next room.

Raghu heard skin colliding and moans of his wife coming from the next room. Raghu understood that Kabir was still fucking his wife. He was worried about how long his wife would handle that monster of a dick.

Raghu noticed Ria was looking at him with a smirk on her face. She was still naked, and Raghu could see the marks on her boobs that he had given her. Raghu asked her what had happened and why she was looking at him like that.

Ria: Are you worried about your wife?

Raghu: No. Why would I?

Ria: Kabir fucks like an animal. He had a huge cock and great stamina. With that, he would easily fuck your wife at least 3 or 4 times.

Hearing that, Raghu felt a choke on his throat and couldn’t speak anything. He thought about what he had gotten his wife into. Raghu couldn’t stop it now. All he could do was wait.

Ria: Don’t think much of it, and try to get some sleep. I’m also going to sleep now.

Saying that, Ria switched off the lights and went to sleep. Meanwhile, Raghu lay there with his eyes wide open. He was hearing his wife’s loud cry again and again. Kabir was fucking her hard while asking whether he should go faster.

Kabir: Do you like it, baby? Do you want me to go harder and faster? Are you loving my fat dick inside your pussy?

Preeti: Yes! Yes!

Raghu heard it for the next 30 minutes. Kabir had fucked Preeti for an hour. After that, Raghu heard Kabir’s voice saying he would cum.

Kabir: I’m going to cum all over your gorgeous tits. Take it! Take it!

Kabir started to moan loudly, and a few minutes later, there was complete silence. Raghu understood that Kabir had finally cum. He was jealous that Kabir had fucked his wife more than he had fucked Kabir’s girlfriend.

Soon Raghu noticed the lights went off in their room. He thought they had gone to sleep, so he also went to sleep. It was not even an hour before Raghu woke due to some noise. When he opened his eyes, he saw the lights of the next room were again switched on, and his wife, Preeti, was moaning loudly.

Raghu understood that Kabir was going again on his wife’s pussy. Raghu quietly slipped out of his bed without waking up Ria and went to see what Kabir and Preeti were doing. Raghu stood by the door in the dark so that Kabir and Preeti couldn’t see him.

What Raghu saw inside shocked him. He saw Kabir had tied down Preeti’s hands to the bed. Her legs rose in the air, and Kabir was fucking her in the ass. Kabir’s monstrous dick was going only halfway through in her ass, and he was trying to insert it forcefully.

Preeti: No! No! Please, not in the ass. I’m going to die in pain.

Preeti was crying in pain, but her hands were tied so that she could do anything. Kabir shut her mouth and kept on pushing his dick inside her ass.

Kabir: Keep your mouth shut. Your husband has sent you to me, so do what I want.

Kabir again pushed hard and buried his entire dick inside her ass. Preeti jumped due to pain, but Kabir pinned her down and started fucking her. First, he went slow but gradually increased his speed. Preeti tried to free herself, but Kabir kept throbbing his dick inside her ass. Raghu was watching all this.

Kabir: Ah! Yes! Your ass is like drugs. Once a man fucks it, he will ask for more and more. Ah! Ah!

Raghu felt his dick start to rise, watching Kabir repeatedly on his wife’s ass like a wild animal. Kabir was hitting Preeti with every stroke so hard that her entire body was shaking. Kabir bent over and grabbed both her fits in his hands while giving hard strokes to her ass.

Raghu kept on watching his wife’s ass getting destroyed by Kabir. Raghu heard Kabir cry aloud a few moments later and understood that he was about to cum. Kabir filled Preeti’s ass with his thick white cum. When he pulled out his dick, Raghu saw that his wife’s asshole had turned into a big tunnel.

Preeti was still crying due to pain, so Kabir pulled her in his arms and cuddled her.

Preeti: My whole body is in pain, and my pussy and ass are burning.

Kabir: Don’t cry, baby. That was the last one. Now I won’t do anything. Let’s take some rest.

Kabir then pulled the blanket above them; inside the blanket, they were both still naked. Raghu saw Kabir and Preeti cuddling inside the blanket and kissing each other. Kabir was playing with her boobs and squeezing her ass.

Slowly he reached to her pussy and started rubbing it hard. Preeti resisted as her pussy swelled.

Preeti: Ah! No, it’s hurting.

Kabir locked her lips with his lips and kept on rubbing her pussy. Raghu was watching all that and understood Kabir was not yet done.

Kabir: Preeti, just one more time. Please let me fuck you once more, and I will let you sleep.

Preeti: Please leave me. I can’t take it anymore.

Kabir had gone mad and was not listening to her. He slowly pushed her down and climbed on top of her. Inside the blanket, he adjusted his cock and pushed it into her pussy. Preeti cried out in pain, but Kabir was in no mood to show mercy. He wrapped the blanket around them and started fucking her hard.

Kabir: How could I sleep when such a hot pussy is next to me. I will not stop until you satisfy me completely.

Outside Raghu was standing watching his wife fucked helplessly. For the next 20 minutes, he stood there watching Kabir going at his wife like a savage. Finally, Kabir cum and filled her pussy with his cum. He kept on humping and dropped his seed deep inside her womb.

Raghu never imagined he would see another man breeding his wife. After that, Raghu returned to bed with Ria and tried to sleep. But his head was filled with all the visuals of Kabir destroying her wife’s pussy. After some time, he slept and woke up around 7 AM.

When he woke up, he was shocked to hear sex noises coming from the next room. He understood that the animal was fucking his wife again. He went to the door and saw his wife lying on her stomach, spreading her ass with both hands. Kabir was taking her pussy from behind in doggy style.

Raghu was not sure how many times Kabir had filled his wife’s womb with his seed. But now there was no point in worrying, so he went back to sleep again. He again woke up at 11 AM and found Ria was not in the room. So, he went to the next room and saw Kabir was also gone.

His wife was still sleeping, and she was completely naked. Her pussy was swollen and red like an apple, and cum was still dripping. There were bite marks all over her boobs. She was looking like a cheap whore. Raghu took off his pants and climbed on top of her. He rubbed his dick on her cum filled pussy.

Preeti woke up and asked what he was doing. Raghu shuts her mouth and shoves his dick inside her. He fucked her for a few minutes and released a huge load inside her. Then they lay down there naked for some time. Raghu saw Preeti looked happy.

A few weeks after they returned from their honeymoon Preeti found out she was pregnant. She was unsure whose baby she was carrying but decided to keep it anyway. 9 months later, when she gave birth to a baby boy, he looked exactly like Kabir.

Raghu understood that baby was not his son. When Kabir knew about it, he became excited. After some days, Kabir came to meet them and to see his son. He was very excited that Preeti gave him a son. He picked up Preeti and immediately took her to the bedroom to fuck her.

Outside Raghu was taking care of the kids while Kabir was enjoying himself with his wife, Preeti, in the bedroom.

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