Navaratri ke Navarasa – Part 2 (Hasya)

“So you guys have run away from your wives and are here peddling drugs to young girls?” I asked jokingly.

He was very appreciative of my beauty and was fawning over my attire. I did add by accentuating my breasts by bringing my arms closer to the sides.

“Nothing like that. We came out to party after closing a recent deal in town. Well, you looked really nice, so I approached. But yes, I am married and have a kid back in Bangalore, while Ilyas here is a divorcee,” said Prakash. He spoke after snapping out of the trance my cleavage had on him.

“So you’re here hitting on girls for him then as a wingman?” I asked with a wink to Ilyas.

“Areh nahi, I was showing him how to talk to girls and get out there. Didn’t realize it would work so fast,” Prakash laughed while downing his drink. He asked me if I wanted something as he ordered at the bar.

“So you showed him, and considering it was successful. What were you going to do? Hand me over to him, or continue with me?” I asked in a flirtatious tone

“Well, I would have introduced him, but now I’m interested also,” Prakash, looking at me, said. I could see his eye hovering over my cleavage again. I made sure to keep propped up.

“So then what would happen to poor Ilyas here?” I asked.

“He’s not so poor considering how well he gets women. Don’t go by his calm demeanour. He’s what I call the silent Casanova,” Prakash commented, pointing at Ilyas.

“Anyway, you would have come with friends, right? You would have then introduced him to one of them, and it would be a win-win,” continued Prakash, with no intention of allowing Ilyas to join the conversation.

Ilyas just kept quiet while he looked me up and down, pretty much undressing me with his eyes. He was tall like Prakash with greying hair and was clean-shaven. He was wearing a T-shirt and jeans with a blazer and would have looked out of place. But he was carrying the style well.

I walked over to Ilyas and got in the middle of them. I faced the bar and said, “So with all this hypothesis, we’re still not on the main topic then. I may have a friend, but the question is, who should I introduce her to? Who should I continue flirting with.”

“You can continue flirting with both of us. We don’t mind. Who do you want to flirt with if your friend comes and you have to choose?” said Ilyas, showing his sharp wit.

I almost blushed, but I replied, “I don’t mind if my friend doesn’t come, and I get both of their attention.”

We laughed together and continued chit-chatting. Prakash kept his hand on my waist to check the waters, which I allowed.

Sunaina came after some time, and I introduced her to them. We both excused ourselves for the washroom. I had to fill her in on the men I was talking to while I had to know what she was up to.

“Arre, he was boring after he came, and I left him there. What are you planning to do with these oldies or what?” she asked

“They seem fun, experienced and have fun stuff with them,” I advocated

“Tere na ye daddy wale fetish na bohut zyada ho raha hai.” (Your daddy figure fetishes getting out of hand?) she said with a laugh. We walked back to the table with the men.

“Tereko kaunsa chalega?” (Which one works for you?) I asked as we decided.

“I’ll take the blazer guy, as I’m not into the whole balding thing. I leave uncle to you,” she said in a whisper as we reached the table.

“So Ilyas, Sunaina is really interested in your take on food choices. Maybe you can guide her to order better for us,” I laughed as it was like an indirect nudge to who focuses on whom.

I got closer to Prakash, who was observing Sunaina and Ilyas talk while he looked at me. He said, “I need a wingman like you in my life.”

“Aren’t you married?” I giggled. He looked at me and replied that he likes to explore women who are open to it outside of marriage.

We ordered some food and drinks as the party continued. You could feel the sexual tension in the room. Some couples decided to get closer and start heading out slowly. You could see the nervous glances of the boys. Maybe they succeeded in fishing a good girl to experience sex finally.

It definitely was rubbing off on me. I was still wet from all the pent-up sexual tension and drinks. I was allowing Prakash to have one hand rub all around my exposed navel as I sat next to him.

Ilyas and Sunaina were also busy in conversation. I moved my hand under the table to Prakash’s crouch to find a nice hard tent as I checked. He leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Do you want to come with us to our Hotel? We can continue our party there. I have some nice recreational treats you can try.”

