Sabrina and the Beast

Sabrina tugged at her low-cut dress, hiding her annoyance and embarrassment. When her husband had messaged her, asking her to dress up, she had excitedly put on something risque. She thought he was taking her on a date, just the two of them like they had done so often.

Instead, here she was, horribly dressed. Her husband paraded her around, showing her off to his colleagues in a small family restaurant. She had seen the disapproving looks of other wives. (Justified, of course, wearing something this revealing in a family restaurant must break some decency laws.)

The longing, not-so-subtle stares she got from their husbands. Their eyes followed the shiny necklace that rested on her exposed cleavage.

“You should try wearing something like that,” she heard one husband comment to his wife. She felt his eyes bore through the dress. “Yikes, good luck, buddy,” she thought to herself.

Her husband quickly realized his mistake. He quickly sat her down, forced a drink in her hand and draped his jacket over her. “Thank you,” she said with venom. He choked on a weak laugh and gave her a quick kiss before leaving her alone to stew in her embarrassment.

It had been too long since they had spent time together, just the two of them – kids, work, family, friends. Obligations got in the way of any genuine moment, private moment, like any married couple. She still remembered both of them promising that they wouldn’t let anything get in the way between them.

Both of them had failed to keep that promise like any married couple. She sighed out loud and finished the drink in one go. The smooth burn on her throat felt nice, reminding her of when she used to smoke. She had given it up when she found out she was pregnant with her first kid.

The things you do for love, give up smoking, give up sex. A waiter came up to her and handed her another drink. She saw her husband flash a smile and a thumbs up from across the room. She made a mental note to remind herself that she would never forgive her husband for this.

The evening was a dour one for Sabrina. She moved from group to group, conversation to conversation, before circling back to the same table with a new drink in her hand. She was not enjoying herself.

Then, he arrived.

She guessed he was one of her husband’s co-workers as he quietly joined her husband’s group before ducking out. He made the familiar sweep across the room, quick with his introductions and just as quick with excuses, before he joined another group.

She did not understand why her eyes kept following the man. He wasn’t anything spectacular or did not have any particular oddities. As far as she could tell, he was just an average man. Perhaps he was taller than the average man, and his chest and back were broad, but again nothing spectacular.

Then when he started to approach her, did she realize why. There were three particular reasons.

First were his eyes. His face as a whole was not bad. Some might even say cute. But his eyes. It was almost paradoxical. There was hunger in his eyes. Something bestial that she could see inside of them, yet at the same time, was almost dead, apathetic.

It was like cold fire or burning ice, passion tempered with apathy, a machine with the eyes of a beast. She found herself unable to meet his gaze, so her eyes wandered down only to be introduced to the second reason. He was walking around with a massive erection. And it was truly massive.

The bulge in his pants seemed to be inappropriately huge, sticking out like a sore thumb. She had to wonder how none of the women or the men here had commented on that thing. She had been watching him interact with the lot of them.

At least from a distance, no one seemed to react to a grown man walking around the entire room with his tent pitched. Her eyes were glued to the hidden erection. She could feel her body respond in kind, her brain already imagining situations. As he approached even closer, the third reason hit her.

The smell. It was a familiar smell. Mothers with teenage sons would be familiar with it. The smell of cum and sweat. It was not a scent one enjoyed, but now it sent Sabrina’s head into a tailspin. It was strong. It was overpowering. She felt an itch develop now, a persistent knock on her sensibilities.

She forced her eyes upward as the man now stopped before her table. “Hello, my name is,” she missed his name as one of her husband’s friends, drunk as a fish, fell over laughing. “I guess you are one of the wives since I have never seen you at the office before,” he said.

His voice was deep, rumbling out of him like a drum. She smiled weakly, hoping that he had not noticed that she had not bothered to listen to what he was saying. Her mind was occupied with mapping out the contours of his penis.

It was supernatural, how fixated she was on this man. Was she the only one who felt this way? Did no one else in the room feel this heat, this lust? She could barely stop herself from throwing herself at him. All she wanted to do was tear away all his clothes, push him down and just go down on him.

“May I sit down here?”

“What?” Her voice was weak.

