The 10 best sex stories of March 2022

Welcome, dear Readers, to the list of the top 10 Indian sex stories for the month of March 2022.

1) Lockdown with my SIL – Part 2

By shadow.lover

This tale is about a brother-in-law and his SIL locked together during the lockdown. Will they fall for each other? Or will they ignore their feelings?

‘Her bra had a unique smell, something I had never smelt before. Sometimes I would even find stains on her panties. I wonder if that is what my brother’s doing, or she gets excited by being around me sometimes. Or is it was something that made her wet, or did she masturbate!

I wanted to steal one of her dirty panties and stroke my penis till I cum with it. But then I was afraid of getting caught. She could walk in on me any time. Once I even pulled out my penis and wrapped her panty on it to have a feel of it. It felt amazing.’ Read the entire story here.

2) Lockdown Sex With Married Elder Sister – Part 1

By pnabhiram

Brother loses his control after seeing his sleeping married sister’s sexy body. He explores her body and even touches her shaved pussy! Read what happens next.

‘I took her stiffened nipple in my forefinger and thumb and slowly twisted. I was so excited that I pulled my lungi away and held my raging dick in my left fist and my right hand on my sleeping sister’s swollen boob.

Playing with her boob, I started moving my fist up and down. The touch of her firm boob and soft skin took me to heaven! I closed my eyes in delirium and stroked my manhood and pressed her tit.’ Read the entire story here.

3) Journey Of A Daughter-In-Law – Part 1 (‘Helping Hand’)

By TanmayThakur

Daughter-in-law tells her father-in-law to masturbate to get over his illness. The lust begins. FIL wants his son’s wife’s pretty lips around his cock. Read on.

‘The shape of his son’s wife’s breasts was visible in the silky gown she was wearing. And he could see them rise and fall with her every breath. Finally, she turned towards him and handed him the phone with a guy showing different ways to masturbate.

Narayan pretended to watch it like he didn’t already know what masturbation was. But in his head, he was concocting something else. As the video ended, he handed back the phone.’ Read the entire story here.

4) First Time Sex With Bhabhi’s Sister, Then Threesome With Both

By sisloveme

My bhabhi’s elder sister was damn sexy. Bhabhi saw me lusting for her. Read how I got a chance to fuck both my bhabhi and her hot sister in a threeway.

‘My bhabhi was fully addicted to liquor and is very frank with me and all the cousins. During parties, she used to offer drinks to all. That time she was 25 years old and I was 22 years old. She always used to give signals to me. She used to wear a deep V-neck nighty, and sit in front of me and talk. I used to get the view of her boobs and I knew she purposely did this.’ Read the entire story here.

5) Fucking my family – Mom’s unconditional love

By badboy04

I am here to tell you about my mom-sex fantasy. I caught my mom masturbating, and my dick went hard. My mom saw my dick and wanted to enjoy fucking me.

‘I was so embarrassed that I didn’t notice. But my did was rock-hard, and it had made a bulge in my pant

My mom was staring at my dick for a while. Then she came close to me and pushed me on the bed. She started removing my t-shirt, and then she unzipped my pants. And she started stroking my dick. I was enjoying it, but I acted like an innocent.’ Read the entire story here.

6) Hot Sex With My 46 Years Old Housewife Mom

By Gunalan

Read how I enjoyed my bit chubby but sexy housewife mom pretending to be asleep, Then I came to know that she was a slut and enjoyed sex with full passion.

‘And I went for a bath. 1 hour later, mom returned home and I saw her sweating. Her t-shirt was wet with her sweat. Somehow I got horny seeing mom so sweaty. I started to think about how her body would taste. I even imagined licking my mother’s sweaty armpit and pussy.

That time, I was so eager to see her naked body. Since dad not home, I tried thinking ways to fuck my mom or at least see her naked.’ Read the entire story here.

7) Seducing And Fucking My Hot Married Neighbour Kavya

By Fantasyboy91

Read how I got close with my hot married neighbour Kavya who was in her late 30s. Our closeness became sensual and I had a romantic fuck with her one day.

‘Kavya held my hand and took me to the bedroom. I started massaging my married neighbour’s boobs over the dress from behind and she turned back to give me a deep french kiss. Then she lied down on the bed after removing her nighty. I went near her. She pulled my pants and underwear to see my dick standing rock hard.’ Read the entire story here.

8) Fucking a 45yo Pune Milf – Friend’s mom sex story

By rajraka09

I made love with my friend’s mom, Radhika, who was unsatisfied for a long time. I have an affair with this 45yo Pune Milf, and we make out whenever we want.

‘I promised her and pulled her towards me. We both lip-locked and started kissing each other. She was then taking control as she was kissing me passionately. She removed her nighty and threw it on the bed. She was standing in her bra and panty.Read the entire story here.

9) My Slutty Mom Fucks My Brother – Part 1 (Mamu’s Wedding Visit)

By milflover90

I went to attend my mamu’s marriage with my brother and mother. But there I saw my loving mom getting intimate with my brother and indulge in incest sex!

‘Saying that, she gave a kinky look on to Rohit’s dick and a sexy smile. It resulted in getting a hard spank on her ass cheeks by Rohit’s strong hands. She left a soft moan and smiled sexily. Mom corrected her dress and they both came out of the room. I immediately hid behind the cabinet.’ Read the entire story here.

10) Dadaji ke baad maine ki maa ki chudai – Part 1

By incestrahul

Apne meri pehli kahani mein padha ki kaise dadaji ne meri maa ki chudai kari. Aur maine kaise unka pura sath diya. Par ab toh mujhe bhi maa ko chodna tha.

‘Woh har raat dada ji ke pass jati thi. Aur dada ji unki garam chut ko shaant kar dete the. Fir woh mere pass aake so jati thi. Dada ji ko maa ki chudai karte 1 mahine se jyada ho gaya tha.

Aur ab maine bhi soch liya tha. Ki mummy ko ek naya lund dene ka time aa gaya hai. Ab mummy ghar mein maxi pehan ke hi rehti thi. Dada ji bhi aate jaate mummy ki gaand daba dete the.’ Read the entire story here.

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