No Way Out – Part 1 (The Beginning)

Hi, my name is Parvati. I live with my husband (Dev) and son (Rohit). We used to be a happy family once. I can say we aren’t happy anymore, but something changed our life the way it was.

My son was still a student and had turned 18 a few months ago. But he was very innocent.

One day, my husband came home from work. I was greeting him and suddenly, we heard a noise. It was coming from our son’s room. We ran to his room immediately.

Me: What happened, son?

Son: I don’t feel well. Something is really hurting me.

Me: What is it? I mean where it is hurting?

Son: Well, it is complicated.

Dev: If you can’t tell, then how can we help you?

Son: Actually, it’s here.

Then he pulled down his pants. We were shocked. I mean it was weird to show his penis even though we were his parents.

Dev: What kind of act is it? Aren’t you ashamed to show us this?

Son: I do. But I can’t bear the pain. It is really hurting a lot.

Me: What do you mean?

Son: My balls, they are hurting.

Then I looked and I couldn’t believe what I saw. His dick was really big, maybe twice as long as my husband’s. Not less than 8-9 inches. But I realized the situation and then turned to my husband.

Me: Dear, can you help him out, please?

Dev: I don’t know. I didn’t face this kind of situation. Maybe we should go to a doctor.

Then we went to the hospital. But the problem was it was an unknown disease. They recommended an expert doctor. So, we went to him. After seeing the situation, the doctor came to us.

Doctor: My suspicion was right.

Dev: What disease is it?

Doctor: It still doesn’t have any name. Because it is a rare type. Only, 0.2% has been found in this world.

Me: Oh god, will my son live?

Doctor: Well, there is no death record. Still, it’s really painful.

Dev: What does the test say?

Doctor: The blood test shows a super excess of testosterone in his blood. It is too much for him to handle.

Me: How can he recover?

Doctor: It doesn’t have any cure so far. But I can inject temporary medicine to suppress the pain. It will last probably a day.

Dev: You mean he has to take this injection for the rest of his life?

Doctor: No, it is not the solution and also taking it daily will harm him.

Me: Please, tell us a way out. He is our only son.

Doctor: Don’t lose hope. This is my first time seeing this disease. I will try to find out what can be done. Let me research and I will inform you if I find something.

Then we returned home disappointingly. I was talking to my husband at night.

Me: God! Why does our son deserve this? He is still very young.

Dev: Don’t worry, honey. Have faith in God. He has a plan for everything.

Me: But it is still too much. I don’t know what to do.

Dev: Surely there will be a way out. We will find it whatever it takes.

Me: Yes dear, I will do anything for our son.

After a few days, my son needed to visit a doctor. He could barely walk with the pain. So, he stayed at home for a few days until one day, he was on his bed, feeling the pain. I went to his room to check. His dick was open and he was crying in pain.

Me: My son, is everything okay?

Son: Mom, it is hurting again.

Me: My poor boy.

Son: My dick is aching.

Me: Oh! My son. What can I do to make you feel good?

Then I looked at his dick and something happened to me. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I suddenly felt lust. Maybe because my husband was a busy man and we had sex rarely. But it was still wrong. So, I quickly looked into his eyes.

Son: Mom, I don’t think there is anything for you to do.

Mom: But your dad and I will do anything for you.

Suddenly, unconsciously I grabbed my son’s dick! But my son realized it.

Son: Why did you touch my dick, mom?!

Me: Well, I thought it might give you some comfort. (I made an excuse)

I realized the mistake, but it was feeling really good by touching my son’s dick. I don’t know why, but I didn’t want it to let go. Suddenly, my hand was moving unknowingly and like, I was trying to give my son a handjob.

Son: You know mom, somehow it is feeling good.

Me: Thank God really!

I was moving my hand on his dick fast out of excitement. Things had already turned in the wrong way. I was giving my son a handjob that he never had before. Suddenly, he screamed and lots of cum came out bursting from his dick! And he fainted.

Me: Oh God! What have I done?

I thought I did something really bad to him and called the doctor immediately. I was feeling so guilty, but I didn’t tell to doctor and my husband anything about what really happened. I know one should never lie to a lawyer or doctor. Still, I was feeling shame.

The doctor didn’t suspect anything bad happened which was good news. And he found something that he wanted to share with us.

Doctor: There is no need to worry. He just fainted.

Dev: So, is there any good news?

Doctor: Yes, after researching, I found some information that might be helpful for your son.

Dev: What is it?

Doctor: There is a way to reduce the symptoms of this disease which cause him enormous pain.

Me: Thank God! Tell us how.

Doctor: But it is not simple.

Me: I can do anything for my boy.

Doctor: Well, it may sound weird but having intercourse with a mature person from the opposite sex can be helpful.

We were shocked to hear that.

Dev: Are you being serious?!

Doctor: I told you, it will sound weird. However, experts have found it to be the most effective way. Even the other patients did the same to survive. At least, this is what we know so far.

The doctor left and it was up to us to decide what to do!