I agreed and signalled Sunaina. I said, “I think Prakash has a nice surprise for us at his hotel, so would you both like to join us?”

Sunaina eyeballed me, knowing full well what I meant and looked over at Ilyas. We got up, and our men led us to the valet parking. Ilyas went to cover the bill. Prakash had his hand on both Sunaina’s and my hip, and he led us out. I slid his hand lower so he was now holding my butt over the ghaghra.

As the valet bought the SUV, we realized both these men would be pounding us tonight in some fancy 5-star hotel room. If we both weren’t such sluts we would have scared been scared. But we were prepared and needed this.

Since Ilyas doesn’t drink, he was driving. I nudged Sunaina to sit in the front while Prakash and I got in the back seat. The harrier has very large seats in the back. But I made sure I was pushing myself more towards Prakash. He was sitting behind Sunaina’s seat.

As we got on our way, I slowly turned to Prakash and bit his ears. He flinched and looked at me with lust. He put his arms around my waist to draw me closer. His other hand fondled my breasts over my blouse. I moved our bags to the other side of the seat.

I slowly lifted my leg on the seat with my white heels on to lift my ghaghra a little. I raised my body to start removing my thong panties. Prakash’s eyes were focused on the legs and upper thighs. I slowly slid my white lace thong off over my heels and handed it to him.

He looked at the panties like a child with a new toy. I smelled them as he moved his hand to my blouse back and one to my waist. He whispered that my panties felt wet. He hoped he could flood my juice out of my pussy tonight. Ilyas and Sunaina were busy talking, and the radio was playing.

I put my hand into his pants by loosening his strap and slid into his underwear to feel his hard rod. He kissed my cheeks, and we kissed. My blouse had a nice design feature to untie from the front. He quickly found it and pulled before I could say anything.

The blouse separated to reveal my 34c brown nipples and milk jugs. Thankfully, we were behind Sunaina, who was unaware of what had happened. But Ilyas saw us suddenly with a rearview mirror. Mine and his eyes met while Prakash was busy fondling my breasts. I winked and turned for him to see my breasts.

He gulped and was trying to focus on the road. But I knew he wanted to see the show. Prakash had now lifted me onto his lap as he wanted to suck my breasts. Sunaina felt the sudden movements. She turned to find my leg spread over Prakash’s lap, my blouse open.

I held the back seat headrest while Prakash had his face in my breasts. She yelled, saying, “Arre, hotel tak to ruk jatte! Yahan raste mein hi shuru kar diya!” (You guys should have waited to reach the Hotel! You started here on the streets only!)

Ilyas quickly turned the car into a side lane to find a dark spot to avoid people seeing anything. He found some dark alley parked and turned around, saying, “You’ll get us caught, Prakash! Take this to the room!”

Prakash looked from the side of my arms and said, “Ilyas, I couldn’t control she’s too hot! Can you give us 15 minutes? Take a quick walk, both of you and come back, please.” He looked at Sunaina and said, “Do you want to step out? Maybe get a smoke?”

She agreed, and both stepped out of the car. The door closed to turn off the cabin lights, and Prakash went into action. I was kneeling on the seat on his lap with my legs across his body. He lifted my ghagra from the front as he faced me to find my pussy.

He slid his pants along with his underwear. He revealed his cock of fat girth with little pubic hair at the bottom of the shaft. He quickly took out a condom from his pocket. He put it on his cock with my help as he sat me down on his thick desi married cock.

I was wet, but I felt him go into my pussy, stretching my hole to the sides. I settled on him. His hand went from the front under my ghagra to around my butt cheeks. He used them to grip me and start his pelvis thrust. I had his cock inside me, and I started moaning loudly due to its girth.

I asked quickly, “I know it’s too late now to ask, but how old are you?” He paused and looked at me. He started to move his cock in and out while saying.

“Old enough to be your father, bitch! You like that, don’t you? A man double your age is fucking you in his car and taking you to hotels like the good slut you are! I’m 47, and I’ll fuck you like  an older man and you will enjoy it completely!”

