Amar Akbar Antony and their Wives – Part 4

This is a fictional story. All the characters are fictional and strictly above 19. I prefer stories with a plot that gets us involved in the story, leading to sex, rather than stories with just wild sex.

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We saw how Amar and his Wife Aarti plan their honeymoon to the Maldives in the previous part. Amar met Akbar and Antony in the Maldives. Amar learns about the amazing sex life of Antony and Ashley and wants to join them.

We saw how Amar and his wife Aarti plan their honeymoon to the Maldives in the last part. Amar met Akbar and Antony in the Maldives. Amar learns about the amazing sex life of Antony and Ashley and wants to join them.

Amar convinces Aarti to wife swap, and he convinces Alia to enjoy sex. He helps Alia have the best sex of her life. Then, Ashley helps Amar have the wildest sex of his life.

The story continues.

All six of us had breakfast together while getting to know each other. It was the first time the girls were interacting with each other. The three of them were in bikinis and looked very sexy. Ashley was wearing a white bikini, Alia was wearing a blue one, and Aarti was wearing a red one.

Ashley: So girls, did you have fun the last two days? I know these guys had a blast. What about you girls?

They were a little shy to say yes openly but shook their head, signaling yes.

Ashley: You need not be shy, girls. Why should only guys have all the fun? We are here to have the best time of our life, and we will enjoy it the most.

She took both the girls and walked towards the beach while talking to them, leaving me, Antony and Akbar behind.

Me: So what’s the plan?

Antony: Let’s go and enjoy at the beach for a while, and then let’s go to my room, and we will take it from there.

Me: But I can’t wait to fuck them.

Antony: Haha. You need some patience, boy. Let Ashley prepare them and get them ready. Then, we can do whatever we want.

Me: Alright.

We followed the girls to the beach. It was empty, and just us three couples were at the beach. We three boys had gone into the water and played for some time. At the same time, Ashley was enlightening her two new students on the beach.

After a while, they joined us in the water as well. We didn’t care who was whose partner. It was just six grown-up individuals enjoying each other. I went around hugging Alia and squeezing her boobs over her bra.

Then, I repeated it with Aarti and Ashley too. I loved it. I enjoyed such openly on the beach with three girls at a time. I felt like I was in heaven.

After playing at the beach for a while, we all went to Antony’s room. We also took a lot of wine to the room. I, Akbar and Antony got rid of our clothes and dried ourselves. It was the first time I got naked in front of other guys. I felt a little awkward, but I didn’t mind.

I got to see Antony and Akbar’s cocks, and they were a little bigger than mine. But, I was happy that I could make the three women happy. Alia and Aarti were feeling a little shy to let go of their clothes. The girls were still in their bikinis.

Antony: Alright. It looks like the girls need some more encouragement to get naked. Let’s play a game.

He wrote down something on three pieces of paper, folded them, and placed them on a table. He then put three chairs around the table and asked us to pair up and sit on the chairs.

As I and Aarti, Akbar and Alia were about to sit on the chair, he waved his hand, signaling no.

Antony: Not with your wives. You dumbos. Alia and Amar, you are partners. Alia, go and sit on Amar’s lap.

Then, he sat on a chair, pulled Aarti on him, and made her sit on his lap. Then, Akbar sat on the third chair and Ashley on his lap. All of us started drinking wine. Then, he asked Ashley to pick up the first piece of paper, which she did.

Antony: What does it say?

Ashley: Perform a striptease and give a lap dance to your partner.

She needed no further urging. She stood up and started dancing while untying her top and letting it go. Then, she untied her bottom and let it go. She got naked in no time, sat on Akbar’s lap, and rubbed her thighs on his thighs. His stiffened cock was rubbing against her ass.

Looking at the action in front of me, even my cock stiffened and was poking Alia’s thigh. After Ashley’s performance, Alia’s turn was to pick up the slip.

Antony: What does it say?