“Oh, I saw that you were all alone, so, I mean, I don’t mean to impose myself,” he said. He might have fumbled with his words, but Sabrina was sure it was all engineered. She could see it in his eyes, those calculating yet manic eyes.

She could see how he stared at her, undressed her in his mind, and feasted on her naked body. God, she could feel it. She could feel her body responding to his lust, to his overpowering desire. Or was it her own? Or was she imagining all of it? Was she that desperate?

“I guess you are,” he said coolly. This time she could not even get a word out as she stared at his face, those unflinching eyes and that cold smile. “You didn’t think I would notice you staring at my crotch like that. You didn’t think I would find out how wet your pussy already is,” he said as the dark fire in his eyes raged.

“Woman,” he hissed, “I can see through you.” But it was his eyes that screamed, “I can see all of your selfish, sinful desires. Do not resist. Give in, give in to your desires. Relinquish your body to me, and I shall show you a world you had never dreamt of.”

He stood up abruptly, with lightning grace. When he took her hands, she could feel unnatural heat. He dragged her away from her seat. No, drag would imply resistance. It meant that she put up some fight, some enterprise to defeat this monster of a man.

But there was nothing. She had been defeated before the battle even began. She never had any chance of overcoming this raw, overwhelming sexual energy. So, there was no battle, no great endeavour. She gave in and followed the beast outside.

Were people staring at her? Did her husband know what she was doing or what she would do? These questions and many more flashed through her head. But they were quickly suppressed by unrelenting desire.

They had barely made it outside when he pushed his lips into hers. His tongue forced her mouth open and snaked inside. His tongue ran over her gums and her tongue. Sabrina greedily accepted his tongue, melting into his cruel kiss. She drank his saliva and wriggled her tongue for him.

Their tongues danced inside, wrestling against each other frantically. Simultaneously, his hands pulled at her dress, forcing their way inside. They aggressively groped her breasts, his rough hands pulling and pinching her nipples. She gasped as an influx of pain and pleasure shocked her brain.

Pleased by her reaction, the beast’s hand snaked its way down her body, caressing it. Its rough feverish hands infected her cool body with sexual heat, preparing her body for the deluge of rapture yet to come.

“Oh,” she moaned as he attacked her neck while his hand softly caressed her womanhood. He pressed his fingers against the fabric of her thin underwear, rubbing against the contours of her private parts. Wave upon wave of pleasure crashed into her mind, leaving strong imprints inside her.

But it was not enough. She wanted him inside of her. She couldn’t wait. It wasn’t enough. Her own hands rebelled against her reservations, one step ahead of her frazzled mind. He reached down, pushed her underwear to the side, and guided his thick fingers inside her.

A gasp of pleasure escaped from Sabrina’s lips as the beast probed inside. Her hands immediately reached their next target, the massive erection rubbing against her. She jerked and pulled at the pillar in uncouth desperation. The warmth was radiating through his tight pants, burning her palms.

She tugged against the pant’s stubborn belt and zippers, desperate to free the constrained penis from its prison. It was not an easy task, especially when his fingers ravaged her pussy while his tongue danced inside her mouth and his hands kneaded her breasts.

She was being attacked from all directions, and the only way she could get any respite was if she had his penis in her hands. As his pants dropped away, the taut pillar of flesh finally unfurled to its greatest glory. Sabrina was sure it was bigger than her forearm and thicker than it.

It was incredible how otherworldly it seemed. This penis could not have been made to please humans. It was far too big and thick. Sabrina realized that this thing would be going inside of her. She would get ravaged, destroyed, demolished by it.

Apprehension and unease swirled inside her, fueling her racing heart that hammered against her chest. She realized the fear was only making her more aroused.

She looked up at this stranger who had dragged her out and was going to fuck her. He met her gaze with a cruel smile and pushed her down. She obeyed him without resistance, swaying her hips, showering his body with kisses as she snaked her way down.

She took the massive penis in her hands and started stroking it. She stopped once in a while to kiss the angry red head of his cock, taking in the bitter smell and taste of his pre-cum. She licked his shaft, making her way down, mapping out the dimensions of this incredible specimen.

She sucked his heavy balls, her tongue running over the massive testicles, exciting his potent seed. Her hands worked furiously, their grip tight as they shot up and down his penis. She surfaced again, ready to lick the white pre-cum dribbling out of his head when he forced his penis inside her mouth.