His aggression grew as he started thrusting his cock inside my wet pussy. I moaned and said, “Yes, I like to be a slut to older men! Do you want to be my daddy and fuck me?” He started grunting. I allowed him to thrust his cock into me faster while he started sucking on one of my breasts.

“Aah!” is all I could say as we both started moving in a rhythm. His hand was on my butt cheeks. He spread them and pushed his finger into my butthole. Ilyas forgot to keep the engine on, so the closed car became a hot sex chamber. We kissed and were sweating.

His tongue explored my entire mouth as his cock went deep into my pussy. The smell of sex, the motion of the thrusting and the taste of alcohol filled my mind and body. The thrusting became faster. He pushed two fingers from each hand into the butthole.

He used the remaining to grab my butt cheeks and spread them as he pulled me onto his cock. I was in bliss. I pushed him away and arched backwards. My head was going backwards between the two front seats. He grunted in an animalistic way to get my pussy to bounce faster on his cock.

I held the headrests of the front seat as I moaned, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” My pussy was welling with pleasure. The panoramic roof of the harrier was open to show the glass. I could see the stars in the sky. My lower body was in control of Prakash.

He was grunting and not even saying anything understandable as he was about to cum.  “Aah!” was what he grunted as he came into the condom. It turned warm inside, and I could feel a warm bladder in my pussy. As he finished, he pulled me closer to him. My face levelled with him, and he kissed me.

As I got off him, his cock came out to reveal the white cream in the top part of the condom. I started removing the condom as soon as he let me. As I slipped it off with some layer of cum on his cock I bent over and licked his cock shaft from top to bottom to get the layer in my mouth as he moaned.

I then showed him the condom with his cum and raised it over my mouth as I slowly drained it into my mouth. The dense white cum threaded into my mouth. He looked at me with a mesmerizing gulp. I poured his salty love juices into my mouth.

I discarded the condom outside the window and turned to show him his cum in my mouth. I then proceeded to swallow it.  “Thanks for the dessert,” I said seductively. He was trying to snap out of the enigma of seeing a cumslut like me consume his cum.

He grabbed me by my waist to start sucking my breasts again. “What an amazing cumslut you are? Tell me what you want, and it’s yours.” I pushed him away and said, “It’s enough for now, as people are waiting for us outside.” I pushed him outside the car, telling him to check on Sunaina and Ilyas.

I tied up my blouse front and fixed my makeup. He got out while getting his pants up and his kurta fixed. While I got my makeup fixed, he walked ahead to look for them. I caught my breath and realized how hot the car cabin had become. The smell of sex and sweat was apparent.

I still was not satisfied, but I was not taking a chance of getting caught in the car. I’d rather go to a hotel room with them than get arrested. I fixed my ghagra. I stepped out of the car with my heels in my hand as I tried to put them on. I looked to the right.

I saw Sunaina walking towards me, smiling and saying, “Hotel tak nahi ruk payi tu? Idhar hi lund lena tha tereko?” (Couldn’t you wait to reach the Hotel? You wanted a cock here only?) She handed me a bottle of water.

I straightened up and drank it to wash down the taste of cum and said, “Kya karu garmi bohut hai.” (What to do as I’m in heat). I winked at her the same way she had at the Hotel.

Prakash and Ilyas started walking towards the car. Ilyas looked at me, “I hope there’s no more planned session while I start driving again.” I winked at him, saying, “I can’t promise anything. But I do know you enjoyed the show.”

He told Prakash to sit in the front seat while sending Sunaina to the back to avoid any other shenanigans. As he started the car, both I and Sunaina were trying to get some of the stuff at the back arranged to find my white lace thong.

She giggled. I whispered in her ear to take her off also as we drove towards the Hotel. She obliged as I took it and put one each of our panties through the leg holes onto the gear shift module. Both Ilyas and Prakash were taken aback. Prakash took both and smelt them, saying, “Sweet fragrances of pussy.”

The car made its way to the Hotel. Prakash was put up there. It was apparent it was going to be a long night of adventures, beauty, passion and laughter (Hasya).