Me: Perform a striptease and perform a titty rub for your partner.

Looking at Ashley’s performance, she broke her shackles and got up. She danced slowly while letting go of her bikini. She then rubbed her tits all over my face and chest. I pulled her onto me and sucked on her tits for a few seconds.

Antony: Let us finish the game first.

I got back to my senses and let her go. I could see the jealousy on Aarti’s face. I felt conscious. Then, Aarti picked up the slip.

Antony: Perform a striptease and a titty fuck to your partner.

She immediately stood up. While looking at me teasingly, she danced and let her bikini go in one moment. She was naked with her big boobs jiggling. Then, she kneeled in front of Antony and placed his cock in between her tits and stroked it.

I was jealous of it and never imagined my wife could be such wild and seductive. After getting titty fucked for a few minutes, Antony placed three more slips on the table. This time, he picked up the first one.

Antony: Drink the wine of your partner’s tits.

He gladly poured wine over Aarti’s tits while licking all over them. I wanted to be in his place. I wanted to join him, but I controlled myself. After enjoying her boobs and wine for a while, it was my turn. Mine said, Drink the wine of your partner’s pussy.

I jumped and made Alia sit on the chair and poured my glass of wine over Alia’s pussy while licking it. The taste of the mixture of her pussy juices and wine tasted amazing.

Then, I dipped my cock in her wine glass and made her lick it. I did it to tease Aarti, and she was annoyed. But I enjoyed it. Then, Akbar’s turn and slip said, “Drink the wine of your partner’s asshole.”

Ashley was excited by it and bent in front of Akbar. He poured his wine over Ashley’s butt cheeks and asshole and licked everywhere. Looking at all this action, I couldn’t hold it any longer. I picked up Alia and took her to the bed. I kissed her on the lips.

Then, I pushed my cock into her pussy and stroked her. Aarti and Antony joined us on the bed. Antony was fucking Aarti in a missionary position. I was fucking Alia in the same position. I looked into Aarti’s eyes, and she enjoyed it very much.

I placed one hand on Alia’s boobs and the other on Aarti’s tit and fondled them both. Ashley and Akbar were fucking on the couch.

Then, we changed positions, and Alia got into a doggy position facing her husband. I kneeled behind her and pushed my cock into her pussy. Akbar was watching his wife get pounded in a doggy position. I could see Alia enjoyed this.

Antony and Aarti changed positions too and got into the cowgirl position where Aarti was riding Antony. Her big tits were jiggling like crazy, and I took hold of her boobs again and squeezed them. After fucking Alia, I wanted to get my cock sucked by my wife while she was fucked by someone else.

So I stood up and gave my cock to Aarti for sucking. She gladly accepted and sucked it. After a while, I moved behind her, pushed her onto Antony, and got into position behind her. I pushed my cock into her asshole. I wanted my wife’s first threesome and sandwich to be with me.

Both I and Antony fucked Aarti’s holes like crazy while I finger fucked Alia. Looking at the action in front of them, Akbar and Ashley joined us in the bed. Akbar continued fucking Ashley in the asshole while finger fucked Alia along with me.

Then, I changed positions and got under Ashley. I fucked her pussy while Akbar was fucking her asshole. Antony changed positions and fucked Aarti in the asshole while eating away Alia’s pussy. Akbar proceeded to join Antony and Aarti and fucked Aarti in the pussy.

Then, I changed positions and fucked Alia in the asshole while eating away Ashley’s pussy. I loved it. I was fucking two women right in front of my wife while she was fucked by two men in both her holes. Akbar was shocked that Alia let me fuck in her asshole.

I could see in his eyes that he wanted to fuck her in the asshole. So, I moved on to her pussy and fucked Alia in her pussy. Akbar jumped onto Alia and pushed his cock into her asshole. I loved it. Fucking Alia in the pussy, while her husband was fucking her asshole.

