I Finally Fucked My Girlfriend – Part 1 (Hot College Romance)

Hi readers, I am Vicky and I am working in the pharma sector currently. I am 28 and this incident is about my life story relating to the love of my life (now ex-GF) Mansi. So, without wasting any more time, let me take you all to the story.

Back in time and almost 7 years before, I was in my 2nd year of B.Sc. and it was the time when the next new batch will join the college. In this new batch, there was this girl with a lean but fair complexion. She was about 5.3 tall. I saw her at the freshers’ party in a saree. She was part of one team dancing.

In her early 20s, she was yet to develop her sexuality. She was such flexible and swift and the view of her belly button in that flat tummy made me go crazy and I was convinced even before thinking of anything else that this was the girl I have to go for!

I was well-known in the junior community for being one of the brighter students in the 2nd year and I took advantage of this. After her performance, I approached her and congratulated her on her nice performance.

I could see all the indications in her that she was inclined toward me as well. From that point on eventually, we became closer and closer, and finally, I asked her to be my girlfriend to which she also said yes.

8 months were remaining for the completion of my degree and those 8 months are like the best spent time so far with my girlfriend Mansi. She was simple and innocent. I use to help her in her studies sometimes, and it was the zoology subject where I was able to explore the naughty side of her during our discussions.

We became closer and eventually, we had our first kiss and first hug. We started spending time together, holding hands, and hugging getting a bit physical. We used to go to the beach and sit together for hours and talk about life and the future and make promises to each other. She was innocent and shy and was not ready even to go to the 1st base.

At times, I took my chances to reach my girlfriend’s boobs and tummy and touch them at every possible opportunity.

We eventually got into sexting and phone sex. Before going to bed, we will unleash our sexual fantasies. I will start kissing her forehead, neck, her boobs, her tummy over the phone tightly holding my pillow pretending it to be my GF. I will tell her where and how I am going to kiss her all over her soft untouched body and could clearly hear her heavy breath on the other side of the call.

We both will start kissing each other with heavy breathing. I will ensure that my college girlfriend’s nipples were getting tightened with each kiss of mine and that she was getting wet.

Mansi would get turned on and will ask me not to kiss there, not to touch there. But I will be like an unstoppable hot knife smoothly slicing into a melting butter. She would beg me not to kiss her neck, not to go down the valley of her tightening boobs, not to reach her tummy which was breathing restlessly and her puffy cream-filled wet pussy waiting ever since for the touch of my lips and tongue.

She would beg me, “Vicky, please don’t do this to me”, “please don’t go there”. “Please Vicky we are not married yet” “Please I am begging you to leave me”. But I with a hard dick will not show any mercy. Not to her and not to her restless body parts and would continue kissing her more and more deeply.

She would go helpless and would have no choice but to give herself to me. I will tell her that I am holding her in my arms and doing all my foreplay moves to her silky soft body. I could hear her moaning to each of my moves. All those initial resistance now would have turned into, “Oh Vicky, keep kissing..”, “Vicky don’t stop..”, “Vicky, go harder”.

Eventually, I taught her how she should play with my dick and how to give me a blowjob. Initially, she was hesitant to do so over the phone but after some days, my girlfriend was ready to turn me on by telling me that she was licking my balls, sucking my dick, and kissing the hell out of it.

Her sexy voice with that innocent ascent and approach of playing with my dick even over those phone calls would make me go crazy.

She had now 2 boyfriends. One myself who will be busy playing with her boobs, kissing her lips, playing with her tummy and grabbing her ass.. and the other being my dick who she will be playing with we are more into a virtual 69 position now.

Mansi will claim that my dick belongs to her and she will be the only one to play with it and no other girls should get to see it. I would take my turn and tell her that then I should be the only one to enjoy her cream-filled bun-like pussy and start eating and smooching my pillow pretending it to be her wet pussy.

We will be over the call arousing each other and driving each other to our sexual limits and making each other reach a playful orgasm finally before falling asleep.

I could see the lean girl who I first met hardly having a figure of 32-28-32 has now started developing all her sexuality. She had grown into 34-28-34 now and there was no stopping. She would complain to me that all because of me, her dresses and bras were now becoming tight to her.

All our friends were noticing how quickly she had grown her boobs to 34C and we will be getting teased by our friends for all the good work I was doing to her body.

By the time we were getting closer and closer, the time was passing by and we were approaching our semester exam. Our college-time romance was about to reach its limits and was pushing us to take this relationship to the next phase.

Not having a real sexual relationship with her yet, I had to force myself into the desperation of not letting her go without deflowering her.

And then came our exam… and so far, I have not been able to fuck my college girlfriend.

(Story to be continued in part 2). Keep reading to find out how I managed to fuck her! Don’t forget to provide your valuable feedback.