Hi this is chi rag again with a new encounter with a aunty in the bus I am really lucky to have so much of encounters I a short time first with my girlfriend and then with a maid and now with aunty.

It happened so I was going to Bangalore as it was summer vacation trains were all full so I decided to go by bus as I was alone I was getting bored to my surprise one aunty in her mid 30’s got into the bus at panvel and came and sat beside as only that seat was available and rest was full I was happy to see her I greeted her with a smile so also gave a smile we had a nice conversation she was also going to Bangalore for some marriage. I asked her whether she was married she smiled and said 2 years ago but was sad while telling this I just ignored she was wearing sleeve less yellow blouse with black bra and a yellow sari I was wearing just shorts and a T-shirt as it was summer and night journey.

We sat chatting and discussed many things bus stopped for dinner I offered her dinner she readily accepted we had dinner and back to seat and bus started and lights were off all people started sleeping I just acted as I was asleep and touched her hand she did not respond she wake me up and told that she was not getting sleep and want to sit near window so I said ok and got up while getting my dick was so much bulge she saw it and just gave a naughty smile I got a green signal she got up from seat while moving this side I just brushed my dick to her ass she saw me and smiled I was also happy, again we sat chatting and we reached to a topic of sex I asked her how many times does she sex with her husband she told not had since 8 months as he is not much interested in sex.

I asked her why don’t she find someone else she told that her husband is very strict and kept quiet I got up the seat to take blanket and my dick was near her boobs I touched her boobs with my dick she closed her eyes I knew she was aroused I sat back and kept my hand on her hand she did not respond I started to caress her hand she just saw in my eyes and smiled I got it ,I asked her can I kiss her she replied no with smile as somebody will see I got up and saw everybody are asleep she confirmed the same and gave a smile I went near her and placed my lips on her lips and kissed hardly she opened her mouth and we started playing with each others tongue after 10 min we broke and she smiled I kepy my hand on her shoulder and started kissing her earlobes and made it wet she started breathing heavily I just sided her blouse from shoulders and started to kiss her shoulders and made them wet I pressed her boobs from the hand which I had kept on shoulders she just moaned ahhhhhhhhhhh and kept her lips on my lips and we locked each other for 5 min I was pressing her boobs heavily she was happy I asked her to remove the pin of her sari which she did I dropped her pallu and started licking her cleavage and made it wet again the bus stopped and we adjusted ourselves I went down for pee and asker her for a coffee she also got down and went to toilet we smiled at each other went back to seat and bus started and again lights were off I grabbed her and kissed her she also responded well

I started to press her boobs to my surprise she had removed her bra I saw in her eyes and gave a broad smile I dropped her pallu and asked her to remove her blouse she again confirmed all were asleep and removed all the buttons of blouse and pressed my head to her boobs I started to lick her nipples hardly and she was moaning ahhhhhhh please press harder suddenly she grabbed me hardly I think she had her first orgasm I asked her what happened she just laughed and kissed me hardly I told her to suck my nipples she asked me to remove t shirt I removed and she started licking heavily both the nipples and went down and started licking my navel was feeling hot now I started to press her ass she began moaning I told her that I want to lick her pussy she got up and confirmed again and lifted her sari and asked me sit in-between her legs and do what I want I just sat in between her legs and pressed her pussy on panties she jerked she was completely wet I removed her panties and touched her pussy with my tongue she shivered I inserted my tongue in her pussy she pressed my head and cummed in my mouth but I didn’t stop I still licked it and she was aroused again I got up and told her to lick my dick she sat between my legs pulled my shorts and started licking in a short time I cummed in her mouth she drank till the last drop but she didn’t stop she again started licking and I was hot again it was 2 in the morning the bus stopped for a while we adjusted ourselves and pretended like sleeping I just got up went outside got fresh and came back and started moving she kept her hand on my dick and started I kissed her on her lips and started pressing her boobs from one hand and started fingering in her pussy I whispered in ears that I want to fuck her even she was also ready for that she got up and removed her panties and confirmed all were sleeping I removed my shorts and bent in between her legs and entered my penis in her cunt she grabbed me tight and started moaning aaaaaaaaaaa pls do it faster I increased the speed finally I cummed in her cunt and we both were satisfied and she packed her boobs and we slept for an hour when we got up it was 5 in the morning and still it was dark and people were still sleeping slowly I pressed her boobs and she got up and smiled I asked her to remove hooks of her blouse she did and I licked it again I went between her legs and licked her pussy she had a orgasm now I asked her to take my dick in her mouth she sucked it so hard I came for the last time and we hugged each other and kissed each other till it was morning. if anybody interested in sex please mail me on / /