The Secret Affair – Part 2 (Cuck Husband Confronts Cheating Wife)

The next Monday, I went to the office after switching on the cameras to know if this happens regularly. After I went away at 9, my friend Raj came home at 10. My wife Kriti welcomed him being naked! And was dancing for him.

She removed my friend’s pants and underwear and was sucking his cock passionately. They were taking it so slowly as they knew I would arrive at 6 pm only. She was sucking him happily as it was a huge cock. He then hugged her and started kissing her.

My wife never kissed me with such passion. She was kissing my friend like there was no tomorrow. Kriti jumped on him and sat on his hips while he took her to the bedroom. He threw her onto the bed and removed his shirt. He started touching her legs and massaging her thighs. She was in ecstasy.

He then went toward her and kissed her forehead, and cheeks and again kissed her for five to ten minutes.

Raj kissed her neck and held both of her boobs and squeezed them hard. I could see that she was in pain and also enjoying it. Then he was rough sucking my wife’s nipple like he would stretch her nipples. And she was enjoying every second of it.

After that, he went down and started eating her wet juicy pussy. She was holding her boobs and enjoying his tongue going in and out of her pussy.

There it was…she had her first orgasm just by his eating. Kriti was shivering with rolling eyes. But he wasn’t stopping. He continued his eating by putting a finger inside my wife. She was holding his head pushing it away from her pussy as she just had an orgasm. After a few minutes, she was back on track. She put her hand over her head and squeezed the pillow.

My friend then jumped on her and put his cock in her mouth and started mouth fucking Kriti. He was not at all being gentle with her but surprisingly she was liking it. She was rubbing her pussy while his cock went in and out deep into her mouth. He turned around and pushed his cock deep into her mouth and started sucking her pussy (69).

They continued like this for some minutes and she orgasmed again. She took out his cock and her eyes were rolling but he was never patient.

He put his cock back forcefully into her mouth and suddenly started mouth fucking her so fast and pushed his cock into her mouth deep and cummed inside her mouth. She choked and spat the remaining cum. Then they were lying on the bed kissing and cuddling. By the time it was already 11.

They went to the bathroom and cleaned each other. Kriti was telling Raj something and she went to the kitchen. He went to the living room and switched on the TV. Nothing was happening until 12. Then he went to the kitchen. I didn’t set up any camera in the kitchen so I could not know what was happening.

They were not wearing any dress inside the house. They were walking naked like there was no problem. Maybe they had lunch, I assumed. But they were not coming back till 3. So I knew they were having fun there too.

I was disappointed and wished I had a camera set up all over the house.

Then they came back to the living room and Raj went to the bathroom. He came back and dressed up. He gave my wife a goodbye kiss and left at around 4.

The next day, I bought some additional cameras but I couldn’t place them. Anyways, I decided to watch that day’s sex of my wife and opened the video. As usual, they were having sex in the bed and my friend was fucking my wife to orgasm. Suddenly, my wife came to my room and I was rubbing my cock! She saw it and tried to go back with an angry face but I called her. She came to me and I minimized the video.

I said to her, “I know that we haven’t been having sex lately and you are not interested in it, so can you help me this one time?”

She had a pity face and asked me with a gasp. “Okay, what do you want me to do?”

I said, “Can you suck my dick as I watch this porn?”

Kriti thought for a while and agreed on it. She sat in front of me and took my cock in her mouth. I reopened the video and watched them fuck while my wife was actually giving me a blowjob. That was an amazing feeling – me watching my wife having sex with another man while she was blowing me! I cummed a lot in her mouth.

She didn’t spit it. So I asked her, “You drank my cum! You didn’t like that before. So why did you?” (like I don’t know about her and Raj.) She replied that she did it for me.

When she went to take a shower, I rushed and placed the camera in the kitchen. I also needed to place one more camera in the dining room but I didn’t have the time.

She came back while I was in the dining room trying to find a location to place the camera and looked at me with tears. She hugged me and said, “Sorry”. I asked her why. She wasn’t stopping her cries and still hugged me tightly.

I hugged her back and stayed that way for some hours. I made her go to the bedroom and made her lie on the bed.

I didn’t ask her the reason but I assumed that after I asked her to give me at least a blowjob, she might have felt weird and sad about it. Maybe I was thinking about it while showering.

I went to the computer to set up the camera in the kitchen and saw that I forgot to minimize the video of them having sex. She must have seen that.

It was total silence and after some time, I asked her.

“Do you need a divorce?”. She jumped up and said, “No No!” And she was crying.

“I know you don’t like me and clearly you like him”.

She was just crying and not talking. I said not to cry and it’ll be okay.

There was no activity in my house from that day onward. I checked the cameras. She was home all day doing nothing. And I had sex with her every day but she had no passion for it and I was disappointed. But still, a cuckold inside me wanted her to have sex with another man.

So, after some days, I went to her and said, “I am directly going to say this… I want you to have sex with him.”

“What! No, I won’t do that again, I promise.”

“No. You should do it. For me. I have been feeling weird lately. And I think I’m a cuckold. I want you to have sex with Raj again. But promise me one thing. I need to see you guys having it live sometimes.”

We had so many arguments and embarrassing talks and finally, she agreed. “And hey, Raj must not know about this.” She agreed.

Then it was a Saturday morning. Kriti suggested that it is better to call my friend Raj that day. I was excited and so was she. She called him on speakerphone and told him to come.

“My husband won’t be home till 6 pm.” She said.

“Oh baby, I have been missing you. I am coming,” he cut the call.

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