Her brain swam in confusion, unable to process what was happening as it was starved of the oxygen it required. She couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t breathe! The cock was too massive. It forced its way deep inside of her throat. She fought back against her gag reflex, simultaneously trying to calm her panicking mind.

The only reason she could do this was the fear of suffocation. The pain multiplied the sheer amount of pleasure she was experiencing. It was easy to ignore sheer surmounting terror, the need for self-preservation, in the face of ungodly, otherworldly rapture.

Our primeval alarm systems pushed her mind to the brink of insanity, lust that helped her embrace the irrational. She bobbed her head up and down, a feat that seemed to tear her jaws apart, and she savored the taste and warmth. Her hands had snaked their way downwards, rubbing against her pussy.

It was an obscene sight that reeked of immoral, desperate, primordial lust, sweat, semen, and other discharge. An act fit for animals rather than humans.

What would they think if they saw her like this, out in the open struggling to fit a massive cock inside her, wildly shaking her hips, her fingers busy providing her with more pleasure? What would her husband think?

The image of his troubled face as he watched his wife, his prim, proper wife, his loving wife, shove a stranger’s cock inside her mouth, clearly in pain and discomfort yet not willing to stop. It only made her hornier, trying harder to please the beast before her.

Oh God, what is happening to me?

The enticing flame of dark arousal flickered hypnotically. Sabrina embraced the pulsing fire eagerly. She quickened her pace as his penis started to pulse in anticipation. He pushed as deep as he could inside her throat. His hands wrapped around her throat.

The other hand clutched her hair with desperation, holding her in place, not letting her escape. Without hesitation, his penis erupted inside. His thick, foul, warm semen surged inside her. He treats me like a toy. He only wants to use me. Yet, why does it feel so good?

She thought to herself as she pathetically gagged and coughed. She turned her watery gaze towards the cruel face that towered over her, contorted in pleasure. She met his gaze as his penis recovered, swaying and dancing in anticipation again.

Relief washed over her as her hands caressed the massive manhood again. The fun was not going to stop here. She followed the man deeper inside the parking lot. Her eyes fixated on the man’s massive back and powerful arms. She ignored the near-constant dampness in her underwear, the hammering beat of her racing heart, the pleasurable weakness that threatened to topple her at any moment.

It was tempting. If she fell here, she was sure the stranger would fuck her right there the moment she fell. But she steeled herself as they approached a large car waiting at the corner of the parking lot. The man opened the passenger door for her. She stepped in, and he followed after her.

He kissed her as he closed the door behind him. He tugged at her dress. He needed her naked. She didn’t object, her hands fumbling around trying to undo her zippers. His hands were attacking her erogenous zones again as the dress slipped down her body.

Her hands were busy, ripping the shirt off of him, forcing his pants and underwear down. She felt her pulse quicken at the sight of that massive penis.

She guided the head down towards her womanhood greedily. Each moment that the penis was not inside of her seemed to lengthen.

It was insane how impatient she felt. Taking in a cock that big would just hurt her. She was sure of that. Yet, she felt like a little girl waiting for her gift, like a dog waiting for its master. It took all of her willpower not to beg for his penis. She was too proud of that.

That, unfortunately, would not last. The façade of resistance was knocked down as he inserted the penis inside of her. Pain and pleasure swirled inside her as the massive rod pushed its way inside of her. She felt her womanhood expand, bullied around by that member to accommodate the beast’s cock.

She was gasping and moaning, struggling to catch her breath, to catch a moment of respite from the torrent of stimulation and sensation. He had not even started moving yet. He leaned forward to kiss her, a sign of pity, a small love gesture, something purer than filthy lust. But that was lost as he started to move.

What grace! What power! What finesse!

He slammed his hips into her with no regard for her and what she felt like, like a beast only looking to mate. Yet he made slight adjustments at every stroke, using his massive penis to hit most of her sensitive areas deep inside of her at once. His machine-like precision was powered by vicious desire.

Gifts from the heavens themselves used to sin and defile. This was a man of contradictions, unresolved paradoxes, unprecedented sexual energy, and deviance. It was unfair how much better he was than her husband, how captivating.

