Mallu Playschool-teacher banged hard – Part 2

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Kamini was happily married. She joined nearby Playschool as a teacher. During the lockdown, she invited Madhan. He banged her like there was no tomorrow in multiple positions fulfilling her lust.

I fucked Kamini bending her into a doggy position over the table on top of the dais in part 1. Continuing, we slept next to each other on the bare floor of the classroom. With an excited tone, Kamini told me, “You brought the memories of good old days back, Madhan.”

Kamini: My husband took me to Manali for a honeymoon. He banged me very hard and restlessly in that resort. You made my thoughts travel back to those days. My pussy was never drilled the same after that day.

Kamini: My husband did bang me multiple times in multiple positions later. But the satisfaction my pussy had on the early mornings at the resort of Manali was re brought by you today.

Kamini also told about her husband’s sexual exploration of using a dildo in exploring double penetration. Hearing, I envied her husband, who prioritized satisfying her urges to the maximum.

Kamini, a Mallu Mangalore married sex bomb, was resting next to me. Cute sweat droplets were formed on her forehead.

Let me describe her again. She has huge round 38 cupped boobs and an approximately similar-sized ass. Kamini has a square-shaped face with big eyes, a small nose, thick juicy lips, and idly shaped chubby cheeks.

Kamini then continued explaining her husband’s dare in fucking her in his office room on an evening. It was on the 15th floor. Hearing this, my cock woke for the second time. My eyes caught the huge 38-sized shapely boobs tightly caged inside her Kerala-styled cream blouse.

Her heavy chest was moving up and down, synchronized with her breathing. I had my body warmed again. My breathing increased with a huge dick ready inside my underwear. Kamini noticed my dead stare at her boobs. She ceased talking. She started staring at my eyes and lips repetitively.

My eyes continued to enjoy the huge round sexy fleshy boobs. I looked at her cute face and noticed her increased breathing with her boobs cruising up and down faster. I continued my lusty stare at her boobs, making her hornier and uncomfortable.

I gulped down the saliva into my throat, looking at her sexy huge assets. I dragged her through the sexy slim hips closer to me. I drew her face through her neck close to my lips. She closed her eyes, anticipating a kiss. I waited with my lips feathers away, touching her thick juicy yummy lips.

She squinted her eyes slightly. I grasped her neck and forced my lips in haste. She responded by opening her lips, sucking away my lower and upper lips in a hurry. The kiss was very wild. She was kissing me wildly like she wasn’t kissed for very long.

I intentionally pulled away from my lips, breaking the kiss to tease Kamini’s wilderness. Kamini wildly climbed on top of me. She grabbed my head through the hair, locked her juicy lips, and continued kissing me. I tasted her juicy lips drinking all the honey out.

She then took my tongue into her mouth and sucked them like candy. While she continued kissing me non-stop, I caught hold of the huge shapely boobs, one in each hand. I felt the cushiony soft flesh of her boobs. My hands started squeezing them hard over the blouse.

My hands got hold of her fully erect, sharp nipples. I held her nipples with my thumb and index finger and squeezed them. I broke the kiss long, breathless kiss. I hurriedly unhooked her tight blouse and removed them from her body.

Huge tankard boobs fell from her blouse, which was held by her white bra now. I unhooked the straps of her bra. I witnessed the gigantic, sagging, sexy fleshy boobs jumping out of the cage. I savored the moment with my eyes, especially those huge boobs.

I then tugged her over me with her huge boobs pressing onto my face. I rubbed my face feeling the sweaty milky white fleshy huge boobs. My hands grabbed her ass cheeks, one in each hand and started squeezing them.

My lips caught hold of one of her erect nipples. I sucked them like a child drinking the milk of her mom. I sucked her nipple, pressing her boobs over my face. She was playing her hands with my hair. I hungrily moved my lips from one nipple to another, unfulfilled.

She held my huge cock inside the underwear. She moved her pussy over me. She adjusted my cock into her warm pussy in a cowgirl position. While sucking her spongy boobs, my dick traveled slowly into her warm and drenching wet pussy.

She tilted her head back and started moving her hips, driving her pussy in and out of my huge dick. Her boobs went unreachable to my mouth. I grabbed her huge boobs with my hands and continued squeezing them hard.

She rode me with her warm pussy, driving through the thick rod. She moved her hips fast, jerkingly sitting on the huge dick. She jerked her body, and I could feel a warm fluid drenching all over my cock. She gave a relieved breath and slept over my chest with her sweaty boobs crashing over my chest.

She then slept next to me with her head resting on my chest. We slept nude on the chilling floor of the classroom. I played with her boobs and nipples with my fingers. She shyly pushed away my finger from her inviting boobs. I pulled her face again and started kissing her lips.

My hands parted her legs and started rubbing the dry pussy. As the kiss progressed and the rubbing continued, I could feel the wetness in her pussy. I extracted her from the floor towards the table at the center of the dais. I turned her around and lifted one of her legs, and rested them over the table.

I positioned my cock by slightly bending down and drove into her pussy. I held her hips and pushed my cock in and out of her pussy. The position felt difficult due to the height difference between us. I slept over the floor bareback and pulled her over me.

I made her sit over my cock in a reverse cowgirl position. I held her long hair from behind in my hands. She positioned my cock over her pussy lips. My cock slid into her juicy pussy. I circularly moved my hips, moving my dick feeling all around the inside of her pussy.

She rode me crazily in the reverse cowgirl position for some time. I felt the urge to cum. I stopped her and pulled out my cock. I took a deep breath controlling the urge to cum. I made her lie down bareback on the floor.

I climbed on top of her and held her chubby boobs together for the cock to slide through. I applied some spit all over her soft boobs. I slid my cock between tightly held boobs. She gave a loud moan enjoying the fun.

I squeezed her boobs together in a tight hold, and boob fucked her. I then pulled out my cock, which was fully ready to cum. I calmed myself and lifted her legs. I positioned my cock in a missionary position. I banged her hard with my balls, hitting her ass and cummed into her pussy.

I enjoyed the rough and dirty time Kamini has offered me. I know she will never forget this day in her lifetime.

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