Then, Antony decided to join us and pushed his cock into Alia’s mouth. The prettiest and smallest of the three were getting pounded in her three holes. Then, we did the same to Aarti and Ashley.

Finally, after a lot of sex, I ended up cumming in Aarti’s pussy. Antony and Akbar too cum. The three girls licked and cleaned our cocks one after another. It was one hell of an experience, and I still couldn’t believe if it was real or a dream.

Me: That was amazing. I wish we were here for a few more days.

Antony: Don’t worry. We will make the most of it when we are here.

Me: So Ashley, did you ever make out with a girl?

Everyone knew where this was leading to. Aarti got furious. But I kept going.

Ashley: Of course. Many times. And I know where you are going with this. Do you want to see your wife with another woman?

Aarti: No. I cannot do that.

Me: Yes. Ashley. Please Aarti.

Ashley: Don’t worry, babe. You know what? Lesbian sex is the best sex if you ask me. Only a girl knows how to satisfy another girl truly. You should enjoy it rather than think of it as weird.

Aarti: Umm…

She proceeded to take Aarti into her hands and kissed her on the lips. After kissing Aarti for a few minutes, she kissed Alia for a few more minutes. Then, she pushed both of them onto the bed. Aarti and Alia were lying next to each other.

Then, Ashley pushed her fingers into both their pussies and finger fucked them for a good some time. Initially, Aarti and Alia felt weird, but slowly they enjoyed it a lot. Then, Ashley alternated between tongue fucking and finger fucking. She tongue fucked one while finger fucked another.

This excited Aarti and Alia very much, and they kissed each other. Akbar, Antony and I were just spectators to the amazing lesbian show in front of us. Then, Ashley proceeded to fondle and suck both their boobs. Aarti and Alia continued kissing.

After a while, both of them pushed Ashley onto the bed. Aarti was eating away Ashley’s pussy, while Alia was fondling and sucking Ashley’s boobs. Then, Aarti and Alia exchanged their positions. After sucking tits and tongue-fucking for a while, all three of them kissed at a time, exchanging their juices.

They then hugged each other tight and rolled on the bed for a few minutes while kissing. Then, Ashley and Aarti got into a scissors position and touched each other’s pussies. They rubbed their pussy against others’ pussy, while Alia got her pussy licked by Aarti. I loved it.

My wife was sucking another woman’s pussy while rubbing her pussy against another woman’s pussy. Then, Alia and Aarti exchanged positions. Aarti got her pussy licked by Alia while Alia was Tribbing with Ashley. All this action was too sexy and got us boys very horny. We went and joined in the action.

I went and gave my cock to Aarti. She took it and sucked on it. Then, Akbar and Antony joined us too. The lesbian sex again turned into group sex. I fucked all three of them and finally cum in Alia. All of us were very tired.

We chit-chatted for a while. We even had our dinner naked. Then, we had another round of wild sex before we dispersed to our rooms.

As soon as we went to our rooms, late in the night, tired and drunk, we slept like babies. I didn’t want the trip to end, but it was the end of our trip, too, like all good things. We woke up in the morning and packed our stuff as it was the last day of our trip.

We bid our farewells. I hugged Alia and Ashley and almost cried as well. We promised each other we would stay in touch and meet again. The naïve and innocent girls who landed in the Maldives had turned into sluts by the time we got on our return flights.

After we got back to Hyderabad, Aarti, a shy and naive girl, turned into a bold and slutty girl who enjoyed wearing sexy clothes and all the attention she got. I loved this wild side of Aarti.

We tried searching for other couples who would be interested in swapping, but we did not find anyone in Hyderabad. We wanted to convince a few of our friends, but we were not sure how to go about it. We were mostly back to our routine lifestyles with occasional fun now and then.

Maldives trip was one incident which changed our lives a lot. But, a few months later, another incident occurred, which changed our lives completely. I can never forget the day it all started.

To be continued.