As she lay there taking a pounding of a lifetime, the world was made simple for her. With her husband, there were complications. His was a world of compromise, vanity, of complexities.

With him, with the beast, there was only one thing, one thing that mattered; sex and pleasure, lust and rapture, desire and satisfaction. It was an easy choice, was it not?

“Please,” she whispered, pulling him down for a kiss, “please, you can be rougher. You can fuck me harder.”

He responded by kissing her and then turned her around. She was now on her knees, looking out of the passenger window. On the murky reflection, she could see the stranger tower over her, his rough hands spreading her ass. Worst of all, she could see her face, her wild, deranged face contorted with pleasure.

A loud moan erupted from her lips as he inserted his penis inside her again. Somehow, she felt his cock reach deeper depths inside of her. Her hands shot out, slamming against the window to brace herself. The beast began to move again, increasing his speed until it felt like a jackhammer was drilling Sabrina.

She could not stop her loud moans, nor could she stop her body from reacting to each little movement. She could feel the heat build-up inside her core, the dammed-up reservoir of pleasure starting to overflow. She prepared herself for the best orgasm of her life. But it never came.

Instead, the stranger pulled out his cock from inside of her. Disappointment washed over her. Why? Why did he stop? Is it something I did? Her hips danced and swayed by themselves, seeking out that flesh-rod of pleasure.

“Why?” She heard herself whisper. “Why did you stop? Please, please continue. I will do anything, so please stuff my pussy with your cock!” The desperation in her voice amazed her. She finally understood what lows she could descend to. The beast remained silent.

He opened the car doors and dragged her outside of the car. Naked, exposed, out in the open. He wants to fuck me in the open. He wants the others to see. He wants others to see the power he holds over her, over someone else’s wife. No, she thought to herself, I can’t let that.

She lost her train of thought as she saw that impressive specimen of the penis again. She dropped down to her knees. She was ready to take it inside of her again when a small light flashed inside the car. It was her cell phone. She rushed towards it. She could feel its vibrations.

She did not even have to look at the screen to know who was calling. Of course, it was her husband. Sabrina was willing to let the call go unanswered. She had better things to do. Far more important things to do, like service the stranger’s cock.

But she heard him whisper, ”Pick up the phone.” Sabrina shook her head. Anything but that. After all, she had done tonight. She did not want him to know. “Don’t you want me? Don’t you want my cock?” Sabrina stared hopelessly at the screen. She could not disobey.

As she answered the call, the beast raised her legs and inserted his penis.

“Hey Honey,” she gasped out, trying her best not to moan. “Hey, honey,” the voice floated from the speakers. The voice sounded thick and stupid.

“Where are you?” her husband asked.

“I’m in the parking lot, talking to an old friend I ran into,” she said a little too quickly. She had to because as soon as she blurted that out, she had to cover her mouth as a loud moan escaped her lips.

“What?” he shouted at the phone. Sabrina started to repeat herself before she was interrupted by her husband. “Listen, I am so sorry about today.”

Sabrina did not reply. Her mouth was busy entertaining the beast’s tongue.

“I know we haven’t been out, you know, just the two of us, right?” Her husband groped to find the right words while the beast groped and pulled at Sabrina’s ample bosoms. “Like, you know I love you, right?”

But that’s the thing, my dear husband. I don’t think I love you anymore. She was appalled by the words that flashed across her head. Yet, she was sure of it. Love was too flimsy.

It did nothing to stop the beast’s attack. It did nothing to blunt the pleasure she felt when his penis was inside her. She was sure she only loved one thing in the world.

“Of course,” she said coldly, her hollow voice echoing in the parking lot.

“You are coming home tonight right?”

Sabrina stared at the stranger. The stranger stared at her before he leaned in for a kiss. The thrusting intensified as the vile couple approached their climax while Sabrina’s body convulsed.

Her back formed an impossible arch, her eyes rolled back, her tongue lolling out. The beast came inside her, painting her insides white with his seed. What felt like an endless torrent of semen forcing its way inside, looking to impregnate her.

Sabrina never found out if she remained silent or screamed at that moment. She did not care to be honest.

“Hello, Sabrina?” the phone blared.

“I think I will stay at the friend’s place tonight,” she said as the beast’s penis recovered its strength. It was going to be